The ‘strangulation’ of Arguineguín business

policia local mogan to Arguineguin1Traders in Arguineguín have denounced what they say is the “strangulation” of businesses along the main arterial route through the southern town, where roadworks have now “accumulated two years of delays,” say the ‘moganero’ entrepreneurs in a press release.

Additionally, they complain, they have seen that their turnover fall by up to 50% “because of the delays in works, which seem endless”

They say that the ongoing situation has led businesses to feel they must denounce “the deterioration of the tourist image”of the municipality, where traders say that the situation is a “real nightmare” because the works “do not seem to advance” directly affecting not only businesses but the routine of residents and tourists.

Arguineguinremodel1 Arguineguinremodel4 Arguineguinremodel2Finally, they insist that these long running works were meant to include the construction of new sidewalks, the modernisation of transport links and to enable green areas; however the group of business owners have branded the situation as a “shameful” saga of roadworks with no clear end in sight, pointing to the “indolence” within the municipality, and calling for “urgent responses to a situation that cannot endure even one more day of traffic and losses.”

Opposition parties such as Nueva Canarias have pointed to “The cluster of absurdities” coming from the Mogán town hall seeming to be “limitless”, adding that “this whole situation is generating significant losses for business in the area”