Gran Canaria Weather up to 30˚ in the shade

As the holiday weekend gets going on Gran Canaria temperatures are starting to rise with Saharan dust (known locally as Calima) blowing in from the east on Saturday and thermometers expected to hit 30˚ in the shade by Sunday.

Friday starts, according to Spanish State Meterological Agency AEMET, with some intervals of high cloud to the north, which could increase in the afternoon. Temperatures rising slightly. Northeast winds generally loose, during the day starting to increase to between 10 and 30 km/h, more intense on the southeast and northwest coasts and to the south.  The east coast can expect loose variable breezes.

By Saturday a dusty haze, known as the Saharan Air Layer or locally as Calima,  is expected to have blown in from north Africa and settled over the islands reducing visibility and trapping heat leading to slight rises in temperatures throughout the day, particularly inland, with northeast winds gaining intensity during the afternoon.  The coasts are bound to be packed and as the temperatures go up, that’s exactly where you’ll want to be.

Though the Calima should be starting to move on as we reach Sunday, rising temperatures are expected to continue up to at least 30˚ in the shade, particularly inland and on the east of the island, with winds from the east and southeast expected to be most intense at altitude and inland, tending to decrease by the end of the afternoon.

As we start the new week Easter Monday some light cloudy in the north increasing in the afternoon. Calima could still be with us and affecting visibility, although in the main it is thought will have passed by then. Falling temperatures back down towards seasonal averages of between 22˚ & 24˚C in the shade along the coasts. Winds from the north, perhaps increasing into Monday afternoon.

Remember all temperatures are measured in the shade, the south coast can be several degrees hotter than the capital and direct sunlight can burn you easily.  Always wear sunscreen and check the latest forecasts and satellite imagery on our Weather page (

The University of Athens predicts that air quality could go from negligibly low levels of particulates on Friday up to more than 1700 micrograms of dust per cubic meter of air by the end of Saturday.  Some of that dust will even reach South America.


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