34º+ in the shade hot weather advisory for Gran Canaria

AEMET, the Spanish State Meteorological Agency, have issued yellow advisories, denoting risk, for maximum temperatures expected on Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday morning the north and northeast coasts of Gran Canaria, including the capital Las Palmas, will see some cloud below 300 meters, that looks likely to clear through the middle of the day. Clear blue skies and bright sunshine are predicted elsewhere across the island along with rising temperatures.

Minimum temperatures of around 21ºC will start out in the early hours and are likely to rise as we move into daytime, more significantly in inland areas. Maximum temperatures of around 29ºC in the shade, may rise noticeably inland where temperatures are expected to exceed 34ºC in the shade.

Remember direct sunlight will rapidly increase these temperatures

Moderate northeast winds, will be more intense on the northwest and southeast coasts. Loose variable breezes are expected along the southwest coast, with an easterly component inland and around the summits.

As we move into Friday temperatures look set to continue rising across The Canary Islands, more significantly inland on Gran Canaria, with 34°C again likely to be exceeded particularly inland and on the south of Gran Canaria, and approaching similar temperatures across the archipelago.

Moderate north winds are expected across the eastern province.

The swelter won´t last too long, this time round, with temperatures looking to drop slightly to a more bearable 32ºC on Saturday and further still to a seasonal norm of around 26ºC in the shade by Sunday.

The Canary Islands Government have issued a pre-alert predicting temperatures over the next few days of between 36ºC and 39ºC

Temperatures here are measured in the shade.  Prevailing winds contribute to the north of the island often being a few degrees cooler than the south.  Direct sunlight can raise temperatures by 5ºC or more.  Always wear sunscreen and try to stay out of direct sunlight during the warmest hours of the day.  Drink plenty of water, and check on pets and elderly neighbours.

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