Newsbrief: Carrefour to stop selling Panga fish throughout Spain

The French distribution chain Carrefour, who have several supermarkets on the island in both Las Palmas and Vecindario, have announced that they will stop selling both fresh and frozen Panga fish (a type of white catfish) in their hypermarkets and supermarkets throughout Spain, in line with a decision taken earlier by the group in other European countries like France and Belgium. The company have explained that this is a decision taken “preventively”. The group has stopped orders for the fish and will stop selling it when as soon as it runs out of stock.

Earlier this week, the Belgian division of Carrefour reported in a statement that it stopped selling Panga – both fresh and frozen – for environmental reasons. “Given the doubts that exist about the adverse impact of the Panga farms on the environment, we have decided to stop selling this fish and orders have already been suspended,” the statement said.

The French company explained that while the quality of the poultry they offer for sale was “flawless”, there were doubts about the control mechanisms in the fishfarms where the fish are bred – almost all suppliers are from Asia, most located in Vietnam – connected to the prevention of waste contaminating the waters in which the farms operate.

Spain imported the most panga in 2015, in the EU, although imports have declined compared to the previous year, according to data from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Pangasius  (Panga in Spain) catfish has been a very controversial topic over the years, particularly when it comes to fish farms in Asia, especially Vietnam.