Mogán’s new logo and tourism image

new-mogan-tourism-logoThe second main tourism area this week on Gran Canaria update their tourism brand, Mogán has announced their new logofor this popular southern municipality.

The new Mogán image and logo bears the slogan “Mogán…. cálido paraíso”  (“Mogán … a warm paradise”). The municipality has one of the very best micro-climates not only in the Canary Islands but in all the world, being one of the municipalities boasting the highest number hours of sunshine a year and an average annual temperature of 25ºC. Mogán is a warm haven for visitors throughout the year, from its coasts to the mountains, and this is bering reflected in the new corporate tourism image.

In addition to updating the old logo, the new brand seeks promote the modern values and the strengths of Mogán which have often been left on the sidelines regarding tourism promotion, said the Mayor.  In this way, the city council, with the new nuevologomulticoloured logo, wants to offer a combination of all that unites the municipality of Mogán, such as the sun, sea and coastline and the interior landscapes, mountains and trails next to their vibrant Mogañero culture and ethnography.

This new symbol is in the shape of a fish, an aspect that also adds value to the fisheries sector in Mogán, where two major fishing ‘cofradias’ are located on Gran Canaria. [a cofradia is literally a “brotherhood” describing a fishermen’s cooperative, the one down on Arguineguín port boasts the very finest fish restaurant in the south, serving the daily catch]

The new logo will be used at the World Travel Market international tourism fair to be held from 7 to 9 November in London.

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