Mogán Council close and fine four bars

In Mogán town hall on Tuesday an “extraordinary and urgent” plenary council session was held to approve fines imposed on four establishments located within the municipality, due to administrative infractions described as “very serious”. The council ordered the definitive closure of three establishments and one other on a temporary basis.

Mogán Councilor for Urban Planning, Mencey Navarro, explained that “these four cases, put forward by the Administrative Unit for Sanctions Processing, have been debated today in the municipal plenary as administrative infractions of municipal regulations and ordinances, typified as very serious.”  Navarro continued saying that “every week, when we gather for the Local Council Meeting, we debate an average minimum of five infractions of municipal regulations and ordinance, but not [usually]classified as very serious.”

The mayor continued by adding that “these cases are the result of the work of the Administrative Unit for Processing Sanctions of the Ayuntamiento de Mogán, created by this government group in February 2016, aiming to respond to the constant complaints from residents for non-compliance, so that in this way we can ensure compliance with municipal ordinances and regulations regarding the various activities carried out in the municipality of Mogán.”

The four cases brought to plenary were approved with only votes in favor from the governing group (composed of CIUCA and PSOE parties), as members of the opposition (PP and NC) did not attend.

Without a municipal license

The first case of the plenary proposed a fine on one Maximiano Trujillo Abrante, of €15,001 for having run a music bar without the necessary previous municipal license. The proposal also presented the order of closure of the establishment, located in the local 9 of the Commercial Center Ancora in Arguineguín.

The second case proposed a fine of €22,500 be demanded from the entity Sol y Mar Puerto Rico, SL for exceeding the maximum allowed capacity in the establishment. Likewise, the proposal indicated the order of a temporary suspension of activity, at the premises 516, 526 and 527, located in the first floor of the Puerto Rico Shopping Centre.

The third proposal approved by the plenary was to impose a fine of €15,001 on one Salima Yachou for running a bar music activity without the necessary previous municipal license. The proposal also ordered the closure of the establishment, located at premises 27 and 28 of the ground floor of the Shopping Centre Europa in Puerto Rico.

The last approved motion was to impose a fine of €22,500 on the company Dinije Inversiones, SL, considering it responsible for the commission of a classified activity without the necessary previous corresponding license. The council also agreed to the definitive cessation of activity at Waikiki, located in calle Olímpicos Doreste y Molina, Escuela de Vela, Puerto Rico.

Possible reopening of the beach in Playa de Mogán

One last issue discussed was the closure of Playa de Mogàn beach, since Thursday 11 May due to a sewage leak having been detected. The Town Hall of Mogán report that tomorrow, Wednesday May 17, the analysis results of water samples taken on Monday from Playa de Mogán will be available and the Consistory hopes to know, during Wednesday’s council session, the Government of the Canary Islands Health Inspection assessment will allow the beach to reopen for bathing in Playa de Mogán.

Editor’s note:- Isn’t odd that despite every resident in Mogán having the right to attend council meetings of this sort, the room is so often completely empty, with the few exceptions of some elected officials.

Nobody who ever wants their voice or concerns to be heard at this town hall will ever be able to gain the support of their local council if they do not at least occasionally attend, to show their face, and perhaps even get involved.

Not even the bars facing closure turned up to defend themselves.  One must assume that they were all guilty as charged… nevertheless, you’d think they’d at least show their faces before being named, shamed and put out of business!


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