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The Canary Islands Health Service manages to locate up to 27 contacts per newly detected case of Covid-19, whereas regions such as Catalonia only manage to identify no more than two on average. This was reflected in the latest report published by the Carlos III Health Institute, on the Covid-19 situation in Spain, looking at cases diagnosed between May 11 and July 15, during which time 22,997 cases of coronavirus were identified throughout Spain as a whole.

According to the Carlos III figures, the Canary Islands is the autonomous community with the highest success in tracing contacts of the newly diagnosed, tracking between 3 and 27 individuals with whom each patient has had significant contact. Following behind are Melilla (between 4 and 16 contacts) and Ceuta (4-12) then Andalusia and Extremadura (between 2 and 11 in each). Navarra (3-8) and Murcia (0-7) are in the middle of the table and just behind them are Aragon and the Valencian Community (2-6); Castilla y León, Galicia and the Basque Country (1-6).

Catalonia trackers apparently only manage to locate up to 2 contacts for each person newly diagnosed (0-2). Asturias, Castilla La Mancha and Madrid (between 0 and 3) also fail to detect many more than that, while La Rioja finds between 1 and 5. The Carlos III report does not have data from Cantabria or the Balearic Islands.

Active cases of coronavirus have risen to 149 in the Canary Islands over the last 24/48 hours, though these numbers skew the picture a little because among them are 47 corona virus positive carriers who were detected among 61 migrants arriving on a patera to Fuerteventura last Friday, added to nearly 40 others detected in the same way over the last month.

Official Canary Islands Government Ministry of Health data, since the health crisis began in the archipelago, records a total of 2,555 cases, of which 149 are currently active, one in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) , while two are in hospital and the rest confined and quarantined in their homes or in accomodation established for the purpose, as is the case of migrants who have been arriving irregularly this summer.

It should also be noted, the Canary Islands has currently recorded 2,244 recovered patients, who have received medical discharges, and mourn the death of 162 people who have lost their lives due to Covid-19, the most recent of whom was more than 5 weeks ago.

Currently the island with the most active cases is Fuerteventura with 76 of the total 141 that have been detected over the last 5 months, with no deaths due to the coronavirus having been reported throughout the health crisis. 65 people there have overcome the disease and recovered.  The overwhelming majority of active cases are quarantined migrants, as opposed to residents of the islands.

Active cases on Gran Canaria stand at 27 out of a total count of 628 positives registered, 39 having died and 562 recovered and discharged. On Tenerife 26 case remain active out of an accumulated total of 1,524, with 110 deaths and 1,388 recoverd and discharged.

Detected cases elsewhere on the islands remain much lower.