Partial solar eclipse visible from Amadores and the west of Gran Canaria

On the south of Gran Canaria, Astrotrek telescopes will be set up at the western most end of Amadores just past the beach club, for anyone who would like to get an experts view on the partial solar eclipse, and perhaps take a souvenir photo with their mobile phone..

This Monday evening (August 21) there will be a total solar eclipse which will only be visible from North America and as a partial eclipse in the Canary Islands just before the sun is setting.  With luck the current Calima, which has brought Saharan dust to the islands, will not obscure this celestial show, and may indeed enhance peoples ability to see the disk of our nearest star being covered by the moon.

Several events are occurring to bring this astronomical event to the public, both local and tourist, with the Elder Museum in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Town Hall of Aldea de San Nicolás, both providing access to instruments and necessary protective eyewear, so as to enable enthusiasts to enjoy the astronomical event in a totally safe manner.

The eclipse as seen for the islands is expected to darken the solar surface by between 39 and 41%, compared to 7.7% in Madrid, 13% in La Coruña and 14% in Huelva, all in mainland Spain.

Activities will take place on La Aldea Beach from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and will cover from the exact moment of the beginning of the eclipse, at 19:51 , until sunset at 20.36. Later other celestial objects, like Jupiter or Saturn, will be observable.

The Elder Museum of Science and Technology, advises those who want to see the eclipse look for a clear place with views to the sunset, like beaches, high places, etc. They also remind everyone that you must never look directly at the sun, whether there is an eclipse or not. Direct observation of our nearest star can cause irreparable damage to the eyes. Sunglasses, X-rays, welder glasses, etc. are not valid protection.

On the south of Gran Canaria the very finest information and equipment will be available down by the western end of Amadores beach where our favourite Star Man, Martin Dunkley, from Astrotrek is setting up an array of telescopes and other equipment that will allow anyone who is interested to take photos of sunspots prior to the eclipse, and, if the Calima allows, should facilitate images of this unusual event to be taken even on a mobile phone.  get yourself down to Amadores from 6pm onwards, to witness the main event starting from 7.45pm until sunset, after which Martin will be able to guide you through any of the other visible stars in the sky.

See you there!

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