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Spring is in the air and people are getting naked on Gran Canaria, here’s just three crazy little moments caught on camera in the last 24 hours

Spring is in the air and people are getting naked on Gran Canaria, here’s just three crazy little moments caught on camera in the last 24 hours

As the heat becomes noticeable, after a long hard winter on the islands, so the clothes have started to come off, from Ingenio to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, over recent recent days, some surprising images and video have been captured and sent to us.

And why on earth not!?  What could be more natural than your own god-given birthday suit? It’s all the editor wears around the office these days.  Don’t hesitate to send us your wild and free images of Spring on Gran Canaria

What could be better to round off a hard day’s shopping?

One man on Wednesday felt he needed to cool off in the capital and, in spite of the main Las Canteras beach being just a few meters walk away, did not hesitate when he saw the cool blue pools of Las Arenas Shopping Centre where he simply stripped off and took a relaxing dip, despite swimming not really being encouraged at this popular palace dedicated to commerce and fashion. Onlookers looked on with envy, as the man indulged himself fully in the moment, some took the opportunity to appreciate his boundless sense of freedom. Perhaps he was waiting for someone to join him….?

Wild abandon in the parks of the capital

Also in Las Palmas on Wednesday a couple were filmed, in the surroundings of the Santa Catalina park near the port, in a state of apparently ecstatic, free loving and wild abandon, as the spring weather took hold, they felt no impediment whatsoever to vigourously maintaining springtime relations, Gran Canaria style, despite the fact that they were getting into each other in broad daylight, and in full view of passers by, in an area with a lot of busses and other traffic whizzing past. They only had eyes for each other and the moment.

Several pedestrians found themselves more than a little surprised by the scene, of these two doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel, and some took photos and videos which were shared virally over recent hours across social networks. Canarias7’s own post of the video to Youtube was taken down by the video network for breaching community guidelines. And then some.

Heat in the engine, hanging out free and fearless

But it’s not just those crazy kids up in the capital that are feeling the springtime heat, as local police further south, in the old mountain farming town of Ingenio, found themselves having to order a well known bar/restaurant, on Calle Alemania, to shut their doors for the rest of the day after the owner decided to flash his genitals in the street, at clients and diners enjoying the weather at a neighbouring establishment’s next door terrace. Police, who rushed to put a stop the man’s sense of fun, frolic and freedom, say he will face a possible fine, based on local decency bylaws enforced by the Ingenio town hall.

The service oriented chap went out into the street with only his work apron on to protect his modesty, and at one point he pulled it back to wear it like a cape, and stood in the doorway proudly brandishing his genitals, (he waved them round like he just don’t care), to the astonishment of amused (and some not so amused) passers by. According to police sources consulted, it is not the first time that he has shared his wares and caught local attentions in this type of incident.

Gran Canaria really does put a Spring in your step, no matter where you are…

Believe it or not, none of this is usual behaviour from the residents of the island, who are clearly in need of a change of pace following a tough year of restrictions and closed businesses. Without a doubt each of these spring time revellers are really feeling the loss of Carnival for a second year running and perhaps are missing the dunes of Maspalomas, which used to be the more regular venue for these types of playful antics, until that is the southern authorities started fining people for running wild and free down there too.

Feel free to send any video or photos you may have of wild and exciting ways in which people you encounter are celebrating spring time on Gran Canaria.
Love Spring – Love Gran Canaria

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