12.5% ​​increase in foreign tourists visiting Gran Canaria in May

Gran Canaria recorded 243,000 foreign visitors throughout May according to the latest report from the Canary Islands Institute of Statistics (ISTAC), representing an increase of 12.5% (+27,000) when compared to the same period of the previous year, which saw 216,000 foreign visitors.

The United Kingdom was the leading market of the month with 79,000 visitors, an increase of 15% over May 2016. Traditionally, British tourists prefer to travel to Gran Canaria during the summer season, while Germans and Nordics tend to have greater numbers In winter, said the Minister for Tourism of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, Ines Jiménez.

The German market maintained steady levels in May similar to the previous year with Gran Canaria seeing 60,000 German tourists arrive on the island. Visitors from Nordic countries also increased by 27.7 per cent (+4,700 people) in May, to total 21,800 tourists.

18,000 Dutch tourists arrived in May, an increase of 1,200 passengers (+6.7 %). The French also produced a 15% increase to total 10,800, while numbers flying in from Belgium grew by 16.5% (+1,300 people) for a total of 9,300 visitors. One of the most outstanding increases was from the Italian market which reached 9,000 thanks to an increase of 36.8 percent (+2,400 people).

The Nordic market leads foreign tourist arrivals so far in 2017

Over the first five months of the year, Gran Canaria has been chosen by 1.9 million tourists as their holiday destination, an increase of 11% or almost 200,000 more visitors than in 2016, by which time 1,700,000 people had visited.

Nordic tourism leads the arrivals of foreign visitors in 2017 with 510,000 travelers having come from the combined origins or Sweden, Norway, Finland & Denmark, an increase of 9% (+44,000) over last year, which by this time had brought 466,000 Nordic tourists to the island.

The German market has grown overall from January to May by 11 percent (+44,000). In 2017, so far a total of 438,000 German tourists have arrived on Gran Canaria, compared to the 394,000 who had chosen the Island during the same period last year.

The United Kingdom stands out in 2017 among the markets that have grown the most for Gran Canaria tourism with 57,000 additional visitors over the first five months of the year, a figure that represents an increase of 20.3%. As of the end of May 2016, 278,000 British visitors had visited the island, while this year the latest May figures have accumulated to more than 335,000 Brits.

It is worth remembering also that not only was 2016 a record breaking year for Gran Canaria tourism, and the British market; but all indications are that this summer looks set to see even greater increases over the coming months, in what is traditionally seen as the British tourism season.

The sun is shining… time to make hay!

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