Newsbrief: The unemployment rate in the Canary Islands stands at 27.33% for the second quarter of 2016

In the second quarter of 2016 the official number of registered unemployed, (on the paro), for the Canary Islands stood at 300,800 people, 15,600 more than in the previous quarter, representing an increase of 5.47%. When compared with the second quarter of last year unemployment has however fallen  by 10.61% according to ISTAC.

The registered unemployment rate is now 27.33%, 25.46% for men and 29.48% for women.

The number people officially in work stands at 799,900, which is an increase of 25,700 compared with the second quarter of the previous year, resulting in an employment rate on the islands of now 44.51%.

Among households with at least one member of the household available for work, 62.8% have all available members working, while 16.6% have all members of the household registered as unemployed.

Source: ISTAC

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