The Canary Islands government have produced a handy guide to understanding social distancing rules in Spain under the so-called “New Normal“, to help avoid spreading infection. Whether you like it or not this is what everyone is expected to do to stay safe.

These New Normality rules are not always crystal clear, they are still new, and subject to changes, and everyone has an opinion, but for everyone’s safety and well-being we are all being asked to try to follow the instructions.

You can be fined from between €100 up to €30,000 if you fail to follow the rules. Particularly if not wearing a mask where you ought to. Here is our most recent interpretation:

*some of these rules have been updated today, July 10, and will be again from time to time, ie: gatherings outside can now be up to 1300 people and inside up to 500 people. We will update the graphics accordingly and post here this weekend.

You always need to wear a mask if the 1.5m minimum distance cannot be maintained.