This afternoon it came to our attention that Item 6 on the Ayuntamiento de Mogán council meeting agenda for (tomorrow) Wednesday August 5th is a sudden proposal, without warning, to evict in Arguineguín from the premises where they have been serving the poorest people in our community, as the only food bank in the area, and helping hundreds of local families, for years, by supplyIng emergency rations of food once a week to the most poverty stricken in our area of southern Gran Canaria.

The Food Project is 100% volunteer led and funded through donations from across the resident population, as well as receiving help facilitated with European funds, they mainly work to gather what they can to help those in need.

Is the mayor of Mogán planning to destroy TheFoodProject in Arguineguín? #Mogán #FoodBank #BancoDeAlimentos #TheFoodProject #TheLongWalk #GranCanaria #SaveTheFoodProject

Posted by TheCanary.TV on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

We need to make a loud noise, and find exactly what Ciuca Mogán Mayor, Onalia Bueno, plans to do to ensure people don’t go hungry if they don’t get the help they need from this project.

How will Proyecto Vecinal de Alimentos de Mogán Nabohjelpen help feed the more than 300 deprived and neglected families that the local administration should be taking responsibility for?

Why now? In Summer? In the middle of an economic crisis?

Click here for the full meeting agenda

#Mogán #FoodBank #BancoDeAlimentos #TheFoodProject #TheLongWalk #GranCanaria #SaveTheFoodProject