After a bright start this Friday morning, some cloud began to appear on the north and eastern sides of Gran Canaria and is expected to continue into Saturday, according to Spanish State Meteorological Agency AEMET, likely to be accompanied by light rains across the southern half of the island from around midday on Saturday, which could, less probably, occur elsewhere too.



Temperatures will remain similar to recent days, with lows of around 15º or 16ºC at night on the coasts, perhaps a little chillier inland, and daytime highs of around 23ºC in the shade. Northeast breezes, could become somewhat more intense on the southeast and northwest. Coastal breezes will continue to predominate on the north and southwest.

By Sunday cloudy intervals in the south, the cloud cover may well continue through the day, potentially accompanied by some very light rain. Temperatures will see little change. Winds from the northeast, somewhat more intense to the southeast and northwest, with breezes along the north and southwestern coasts.


As we head into next week the cloudy weather looks set to continue, still potentially accompanied by some drizzle, that could become moderate rain showers out on the westernmost islands. Elsewhere, and on Gran Canaria, a touch of cloud cover remaining or clearing up to our more usual blue skies and sunshine, particularly on the southern slopes and coasts. Temperatures continuing from the lower mid-teens at night, 13-14ºC, up into the lower 20s, in the shade, warmer in direct sunlight.

Northeast winds of around 10km/h are expected to predominate through the week, with breezes on the south coasts wrapping around the island and appearing to blow from the southwest, where autumn sunshine and blue skies will be the order of the days ahead, though increasing likely to cloud over with a chance of light rains to the north.