32 additional Canaries work inspectors

161006-plan-contra-la-explotacia%c2%b3n-laboralThe vice president of the Canary Islands Government and Minister of Employment, Social Policy and Housing, Patricia Hernandez, has announced the start of the Plan Against Labuor Exploitation, through which her department plans to intensify inspection activities in order to promote quality in employment and monitor that agreed working hours are met, and help ensure that the proliferation of false part-time jobs and temporary contracts that should be permanent conform with the law.  From Tuesday, 32 extra inspectors will join those already in action on the Islands, to carry out 1,284 specific operations aimed at eradicating various instances of suspected labour injustice and attempt to contribute to their regularisation.

The plan is to be implemented in two phases, the first began in August and will end on November 20. The goal is to eliminate irregular labour situations and guarantee the rights of workers, at the same time as helpin to ensure that legitimate companies avoid unfair competition from those who do not fulfil their legal employment obligations.

Inspections are being carried out at businesses working in catering, commerce and services industries, which will be checked through Social Security records, in order to control part-time and temporary contracts and working conditions.

Hernandez said that “in the Canary Islands 60% of overtime is not being paid. Against that we will fight, and against the abuse of temporary contracts, because while temporary contracts are legal, they are not intended for hiring someone to work for two hours and then they work eight ‘.

The plan is aimed at supporting workers as well as the companies acting within the law. Labour exploitation encourages unfair competition against those who do comply. “It would be unfair if we penalised a business that is responsible and complies with its obligations.” added Hernandez

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