‘Game of Thrones’ coming to Canaries?

photo : Volcano Teide experience

photo : Volcano Teide experience

The team behind the popular TV-series ‘Game of Thrones’ have been shooting in Spain recently and have been taking a look at The Canary Islands as a possible location for the new series.

Tenerife’s Cabildo (island council) have confirmed negotiations for potential locations however clarified that no deal has yet been done. It is thought that location scouts have been looking at the Teide National park on Tenerife and also on Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura.

The news comes after a string of high profile film productions and television productions have worked here over the last few years, including Ridley Scott´s Exodus (Fuerteventura), Ron Howard´s Heart of The Sea (La Palma), Andy Tennant’s, as yet unreleased, Wild Oats (Starring Shirley Maclaine on Gran Canaria) and of course Zemeckis’s Allied (Starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cortillard on Gran Canaria & Fuertevntura)

The Canary Islands has one of Europe’s most attractive tax incentives for film and audio visual production. With a special tax system of their own, validated by Spanish national and EU regulations, the Canary Islands offer the following advantages to film production:

  • • International films using production services made in Gran Canaria can apply for a tax rebate calculated as 35% of the eligible costs spent on Gran Canaria, subject to a limit of €4.5 million for production.
  • • For Spanish films or Spanish co-productions, the tax regulation allows a transferable tax credit (tax shelter model) to Spanish companies of up to 40% for the first million euros invested in the production, and up to 38% of the remaining amount invested, subject to a maximum deduction of €5.4 millionfor film.
  • • The “Zona Especial Canaria” (ZEC – Canary Islands Special Zone) low tax regime, authorised by the European Commission, allows companies to pay a corporate tax rate of just 4%, one of the lowest and most attractive in Europe.

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