?️ The Canary Islands Health Department are today reporting 31 new outbreaks, in addition to the 66 current outbreaks active over the last 15 days, added to thirty more outbreaks currently being followed-up, on the basis that they are due to be closed as having had no new cases detected over the last fortnight.

?Of the new outbreaks, 30 are in the province of Las Palmas ( 2 of them in Fuerteventura) and one is in the province of Tenerife, in Granadilla, involving 5 individuals, one of them deceased. On the island of El Hierro, epidemiological links between 21 individual cases are being studied to determine if they are one or more outbreaks.

?The profile of the outbreaks has been modified this week, since there have been none linked to nightlife or party venues, so the size of the outbreaks and of the contacts in follow-ups relatively low.

?Outbreaks within family groups and among friends, linked to encounters in the home without protective measures (mask, distance and hand washing) continue to be the primary source contagion within work environment outbreaks.

The 31 new outbreaks, in general, affect fewer people (between 4 and 9 individuals, with 5 being the average) and are most appear related to the family environment with then some consequent ramification in the workplace.

?There is an outbreak of 5 people linked to a funeral in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

  • ?An outbreak of 37 people in a care home residence for people from a vulnerable group.
  • ?Of the new clusters, 2 are connected to patera arrivals (1 in Fuerteventura with 12 cases and another in Agüimes with 3 cases).
  • ?Fuerteventura: This newest report is centred around work / family outbreak in Puerto del Rosario with 56 people currently under trace and track follow-up.


?️Canarias notifica 31 nuevos brotes que se suman a los 66 brotes abiertos desde hace 15 días, más una treintena más de…

Posted by Sanidad Gobcan on Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Here are the latest data from The Canary Islands Government on detected COVID 19 infections