28 kg of cocaine seized from container

Customs agents discovered 28 kilos of cocaine, at the start of February, hidden in a container at the port of Las Palmas, expected to be extracted using a smuggling technique known as ‘blind hook’ or ‘rip-on, rip-off.

The operation was initiated during a risk analysis on shipments coming from third world countries and suspected of containing narcotics. Officials of the Agencia Tributaria’s Customs Surveillance team opened several containers which had suspicious documentation. The inspection was carried out as quickly as possible, as it is thought there would be a risk that any other shipments containing drugs would be quickly withdrawn from the same port by accomplices of the organizations involved.

One of the opened containers contained three plastic bags within which 28 kilos of cocaine were found. The drugs were on the floor of the container, hidden among the otherwise legal cargo (boxes of frozen chicken).