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€15 million in tourism subsidies for residents as part of Canary Islands Government aid for the sector

€15 million in tourism subsidies for residents as part of Canary Islands Government aid for the sector

At the beginning of June the creation of a tourism “bonus”, with a budget of €15 million, aimed at residents of the Canary Islands formed part of a Government of the Canary Islands and tourist associations of the Archipelago agreement, to redirect €80 million that the autonomous Executive had promised to pay to cover this year’s Real Estate Tax (IBI).

The Vice President of the Government, Román Rodríguez, and the Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Yaiza Castilla, met with the employers Asofuer, Asolan, Ashotel and FEHT, accompanied by the Vice Minister of Finance, Planning and European Affairs, Fermín Delgado, specify the aid to which the Executive had committed for the sector.

Rodríguez said that it was decided, so that €65 million – expandable to 80 – could be used to subsidise amounts equivalent to the IBI from June 1 as well as another €15 million for the resident bonus for use in tourism consumptions.

The vice-president explained that the Government of the Canary Islands remains unchanged in its commitment to the tourism sector, which, in addition, “will be one of the main beneficiaries of €1,144 million that will be distributed among all the Canarian economic sectors, with the sole exception of the financial sector“.

Castilla, for her part, thanked the collaboration of the tourism employers and explained that the bonus is destined for Canarian residents to “boost consumption in the accommodation sector, but also of others in the tourism value chain.”

The counsellor hoped to have the vouchers ready for the first week of July and she indicated that it will consist of three different lines of distribution, seeking to generate economic activity around tourism, with the main beneficiaries being the companies, but also the Canarian resident.

Total support from the tourism sector

On the part of the tourism employers, the president of Ashotel, Jorge Marichal was grateful for the work that the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Tourism of the Canary Islands Government, who have been willing to reach consensus agreements for the reactivation of the sector.

What we want is to reopen the doors and get people out of the ERTE – so measures such as those agreed today go along that line.”

Marichal especially appreciated that the Government of the Canary Islands maintains its commitment to inject €80 million euros as well as the implementation of the tourist bonus, describing the agreement as “a very good measure to reactivate consumption and so that Canarian residents can enjoy tourism at home and take advantage of the magnificent facilities that we have”.

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