Chaos for the animals at Circo Kaos

Despite the City of Las Palmas this year having unanimously rejected, in September, circuses with animals being allowed in the city, it has emerged that the very same ‘circo Kaos’, which caused an outcry earlier in the year, and last Christmas, for bringing caged performing animals to the island, and who still “own” and travel with these wild animals, are now back in the capital, in the area known as Escaleritas, next to the shopping centre La Ballena.

Though they are not currently using the animals as part of the show on stage, in the municipality of Las Palmas, they do plan to use them in other municipalities on the island that have not yet explicitly forbidden it, including a possible return to the southern tourist town of Maspalomas, in the municipality of San Bartolome de Tirajana.

las-palmas-animalsSo where are the wild animals now?

The animals were reportedly transferred in a hurry, during the night, after it was confirmed last week that the wild animals were indeed on the premises where the circus is set up.

They were subsequently discovered in a bonded warehouse, on a plot in the municipality of Ingenio, having been placed out of sight due to the new Las Palmas ordinance, so that when the police arrived they found nothing at the circus camp.

map-animals-ingenioSocial media reports came in afterwards that the new location of the animals had been found with pictures emerging online, and video on local television, showing the caged animals being kept in what is thought to be an even worse situation, in cramped conditions, on a cluttered plot surrounded by trash and debris, in their trailers and without access even to sunlight.

PACMA, the animal protection political party, are accusing the current Mayors of Las Palmas and Ingenio, of breaching Article 4.2.7 of the Ordinance Regulating Tenure and Protection of Animals, approved in the plenary 05/2015 of April 30, which both municipalities voted in favour of approving earlier this year.

PACMA say that in the face of inaction from the authorities and the police they plan to do whatever is necessary to ensure that these animals are not being maintained in such bad conditions, particularly in municipalities that have publicly committed to uphold animal rights and welfare.


Various groups, locals and even Councillors have denounced the situation, but so far no action seems to have been taken by local police or Seprona, the Guardia Civil department responsible for animal welfare.

Representatives of the circus have said that they feel the animals would be far better off with them, within their usual facilities, but say that the municipality of Las Palmas have forced them to remove the creatures from the municipality following pressure from citizens on social networks.

kaos*** Pictures taken from social media