Orange Advisory: 40° Heatwave and Calima expected for the next few days


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Early Bird Sunrise
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AEMET, The Spanish State Meteorological Agency, has activated a yellow advisory warning today for expected temperatures up to 34° C in the shade, throughout the southern half of Gran Canaria.

This will be the beginning of a heatwave that will last until at least Tuesday, with orange advisories issued for both Monday and Tuesday due to very high temperatures expected to exceed 38°C in the shade, and potentially even surpass 40°C inland towards the summits of Gran Canaria. Direct sunlight holds the potential raise temperatures significantly above those figures.

For today, while in the north there has been some cloud to start the morning at between 700 and 900 meters altitude, elsewhere is expected to see clear skies with temperatures that will begin to increase before reaching 34° inland on Gran Canaria as well as on the south and west coasts.

You will find the latest forecasts and satellite imagery on our weather page (

The trade winds are losing surface intensity and being replaced at height with warm African winds, which will cause the entire archipelago to heat up significantly, as Saharan dust begins to settle over the islands. The meteorological agency predicts that Monday and Tuesday will see the worst of the heatwave passing through, before beginning to cool again, midweek, toward a still not insubstantial 32°-34°C in the shade.

So maximum temperatures will exceed 35°C throughout the archipelago, and even reach more than 40°C around the summits of inland Gran Canaria.

Wednesday is expected to bring a “gradual decline in temperatures due to a progressive increase of trade winds”, bringing cooler air from the north west and hopefully helping to disperse the expected Calima dust, which will hang over the archipelago for the next few days.

Remember! All temperatures are measured in the shade.  The capital and the north of the island can be 5° cooler than the south or more.  Direct sunlight can produce much higher temperatures than those predicted. Always use sun screen!  Drink plenty of water. Close windows and doors during the daytime and open them at night to keep the house cool.  Watch out for the elderly, children and animals. Make sure everyone has enough water.  Stay safe, use your common sense, and in an emergency call 112

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