Newsbrief: Unemployment rose on the Canary Islands during October, but is more than 5% lower than last year

The number of registered unemployed, at the offices of the public employment services, rose in October in the Canary Islands. In relation to the previous month, the number grew by 1,973 people (+ 0.85%) to now total 232,874 unemployed.

Compared to October 2015, the archipelago has 14,288 fewer unemployed, representing a year-on-year decrease of 5.78 %, according to data released last week by the Ministry of Employment.

Unemployment rose last month in the islands’ two provinces. In Las Palmas registered unemployed increased by 857 (+ 0.70%) to 123,195 unemployed; and in Santa Cruz de Tenerife the number rose by 1,116 individuals (+ 1.03%).

In annual terms, the province of Las Palmas had 7,979 fewer unemployed than the same month last year (-6.08%)

In the Spain as a whole, the number of unemployed registered at the offices of the Public Employment Services (formerly INEM) rose by 44,685 in October compared with the previous month (+ 1.2%).

Still, the total number of unemployed continued to be at its lowest levels for the last seven years standing at 3,764,982 unemployed.

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