Newsbrief: Detained for allegedly impersonating a police officer in Mogán

Guardia Civil from their Main Post in Puerto Rico -Mogán on the night of  February 1 detained a 28 year old with the initials M.M.C, and with numerous previous police records, as having allegedly committed theft and accused of “usurpation of public functions”.

Investigations began on January 26, when the victim of an incident reported to that police station, that during the early morning of the 24th, a person had approached him and, although dressed in plain clothes, he allegedly showed a badge or police plaque and required documentation and subjected him to a superficial search, taking advantage of the victim’s confusion to steal both his wallet and his mobile phone.

Following the statement, including the physical description of the alleged police man,  agents began an investigation to verify the facts. Subsequently, and after various actions carried out by the agents, who also had several images from security cameras in that area, enough indications were gathered in order to identify the alleged perpetrator, who was detained on the night of February 1, on the public highway.

The detainee faces at least a year in prison.