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18 year old rescued from the sea between Puerto Rico and Amadores beaches

18 year old rescued from the sea between Puerto Rico and Amadores beaches

An 18-year-old man was rescued from the water in a serious condition this Thursday afternoon, from the Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria Cala del Caracol, in the municipality of Mogán.

At 18:10 the Canary Islands’ 112 Emergency and Security Coordination Centre (CECOES) received an alert reporting that there were several people in distress in the sea around that area.

1-1-2 immediately activated the necessary emergency resources.

Members of the Guardia Civil Guard the affected man, who was in cardiorespiratory arrest, from the water. The other bathers in distress managed to get out of the sea on their own.

Upon arriving at the scene, an ambulance crew, from the Canary Islands Emergency Service (SUC), verified the condition of the affected swimmer and after performing basic, and then advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation manoeuvres, they managed to revive him. Once stabilised, he was transferred to the Insular University Hospital of Gran Canaria in the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Firefighters and members of Protección Civil collaborated in the transfer of the injured person from the scene of the incident to the ambulance.

Local Police also collaborated with the emergency services and the scene.

Cala del Caracol is a smooth stone ledge, which takes its name from the concrete spiral staircase leading to it, below the walkway that runs between Puerto Rico and Amadores beaches. Several people, tourists and natives alike, have lost their lives over the last ten years or so, dragged under the water by the strong waves fairly common in that zone at certain times of year, on some days it can can be very rough indeed.

The staircase, which was built more than ten years ago by the concessionaire for that part of the coast of Mogán, Puerto Rico SA, was installed, according, last year, to Mogán Beaches councillor, Tomás Lorenzo, at the request of the security forces, as for years previously numerous bathers had been accessing the coast there from the nearby Puerto Rico beach at low tide, many finding themselves trapped at high tide. It was meant as an evacuation staircase in its original concept that ended up being used as one more access to the rocks below.

The hidden little cove is a favourite spot for local residents and natives of the area, due to the large smooth rocks, comfortable for sunbathing, with a calm sea most of the year, widely used for fishing and as a place for diving when conditions allow it.

The Mogán Town Council were the ones who consulted the coastal authorities (Costas) in 2009, following a Tenerife tragedy at a similar spot, to determine who held the responsibility for that area, determining that Puerto Rico SA, the company that manages Puerto Rico and Amadores beaches, must take responsibility for the safety of bathers, through their concession granted by the Costas in 1974 which allowed them to construct Spain’s first artificial beach, at Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria and then another at Amadores.

EDIT** Addendum: Security doors were installed, however, we understand, bathers often opened the doors from the other side to let people in that way, sometimes even jamming the doors open.

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