Gran Canaria’s Award winning organic honey

abeja-guanche‘La abeja del guanche’, a company run by the Valido brothers on Gran Canaria, won first prize in the category of foreign multifloral ecological honey in the international organic BIOLMIEL competition held in Italy last month.

The company, which has the support of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, already boasts eight international awards, including gold medals from the United States and Argentina, as well as various nominations in other national contests.

abeja-guanche1The award winning honey is clear amber and multifloral, due to the plant richness surrounding the hives, where more than half of the plants are endemic to Gran Canaria, which brings a multitude of benefits to the honey.

The two island beekeepers who harvest the award-winning product work with 180 beehives located in several municipalities at more than 1,200 meters above sea level, where natural and climatic conditions favour the certification of this ecological product.

La abeja del Guanche’ is also the only bee farm on Gran Canaria that has the official certificate issued by the Registry of Operators of Ecological Production (ROPE) certified by the Government of the Canary Islands.

abeja-guanche2Organic honey must meet a number of requirements, including not being close to any industrial farming or similar industry, have natural water sources, it must not use any fertilizers or chemical drugs and  proper management of bees must be ensured.

This season, the company has collected a metric ton of honey, compared to just 420 kilos harvested last year, a significant increase that the Valido brothers attribute to the placement of more beehives and the weather conditions.

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