Canary Islands high temperatures advisory

IMG_6366All in all it looks set to be a warm sunny week ahead throughout The Canary Islands.  The Spanish State Meteorological Agency has reported that all this week, in the Canary Islands, the weather will be tempered by an anticyclonic system and high temperatures, which could reach 25˚C in the shade.

The agency bulletin noted that high pressure over southern and eastern Europe is being kept in place by several centres of low pressure over the Atlantic.

Specifically,  AEMET has activated an advisory notice for strong winds from Tuesday with the possibility of rough seas and coastal phenomena expected along mainland coastlines.

Warm dry North African winds, blowing in from the east and the south, increase the potential for Calima across the Canaries (also known as Saharan Air Layer) which may even reach the southern shores of the Spanish Peninsula.

According to AEMET this weather situation will cause a rise in temperatures throughout Spain , especially in the daytime, expected to be significantly higher than normal ​​for this time of year.

Specifically, maximum estimates point to daytime temperatures in the shade that could reach in excess of 25˚C in the Canaries.  Direct sunlight, as ever, could easily push temperatures into the low to mid 30s. There is expected to still be a little chill in the air at night.

When low and high pressure systems collide there is often a chance of storms, however any storm activity is currently expected to remain blocked by the presence of high pressure systems across the south of Europe and the med, which are likely to divert storm paths towards northwestern Europe.

The various pressure fronts are only expected to make contact in the northwest of mainland Spain, with the rest of the country remaining generally dry with high cloud and a possibility of the emergence of calima.

Finally, AEMET noted that the situation is expected to continue at least until Sunday, though from Thursday temperatures could start to see a slight decline back towards our normal winter average of between 18º & 20º in the shade.

Remember all temperatures are measured in the shade, and can vary wildly between the north and south of the island.  Direct sunlight can easily add 5˚+ so always wear sunscreen.  Check out the latest forecasts and satellite imagery on our Weather Page (