Gran Canaria movie sets facility planned

film-sets-to-be-buildGran Canaria is aiming at more serious movie and television production. The Cabildo has put out to tender the drafting of two film set projects to provide audiovisual production infrastructure needed to strengthen the film industry on Gran Canaria.

A list of technical descriptions explains that the budget for the execution of the work is to be €4.15 million. The planned location is the 21,087 m2 plot adjacent to Infecar, the island exhibition, convention and fair ground, which was acquired by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria from the state last October for €1.2 million.

marca-logo-cabildo-2013The plan is to build two film sets, (1,800m2 and 1,200m2). Each configured as a single open space with a minimum height of 12.5 meters. They will include hanging technical walkways and anchors for everything necessary for production shooting. Silent air conditioning, soundproofing, an entrance for trucks, extraction of smoke and fireproof material as well as security and many other details.

4,000 m2 of built area will have added another 1,000m2 with all the necessary services to undertake productions, from costume and changing rooms to makeup and hairdressing areas, dining rooms, carpentry workshops, pre-assembly and post-assembly suites.

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