Gran Canaria Weather: Wind Yellow Advisory

With maximum temperatures having peaked at around 30ºC in the shade this weekend, AEMET the Spanish State Meteorological Agency have announced a further yellow advisory (denoting risk) throughout the archipelago.  This time for winds and coastal phenomena.

AEMET warn of strong north-easterly winds, which could reach and even exceed 80 km/h, particularly inland, and on coasts oriented to the northwest and southeast of the island.

Sunday will see skies of clear blue with few clouds, except perhaps intervals of low cloud in the north and northeast at the end of the afternoon.

The high temperatures seen on Saturday look to begin to dissipate throughout Sunday, perhaps starting high but then expected to begin to descend to between 17ºC & 25ºC in the shade, cooled by a strong northeast wind, which may have some very strong gusts.

By Monday the forecast for the north of the island points toward some cloudy skies with a little chance of weak and scattered afternoon showers. The rest of the island is expecting clear skies with maximum temperatures continuing to drop still further.

This trend is repeated on Tuesday , with potential for strong winds inland, as well as on the northwest coasts and southeast of Gran Canaria.


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