New effort towards Canaries Agroturism

A new initiative entitled ‘Canarias convida‘ aims to bring visitors and the local consumer closer to agriculture based experiences from around the Archipelago. At present, a total of 38 wineries, agricultural estates, dairy farms and salt producers are involved – although the idea is to continue adding more places to visit and experience.

The website and the app – that can be downloaded from for free from the Apple Store and Google Play Store- are platforms to showcase agro-tourism offerings and information in the Canary Islands. For example; visits to wineries with wine tasting, excursions to banana plantations to understand the whole agricultural process of this traditional Canarian product, or a visit to a dairy farm where visitors can taste produce, etc. – detailing each location and contact. Users can review each activity once they have visited, which allows them to highlight the best of their own personal experiences and to express their opinion on each activity.  The information is available in four languages: Spanish, English, French and German.

Data from recent years shows that the environment is identified by  40% of people attracted by these types of activity to other destinations.

In addition, according to a study carried out by the Patronato de Turismo which analysed the supply offered by hotels and tourist demand, 54% of those coming to the islands state that they are either ‘quite’ or ‘very’ interested in Canarian produce, which shows that gastronomic offerings, especially those linked to Canarian identity and to the primary sector (farming), constitutes a great opportunity to differentiate the archipelago from other tourism competitors and add value for those visitors who incorporate knowledge of local produce in their travel expectations.

The website looks very simple and  currently has limited options for Gran Canaria ( in fact just 4 options for wine producers ). The idea is so very good but they will really need to increase the number of establishments covered if the project is to gain momentum


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