More than a ton of rubbish from Tiritaña

The Gran Canaria Cabildo Department of Hbeach-cleaning2ealth, Beaches and Roads and the municipal works  department of Mogán coordinated at the beginning of the month, to clean Tiritaña beach. From this so called ‘virgin beach’ they removed more than 1,000 kilos of rubbish and household items.
Tiritaña beach was filthy with rubbish and belongings scattered all over the beach, so Mogán Council felt action was necessary. Work was carried out during three working days, in which the beach was first cleaned, then the rubbish and debris piled up in a single point and then removed by sea to Puerto de Mogán, since the beach is not vehicle accessible.

beachCouncilman for Health said that cleaning will continue periodically on other beaches in the municipality, as needed. “Users of this beach have left all sorts of things behind from mattresses to portable coolers and lots of rubbish in this otherwise unspoiled location. We must all act sensibly, taking care of our surroundings and not leave trash or remains of our visit, so that the next visitor can enjoy a clean beach too.”


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