Canary Islands alertThe Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) have this afternoon increased their advisory Canary Islands alert level to red due to high temperatures expected across the Canary Islands with temperatures on the islands set to reach 40º C in the shade, in particular inland and on the south of Gran Canaria, where temperatures could reach up towards 44ºC.  It is always hotter in direct sunlight.

The Ministry of the Interior General Directorate of Civil Protection and Emergencies has issued an alert for high temperatures and extreme risk of forest fires in the Canary Islands.

A warm air mass, with probable Calima dust from the Sahara, will cause the archipelago to experience very high temperatures until at least Thursday, 40ºC and higher is expected, according to a departmental statement.

The weather conditions heighten the likely risk of forest fires to very high or extreme, leading them to declare the Canary Islands red advisory notice.

Protección Civil have reminded everyone that if a fire is discovered to have started, it is necessary to notify the emergency 112 coordination centre immediately and in case of an emergency due to forest fire, instructions of the authorities must always be followed.

Furthermore, the Canary Islands Government Ministry of Health, anticipating the Calima and a possibility of dense saharan dust, recommend that the population take precautions such as avoiding prolonged exposure to outside air, keep windows closed and do not exert yourself outdoors.

Airborne dust contributes to drying out the airways and, in many cases, it can cause a worsening of conditions or symptoms related to respiratory diseases, such as asthma, people with chronic obstructive disease (COPD) that cause an increase in visits to emergency services and hospital admissions in some cases.

Exposure to this pollutant can cause chest discomfort, coughs, palpitations, fatigue or increased susceptibility to respiratory infections, for at least five days after the episode begins.


Therefore, the following measures are recommended for children, the elderly and people with chronic respiratory or cardiovascular diseases:

  • Do not go outside and keep doors and windows of closed.
  • Stay in humid environments and hydrate regularly.
  • Do not carry out physical exercises outdoors.
  • In case of worsening respiratory symptoms call 112.

Canary Islands alertCanary Islands alert