Fiestas Santa Águeda in El Pajar 2016

fiesta santa agueda 2016, El PajarThe first lovely traditional fiesta of Spring starts this weekend in El Pajar, next to Arguineguín. This little southern coastal enclave’s new village square was finished and ready just in time for the Fiestas Patronales de Santa Águeda (Saint Agatha), which will be celebrated this year from 8 to 17 of April.

This lovely little festival in El Pajar (The Haystack) is celebrated in the little village at the furthest reaches west of the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, along the coastal GC500 old national road, next to the fishing-cum-tourist town of Arguineguín. The mayor of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Marco Aurelio Pérez Sanchez, will inaugurate the Santa Agueda Festivities for 2016, along with the councillor for festivities, Jose Carlos Alamo Ojeda, a neighbour of the area.

ermita-de-santa-agueda-el-pajar (1)El Pajar is a tiny village on the opposite side of the bay from the popular tourist town of Arguineguín.  It is well known for its fresh fish restaurants (all four of them) and is the site of one of the most ancient pre-hispanic native settlements on the island.  

Some place the sixth century Irish wanderer, Saint Brendan the Navigator (San Borondón) as having landed here during his seven year quest for the garden of eden.

The village boasts what is thought to be the very first Christian church on the island, the Ermita de Santa Águeda (Chapel of St. Agatha) which unusually was built in a cave by Majorcan missionaries in the years 1340-1342.  The chapel is still in use today.

Most tourists who notice El Pajar, rather than for its lovely sandy beach or views across glittering waters to the Faro de Maspalomas, do so for its cement works and long harbour, which is envisaged by some to one day be transformed into a leisure complex and marina… though no solid plans have ever been announced.  It remains for now a little coastal community somewhat untouched by tourism.


Friday 8 April celebrations starts at 19:00 with a small rhytmic drum procession and at 21:00 reading of the proclamation by Carlos Álamo,  former councilmen of the municipality and local in El Pajar and official opening declaration of the festivitities and later 21:30 scala Hi-Fi and verbena

Saturday 9 April at 19:00 Romeria Pajarera with traditional costumes, 22:00 offerings of Romeros to the Virgen of Santa Agueda and at 23:00 Verbena. Music continuing to 04:30 am

fiesta santa Agueda verbenas 2016Sunday 10 April, Solidarity mile starts at 11:00 from the plaza with one kilo of food donated to association Elomar and at 12:30 A Zanga tournament, a very popular old card game derived from the fast-moving 17th century card game called “Hombre”. Hombre (or Ombre) is considered as one of the first games of its type, from which many others were born, such as dosillo, triplet, quadrille, quintuplet, cascarela, renegade, 19:00 photo projection of the town’s people at the “El Pajar” building, chocolate and churros

Friday 15 April,  at 16:00 water activities at the beach, 21:00 IX Encuentro con Nuestra Gente  (Meeting Our People) a theatrical performance and participatory scala in Hi-Fi where young and old come together and at 23:00 Lots of Music with DJ and etc. with music until 02:30.

On Saturday the 16th, the festivities kick off at 12:00 with a foam party, which will follow a Tángara tournament, at 18:00 a general celebration for the smallest in a family, at 23:00 a verbena and fireworks at midnight. Music continuing until 5 am…

Sunday 17 April :
13:00 starts the feast of Santa Águeda (St. Agatha) which will culminate with the traditional grilling of fish with gofio and mojo picón
15:00 Verbena del Solajero con “Paco Guedes” and party goes until midnight


* verbena – an outdoor fiesta with food stalls and little outdoor bars called chirguitos

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