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Foundation Investigated for Alleged Mismanagement of Public Funds Meant for Care of Unaccompanied Migrant Minors

The 7th Investigative Court of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has opened a preliminary investigation into the Social Response Foundation Siglo XXI and four of its directors. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office in Las Palmas filed a complaint against them, alleging crimes that could include forgery of commercial documents, mismanagement, and embezzlement of public funds. The investigation aims to determine whether this nonprofit organisation, and its officials, could have misused public funds intended for the care of unaccompanied migrant minors, during the migration crisis of 2020 that was precipitated by the pandemic confinement on the islands, leading to a build up of arrivals having to be assessed and cared for by the Canary Islands Regional Government, using hotels left empty due to the lack of tourism. The estimated amount involved in the alleged misuse stands at around €12.5 million between 2020 and 2022 on Gran Canaria alone.


Canary Islands Expect Rain and Potential Storm Weather Next Week

The Canary Islands are preparing for a change in the weather next week, as a significant increase in cloud is expected bringing higher probability of rain. The effects of a powerful storm forming in the Atlantic Ocean are likely to extend to the Canary Islands as well as neighbouring Madeira and The Azores.


The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 2-4 June 2023

June is here and that means that summer is just around the corner. The Patron Saints’ festivities in honour of San Juan de Bautista and San Antonio de Padua are just getting started on Gran Canaria, and in Pueblo de Mogán the main Romería pilgrimage for San Antonio El Chico is this first Saturday of June, as well as the start of the build up to those in Arucas, Santa Brígida and Moya. This weekend also brings the biggest outlet fair shopping experience back to INFECAR and a collectables fair in Gáldar.
OPERATION KILO is this weekend, at all participating supermarkets, asking you to add a few non-perishable food items to the Food Bank collection boxes to help families in need.

Vox Enters Canarian Politics, Stage Right: Anti-Migrant, Anti-Feminist, Anti-Green, Anti-Autonomy, Anti-LGBT, Anti-Multiculturalism, Pro-Franco politics find a foothold on The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands were unable to avoid the rise of the far right on Sunday, unlike in 2019, writes Natalia G. Vargas in Canarias Ahora. Vox, which previously had no representation on the islands, managed to make its presence felt in several municipalities and councils this May 28. They also secured seats in the Canary Islands’ regional parliament, securing four deputies. “Defending what is ours, our own, and fighting against insecurity” were the slogans that underpinned Vox’s campaign in The Canary Islands, along with “family, employment, and freedom.” This rhetoric, coupled with an electoral program that was repeated across all local elections in Spain, proved sufficient. Dozens of cities and towns on the islands welcomed their first far right candidates of the modern democratic era into Canarian politics, with urban areas serving as their main strongholds.

La Alcaldesa Bueno Secures Incredible Majority in Mogán

Mogán, May 29, 2023 – The often controversial incumbent, O Bueno, La Alcaldesa, has achieved an unprecedented and resounding victory once more in Mogán. The candidate who switched her party’s name, for these elections, to “Juntos por Mogán”, a local ally of the regionalist conservatives “Coalición Canaria” (CC), will once again assume the role of mayor. Her party has clinched a rather noteworthy 17 out of the 21 seats in the Municipal Council of this popular tourism destination located on the sunny southwest of Gran Canaria.


Wildfire prevented after a palm tree fell on to high voltage power lines in the Mogán Valley

Several news outlets are reporting a more than five meter tall Canarian palm tree having fallen on to high voltage power lines, causing a fire, in the Barranco de Mogán ravine, near El Cercado, which prevented residents of agricultural farms from accessing or leaving their properties. The ‘phoenix canariensis’ fell at around 6:00pm onto power cables causing three separate outbreaks of fire.

The Canary Guide ‘Día de Canarias’ #WeekendTips 27-30 May 2022

It’s the last weekend of May and also a festive ‘puente’ long weekend. The busiest this year so far, and the summer season festivities have truly started.
The next few days are filled with a multitude of institutional and cultural celebrations with many other events and festivities besides. There is the ‘Tuna and Sea Fair’ in Arguineguín and the ‘Patronal festivities in San Fernando de Maspalomas’, including a “Romería” pilgrimage offering as well as popular Carnival main festivities in Carrizal.
Many different traditional cultural events around the island include The Wool Fiesta in Caideros de Gáldar and the Cattle Fair at the Cabildo’s experimental farm in Arucas. Where ever you might find yourself, most likely, there will be festivities throughout this “bridge” weekend of celebration as most of the island takes a four day holiday to welcome in the summer.
Monday, 30th May is ‘Diá de Canarias‘, Canary Islands Day, which is a bank holiday throughout the archipelago. It’s good to remember that government offices, banks, and many local shops etc. will be closed.

On the 30th of May 1983 The Canary Islands officially became an Autonomous National Region of Spain when The Government of The Canary Islands Parliament sat for the first time.  The day has been marked ever since by all municipal town halls, on all the 8 islands, in each of the two provinces that make up the archipelago, as the official day of celebration of all things Canarian.
You can expect nearly every town or village to have some sort of public event happening, either during the weekend and/or Monday, with locals dressed in traditional post-conquest clothing and performing folk dances as well as tastings of local produce among other attractions.
Of course, as tourism has long been the main focus of the economy here you’ll also find representations of traditional foodstuffs like gofio, potatoes, cheeses, mangoes, avocados, ropa vieja, almonds, wines, rum, honey rum, mojos rojo and verde and many items besides on display in hotels and tourist information centres.
This is truly a weekend of holiday, family, and celebration. Here we list just the tip of the iceberg, with a taste of the options for events that will be taking place and also to celebrate this Canaries Day during the weekend and especially on Monday, 30 May.


Gran Canaria Weather: Some grey skies, clearing into the weekend, but a little rain expected by Día de Canarias on Monday

*** Check the regular markets and a range of other events on our main calendar at The Canary Guide website***

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria celebrates Canarian Day with an event named ‘Canariona’ this Sunday, 29 May at Parque Santa Catalina with traditional music from the famous Los Gofiones and the more modern sounds of Birkins, Foxi Mammals and Sara Zocas, and Locoplaya. 19:30-01:00, free entry.

Program:19:30 – 21:00 Los Gofiones | 21:00 – 21:15 Delia Santana | 21:15 – 21:30 Petite Lorena | 21:30 – 22:00 Birkins  | 22:00 – 22:15 DJ Dara Ortega | 22:15 – 22:45 Foxy Mammals  | 22:45 – 23:00 DJ Dara Ortega  | 23:00 – 23:45 Sara Socas & Erika Dos Santos & DJ Verse |  23:45 – 0:00 DJ Dara Ortega | 0:00 – 1:00 LOCOPLAYA

Sunday, 29 May “Isla y Cancion’ concert at 21:00 Plaza de Santa Ana, free entry, until capacity reached
The concert ‘Néstor Álamo, island and song’ by the Municipal Symphonic Band of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria returns to Plaza Santa Ana on the eve of Canary Islands Day.
The repertoire of famous Canarian writer and composer ‘Néstor Álamo: Island and song’ revisits his most popular songs with a special emphasis of the string section and the Choir of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria.
These musical ensembles are joined by the voices of various outstanding performers. The selected repertoire will consist of about eighteen songs from the Nestorian songbook, among them, some of the most famous and popular composed by a creative who is considered the ‘father of Canarian song’, including well know works like ‘El Cambullonero’. All the songs will be performed —either in duets, by soloists or by the choir— in symphonic versions arranged by other notable composers.


Town hall of Mogán celebrating Canarian day with “Feria del Atún y del Mar de Mogán” between 29-30 May 2022 in Arguineguin on Plaza Pérez Galdós, just next to the church.
On Sunday and Monday, at the ‘Tuna and Sea Fair’ show cooking, sales, tastings, educational activities for children, music, an homage to fishermen and much more will come together in Arguineguín to highlight the municipality’s fishing sector and promote seafood, especially tuna, caught the artisanal way by the fishermen of the municipality as well as celebrating Canarian Day.Opening hours: on Sunday 11:00-17:00 and on Monday 11:00-20:00

Mogán Mall in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria is celebrating Canarian Day with an event named ‘TrENDERETE’ 27-30 May 2022 with artisanal crafts, gastronomy and music.
Between 27-30 May, Canarian Gastronomy and Craft Market. Opening hours: On Friday 17:00-21:00, Saturday & Sunday 10:00-21:00, and on Monday 10:00-14:00.
Performances • Exhibitions • Tastings • Workshops:On Friday, between 18:00-20:00 Balcones Canarios children’s workshop and at 21:00 special Fountain Show
On Saturday, from 12:00-13:00 Wine tasting  – Gran Canaria wines ( D.O. Gran Canaria ), later between 18:00-19:00 Show Cooking by Braulio Rodríguez (Restaurant Majuga). 19:00-20:00Canarian Parranda – 7 Orillas (Traditional Music group ) and at 21:00 Special Fountain Show
On Sunday, from 11:00-11:30 the presentation of the new collection – Desafiro. Between 12:00-13:00 Agaete Coffee Tasting, from 17:30-18:30 Wine tasting – Bodega La higuera Mayor ,  19:00-20:00  Concert – Germán López (timplist)  and at 21:00 special fountain show.
On Monday, 12:00-13:00 Aloe and Honey Tasting – Finca La Molina and then at 13:00 The Great TrENDERETE raffle

Main Canarian Day festivities in the municipality are celebrated in the picturesque municipal capital, known by it’s pre-hispanic name “Tunte”.
The name derives from the aboriginal Guanche-Canario settlement, where, after the conquest in the late 15th century, various settlers of Hispanic origin settled. In the old quarter of the town, the village still known as Tunte, stands the Church of San Bartolomé de Tirajana.
On Saturday, there is “Feria de Tradiciones Canarias” (Fair of Canarian Traditions) on Saturday, May 28 in the Plaza de Santiago to commemorate Canary Islands Day. Traditional games, music, and an artisanal craft fair will display an array of work from 09:00-14:00
On Sunday, ambient music in the Plaza from 12:00 and from 13:00 tasting of Canarian produce. Activities for children from 17:00 and in the evening, a “verbena”, street party with lively music.
On Monday, an exhibition of antique carts and wagons from 08:00. Performance by La Banda Isleña at 10:00. Ambient music at 11:00 and preparation of bread dough. Enyesque  (Canarian way of saying tapa, snack) at 11:30. Canarian wrestling at 12:00 and some traditional Taifa dancing at 13:00

Shopping Centre El Tablero, meanwhile, nearer the coast, on the other side of GC-1 from the main resort area of Maspalomas, will host a ‘Mercado Artesanal’, an artisanal craft market from 29-30 May.
Between 11:00 and 19:00 typical produce and unique handmade items will be available, alongside all the shops and establishments that this lovely neighbourhood shopping centre has to offer.

The 26th traditional Wool Fiesta in the neighbourhood of Caideros.
This has got to be one of the most authentic events you can visit on Día de Canarias.  The northern municipality of Gáldar celebrates its traditional ‘Fiesta de La Lana’ in Caideros every May 30, Canary Islands Day.
Exalting the customs and traditions of this land, still preserved in this inland area of ​​the north. Livestock from nearby farmhouses will be brought for shearing and subsequent milking, which is one of the most anticipated moments of the day, along with popular Canarian music in the square and the crafts show. Demonstrations of native sports and recognition of the people of this place complete the program of events for this festive event.
At 11:00 Football field; Livestock shearing, Exhibition of the Salto del Pastor, Jurria El Salem Salto del Pastor Canario, Stick Fight Exhibition, Traditional Threshing, Dog showAt 11:00 Casa de la Lana (House of Wool); Inauguration and presentation of the Casa de la Lana mural: ‘María de las Nieves’ (Mary of the Snows) Author Belén Déniz and a butterfly workshop with wool from the island. Lesley BohnkeAt 12:00 Football Field; Great female wrestling between: Union Galdar Ybarra Wrestling Club and Wrestling Club Union Sardina Spar Gran CanariaAt 12:00 Plaza de San José de Caideros (just next to the parish); Artisanal Craft exhibition and traditional Canarian music, with a different group performing every hour 12:00-16:00At 13:00 Plaza de San José de Caideros; Recognitions, tributes and, and special mentions.TASTINGS: Sancocho, gofio pella, tortillas with honey, tabeje with gofio and more

Plaza de San Juan and its surroundings will be the set for the Canarian Day celebrations in the municipality of Telde. 
On Friday 27 May, on Plaza de San Juan at 20:30, a concert by ‘Los Faycanes’ and ‘Araguaney’, and on Saturday in this same space at 21:00, enjoy a show by ‘Los Sabandeños’.
Sunday, 29 May10:00-14:00 an exhibition and sale of traditional crafts and local products, as well as a day dedicated to boys and girls, with the little theatre El Sueno de Sarito in the Plaza de San Juan. Workshops and traditional games are also planned as well as music. For its part, the Roque Azucarero neighbourhood association will represent various Canarian scenes at 20:00, the Plaza de San Juan hosts an awards ceremony for people who have shown their struggle, passion and interest in culture throughout the municipality. The musical finishing touch is provided by the young timplista from Valsequillo, Laura Martel.
Monday, 30 May10:00-14:00 an exhibition and sale of traditional crafts and local products as well as artisan workshops, an exhibition of traditional toys, an exhibition of traditional games, such as the “lifting of the plow” and the “stick game”, as well as various representations of Canarian scenes by the Roque neighbourhood association Azucarero (named in honour of this areas rich sugar production history), as well as music with performances from the Municipal Band and various folk groups.

The famous and beautiful mountain town of Teror celebrates Canary Islands Day from May 28 to 30 with a varied program of activities. The Town Council have organised the longest sandwich made of the local Chorizo de Teror in history on Saturday May 28, expected to be with half a kilometre in length, running through several streets of the Casco (Old Town: La Plaza, La Cal and Calle Nueva). There will also be musical performances, artisanal craft shows, traditional games and children’s activities, as well as a popular Canarian dish to close the program on May 30.
SATURDAY 28 MAY09:00-19:00 Canarian Artisanal Crafts with 25 stalls along the Boulevard Paseo González Díaz.10:00-16:00 Longest ever Chorizo de Teror ​​sandwich in history, Calle Real de la Plaza, Calle de la Cal and Calle Nueva.12:00 Concert Pepe Benavente, Plaza de Sintes20:30 Concert of “Timple and String Quartet”, by the Las Palmas Symphony Orchestra Quartet and Benito Cabrera. Teror Auditorium. Free admission at entrees.es
SUNDAY 29 MAY9:00-15:00 Teror Market in Casco de Teror, with Canarian music and products.9:00-15:00 Canarian Artisan Crafts, with 25 stalls on Boulevard Paseo González Díaz.
MONDAY 30 MAY9:00-15:00 Canarian Artisanal Crafts, with 25 stalls along Boulevard Paseo González Díaz.11:00-13:00 traditional activities, sheep shearing and wool threshing exhibition. Donkey rides on Plaza Alameda Pio XII.11:00-13:00 Children’s activities, Sheep Milking Workshops; Children’s pottery; the traditional Shepherd’s Leap (Salto de Pastor); mud pots; and traditional games. Alameda Pio XII Square11:00 Performance of the Candidito School of Music Parranda on Alameda Pio XII Square12:00 Performance by timplista Laura Martel on plaza Alameda Pio XII13:00 Performance by timplista Raúl Pérez  on plaza Alameda Pio XII13:00 Popular Canarian food on Plaza de la Alameda Pío XII. Collaboration price: €2 per item

Avenida de Canarias and its surroundings will be the backdrop for the Canarian Day celebrations this weekend in the municipality of Santa Lucía, with Taifa dancing on Monday up in the original municipal capital, the mountain village of Santa Lucía. Various events have been occurring this month all culminating on 30 May 2022.
From Saturday to Monday, there is an Artisanal Craft Fair along the pedestrian area of Avenida de Canarias. Open on Saturday and Sunday 10:00-21:00. On Monday 10:00-14:00
From Saturday to Monday, activities for children: Inflatables and traditional Canarian games on the pedestrian area of Avenida de Canarias. Saturday and Sunday 11:00-14:00 and from 17:00-19:00 and On Monday 11:00-14:00.
On Saturday 28 May, Music performances at 20:30 on Plaza de Los Algodoneros: A Meeting of traditional Canarian dances with 5 different groups performingOn Sunday 29 May, The I Canarian Folk Music Day on Plaza de Los Algodoneros from 11:00-14:00. Enjoy musical performances from the traditional music groups of Santa LucíaOn Monday 30 may, The II Canarian Folk Music day on Monday on Plaza de Los Algodoneros from 11:00-14:00Enjoy the most traditional Canarian music and the most popular instruments of this land

On Monday 30 May, Taifa dancing in Santa Lucía casco with Parranda ‘Merita la Pena’, at 21:00 in Parque de Santa Lucía casco 

La Aldea de San Nicolás is celebrating Canarian Day in the town centre on Monday 30 May 2022. From 10:00 to 14:00 you can enjoy different activities organised by the Department of Culture of the City Council of La Aldea de San Nicolás, directed by Cleofé Cubas.
During the morning there will be an artisanal craft show and the museums of the Community Development Project will be open to the public. In addition, there will be an exhibition of native sports such as “Canarian Ball” and the Salto del Pastor (Shepherd’s leap) and traditional children’s games.
Starting at 12:00 noon, the institutional acts and performance of the parranda ‘El Pajullo’.


27-29 May, San Fernando de MaspalomasFiestas Patronales de San Fernando de Maspalomas
The Maspalomas neighbourhood of San Fernando, once a simple village of tomato growers, and share croppers, enjoys its patron saint celebrations from 26 May – 5 June 2022.
The popular Romería pilgrimage for their patron saint, San Fernando, takes place this Saturday, where attendees will be dressed in traditional costume and processing through the streets and around the church of this old rural population.
There is a funfair that has been set up in San Fernando during the festivities.
On Friday, children’s entertainment at Plaza de San Fernando at 18:00
On Saturday, children’s entertainment at Plaza de San Fernando at 10:00 and then later in the evening at 21:00 the election of the youth and children’s Queen; a gala event with music and dance performances at Plaza de San Fernando which is followed by a Verbena, street party, with entertainment provided by the Armonia Show and DJ Tony Bob at 23:30
On Sunday from 08:00-14:00 “Sabor a Tradición“, a special edition of the biweekly Canarian Farmers’ market. The “flavour of tradition” market on Plaza de Timanfaya with traditional games, artisans, live music and much more.
18:30 Romería-ofrenda, leaving from Plaza de Timanfaya touring the neighbourhood and at 20:30 ‘Cantador Sinfonicó’ concert in Parque de San Fernando with Ciro Corujo, Manuel Estupiñan, Pedro Manuel Afonso. This is a new Canary Islands ‘symphonic singers’ tour, a company of 25 people in *symphonic format* in the recognition of the singers of the world.23:30 Verbena, a party with Star Music and DJ Marre at Plaza de San Fernando
See more information about the festivities HERE!

27-29 May, Carrizal, IngenioCarnival Carrizal 2022
The last weekend of festivities of one of the most popular Carnival festivities on Gran Canaria, Carnival Carrizal. The celebration, designated as a Local Festival of Tourist Interest, has its Big Weekend with the Drag Queen Gala, a parade and the so-called “rescue of the sardine”.
On Saturday, The Great Carnival parade starts at 18:30, with most floats concentrating in Plaza de la Jurada. The start of the route via Avda. de Canarias, Barcelona, ​​Huerta del Obispo, Rep Argentina, Ejido Carrizal, Carlos V, Avda. de Canarias, Rotonda del Pescador, Road linking with Burrero, C/. Mayor José Ramirez, Josefina de la Torre. The small floats will go to the beach and the big ones will park in Calle La Corsa
After the parade, The Burning of the Sardine and fireworks spectacle around 23:00 at Playa del Burrero. The starting time will depend on the authorisation of the Control Tower of the Gran Canaria Airport and Air Navigation. A big after party follows the fireworks, with performances including ‘Aseres’  continuing until 5am, which is also the closing time permitted for the bars and restaurants in the area.
“When there is a popular Carnival parade taking place that will also mean parking prohibitions and street closures in the area” 
On Sunday, the Children’s Carnival from 16:00 Sunday 29 May. Crafts Workshop, Painting the Face, Batucada Timbalao, Performance by the Children’s Murga Los Lechonsitos.- Clown Zapito, Magicians, Puppets, Performance by the Talent School of Saray Castro with the Musical “Vuelve la Ilusión” and the performance of the Latin Ballet of Eva Rodriguez. The afternoon will finish with a snack with soft drinks and cakes.

27-29 May, Las Palmas de Gran CanariaLPA Motown
The sixth edition of the fair revolving around the worlds of motorcycles and mobility in the province of Las Palmas between 27-29 May (new dates* previously 6-8 May) at INFECAR.
Organised by AEMOTO and FEMEPA; promoted by the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and sponsored by SAGULPA, the LPA Motown ‘motorcycle and sustainable urban mobility’- fair is the perfect place to learn first-hand about all the latest developments in the sector.
In this edition, there will be a large exhibition space, food truck area among other things to see including the novelty of a “Motorcycle Show”, an unbeatable opportunity to encounter, all in one space, the main companies that lead the two-wheel sector here on the island, three days for bikers to test and even buy the perfect motorcycle, as well as the accessories they need both for themselves and for their vehicles.
Companies such as Pole Position, Valsebike, Autos Losan, Domingo Alonso, Gubra, Motomaxs, Danara and AM Motos have already confirmed their participation, which make it possible to have the presence of all the reference brands in the sector: Harley Davidson, KTM, Ducati, Honda, Zontes, Suzuki, Peugeot, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Indian and SuperSoco etc.
As for the mobility sector, VMI users will also be able to test and buy the most successful models on the market, as well as accessories for their vehicles and for themselves.
Opening hours:Friday and Saturday 10:00-20:00 and 20:00-23:30 events continue in the leisure area.Sunday 10:00-16:00
You can book your free entry ticket as well as some test drives HERE

27 May-5 June, Gran CanariaOperation Kilo
Operation Kilo is the primary community food collection drive in solidarity with those most in need around the island and will be prominent in shopping centres and supermarkets between 27 May and 5 June around Gran Canaria.
The Campaign focuses on collecting as many basic items of food as possible from multiple supermarkets over the days. The food is donated by any citizens who care to help, thanks to the help of a large team of volunteers  (still more needed!!) and the collaboration of the various supermarkets. Once the food has been collected, it is sent to the main Las Palmas Food Bank warehouse, from where it is distributed to people in need through several charities, including The Food Project in Mogán and Elomar in Maspalomas.
Simply, all you do is purchase a few simple, non-perishable items to contribute along with your shopping. In the municipality of Mogán, you can find them for example in Spar supermarkets; Puerto de Mogán, Playa del Cura, Tauro, Patalavaca and Arguineguín and many other shops around the island.
In particular look out for the volunteers and collection boxes at the entrances to major supermarkets in your area.


Friday is always market day in Playa de Mogán in the morning. This popular market is in one of the prettiest fishing harbour towns on Gran Canaria, very popular with tourists.
On Saturday San Fernando de Maspalomas market offers all kinds of textiles, Objet d‘art and other articles, outside the Municipal Market, located on Avenida Alejandro del Castillo, with bargains for bargain hunters. It is one of the markets most enjoyed among visitors along with Friday’s in Playa de Mogán;El Mercadillo de Maspalomas, the main ‘Maspalomas market’  is on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 08:00 to 14:00.
On Saturday in Arguineguín, a second-hand market on Plaza Negra (the marketplace) in the morning 09:00-14:00 with a wide range preloved treasures to be found and discovered.
On Sunday, the “rastro” second-hand market, is on from 08:00 to 14:00 in the main carpark of the Municipal Market, in San Fernando.
This Sunday, a special celebrational edition of the biweekly Farmers market in San Fernando. The “flavor of tradition” market, celebrating Canarian Day between 08:00-14:00 at Plaza de Timanfaya. This market is held in the urban center of the area from which it receives the name, just where there is a large esplanade between three unmistakable points; the Municipal Stadium, the Center and the current Municipal Offices of Maspalomas.


28-29 May, ArucasXXIX Concurso exposición de ganado selecto
On the occasion of the celebrations of The Livestock Fair and the 29th Select Cattle Exhibition Contest, there will be no biweekly agricultural market at the Arucas Experimental Farm this Saturday.
During Saturday and Sunday in the facilities of the Cabildo Agricultural Farm, located next to the Arucas exit from the GC-2, on the north coast of Gran Canaria. |Click ‘here’ to the map location|, there will be livestock shows, children’s activities, product tastings, traditional primary sector activities, musical performances, and much more!
Opening hours: on Saturday 10:00 – 18:30 and on Sunday 10:00 – 15:00




Robert Jon & The Wreck in The Miller building, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on Saturday, 28 May 2022
Repeating the success after their last visit to the archipelago. This band, originally from southern California, sounds with vintage overtones, marked by the personality and customs of the border areas of the southern United States.
This is for you if you like 70’s guitar rock, Southern Rock, the Hammond sound…
Concerts start at 22:00, doors open at 21:00Tickets available at €15 from entrees.es

Saturday 29 May, Música en el Parque in Parque Doramas, José Antonio Ramos Auditorium at 12:00
The 4th Edition of ‘Music in the Park’,  starts this Saturday, 29 May 2022 with Siti & The Band from Zanzibar.
The concert is at 12:00 and with free admission at the José Antonio Ramos Auditorium in the beautiful Doramas Park.
Enjoy a Sunday morning with the family, surrounded by nature and the best music around the world.


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The Canary Guide

The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 20-22 May 2022

Apple tree in flower on Gran Canaria May 2022
More than half way through May and on the south, patron saints’ fiesta season is in full swing. This Friday and Saturday are also the last days to enjoy some live Jazz in Puerto de Mogán. The Fair of The Sea is taking place in the capital, and there is a tomato fair to be enjoyed in La Aldea. There’s a double-take to enjoy in Gáldar, with the last days of ‘Flower week’ as well as the Collectibles fair on Saturday.
Remember that next weekend is a ‘puente’ long weekend with Canarian Day celebrations this year are set for Monday, which is also a regional bank holiday in the Canary Islands.

Upcoming bank holidays:Monday, 30 May Local Bank Holiday in the Canary Islands – Día de Canarias, The Day of The Canary IslandsMonday, 6 June Local bank holiday in Valleseco – Festivities of San Vicente FerrerMonday, 13 June Local bank holiday in Mogán and Santa Brídiga – Festivities of San Antonio de Padua.

Upcoming events:29-30 May Tuna and Sea Fair Arguineguín, Mogán28 May Carrizal Carnival parade1-6 June Gáldar Pride1-5 June FISALDO (outlet fair) in INFECAR3-5 June Feria del Sureste in Agüimes9-19 June Maspalomas International Carnival


Spanish State Meteorological Agency, AEMET, forecast a weekend with light breezes and sunshine in the souther resort areas of Mogán and Maspalomas, and 28-29ºC in the shade, which in direct sunshine is going to feel nice and hot, so keep hydrating!
The weekend looks pretty good all around the island, even if there is a small chance of some incoming Calima. All in all average daytime temperatures should be around 24-25 ºC in the shade, and parts in the north might even see some nice cloud cover to ease the heat a touch.

*** Check the regular markets and a range of other events on our main calendar at The Canary Guide website***


20-22 May, Las Palmas de Gran CanariaFimar LPGC 2022
FIMAR, the International Sea Fair is happening this weekend in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The nautical and marine-maritime sector meets again for the eleventh edition of this popular event, in the Santa Catalina Cruise port area, next to the Centro Comercial El Muelle. The fair is dedicated exclusively to the world of the seas and oceans, and the marine-maritime sector. Waves, surfing and all board-based water sports will be protagonists this year. Exhibitors from various sectors related to the sea will meet on the Santa Catalina Cruise Pier. An outreach program will cover topics related to the fair such as the environmental impact of microplastics, sharks in the Canary Islands and many other topics. Talks are free to attend. A wide variety of leisure activities will also be included, such as getting to know the Port in a different way, baptisms, exhibitions and aquatic activities as well as children’s activities on land.
Opening hours: Friday and Saturday 10:30 – 20:00 and on Sunday 10:30 – 15:00Activities for children: every day there will be surf-related craft workshops, a kids area, Surf & Roll circuit, racquet games, skill and construction games.Boat visits at the Port of Las Palmas: Friday at 09:30, 11:30 and 13:00. On Saturday at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00 and 17:00. On Sunday at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 and 13:00.Get to know the port on a tourist bus: on Saturday at 11:00, 13:00 16:30 and at 18:00. On Sunday at 11:00 and 13:00
See more information HERE! 

21 May, La AldeaIV Feria del Tomate
The 4th edition of the Tomato Fair is in La Aldea de San Nicolás, the westernmost municipality of Gran Canaria, this Saturday
From 09:00 to 14:00 at La Alameda (Plaza Vieja), you can enjoy cooking workshops and tastings from the restaurants of the town. In addition, there will be participation of crafts and agricultural vendors as well as the museums of the Community Development Project, which will be open to the public.
For the children, there will be cooking workshops, where they will prepare tastings with tomato as the main ingredient, planting seeds as well as themed craft workshops.
The IV Tomato Fair of La Aldea features the stellar performance of famous traditional group ‘Los Gofiones’
“A gorgeou, adventurous trip to the wild west of the island. Meandering roads, amazing views, a lovely village as well as the beautiful coast of La Aldea. The beach area where they are shooting scenes for the 4th and final season of Tom Clancy’s ‘Jack Ryan’. You can read more about that HERE! “

Saturday 21 may, GáldarFeria del Coleccionismo de Gran Canaria
The 7th Collectables Fair of Gran Canaria, ‘Feria del Coleccionismo de Gran Canaria’ in Gáldar this Saturday.  There are stands dedicated to the world of collecting, both companies related to collecting, as well as private collectors. It is also a place for non-collectors to visit a curious fair of various types of collected objects, which bring back memories of childhood, as well as echoing into the future.
The fair will be open from 10:00 to 18:00 in Plaza de Santiago and you can see various types of collections such as: philatelics (stamp collections), numismatics (coins & medals), toys, key rings, coca cola paraphernalia, star wars memorabilia, film props, autographs, kinder toys, old portable nintendo consoles, currency, tin toys, figures, marine and antique items, militaria and many other items of rare objet d’art…

20-24 May, Gáldar‘Gáldar en Flor’
The Gáldar Town Council celebrates their second edition of the “Gáldar en Flor” exhibition until May 24.
Gáldar in Flower features a sample of flowers and plants that fill the main streets of this ancient pre-hispanic Gran Canarian Royal Capital, in a display of colour and beauty, centred on the emblematic Calle Capitán Quesada.
This is the second spring edition of this event, a new addition to ‘Flower Week’ traditionally held in December, which takes advantage of the great floral variety par excellence giving colour to the historic centre of the municipality.
This exhibition will have the collaboration in its assembly and installation of 15 students from the Construction Labour Foundation in Las Palmas, studying for the gardens professional certificate, in addition to another 15 students from the “Young Gardeners” program of the Young Agrarian Association ASAJA farmers. Also staff from the “Gáldar for Formation 5” program, joined by staff from the Parks and Gardens department of ​​the Gáldar City Council, as well as from other areas of the town hall.
As a novelty in this edition, it will be possible to visit an exhibition of Ikebana, Japanese floral art, by Isidoro Moreno Guillén and Juan Martín Tacoronte, whic

19-24 May, Motor Grande, Puerto Rico de Gran CanariaFiestas Patronales María Auxiliadora
The local patron saint celebrations in honour of Maria Auxiliadora, (Mary, the helper) start on Thursday, May 19 in Motor Grande. The main day of festivities for this little native enclave on the south coast is celebrated next Tuesday, in the small residential neighbourhood from which Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria originated.
On Thursday “Dia del Niño” from 18:00-21:00. A children’s party with activities for the little ones. bouncy castles, face painting, balloon twisting, popular animation characters and music during the afternoon, as well as the magnificent magician Juan Miguel.
On Friday “Noche parrandera” at 21:00. A night of Canarian music with local groups, traditional Canarian clothing etc.
On Saturday  “Holi Colour” Party will begin at 14:00 and is enlivened by Ciara Lauve and DJ Sammyto. The rhythm and celebrations will continue at 23:00 with a festival led by Armonía Show and Paco Guedes, which will include a fireworks display at midnight.
On Sunday  “Daytime festival” with singer Yeray Socorro and in the evening Spanish humour at 20:00 by comedian Ivan El Bastonero and Juan Antonio Cabrera
On Monday an exhibition of the local sports schools and clubs at 19:00 as well as the XIII dessert contest at 20:00.
Tuesday  “The main day of the festivities” at 19:00 a mass will be held in the hermitage of Motor Grande and a religious procession to follow in Honour of Mary Helper of Christians. The festive program will end with a performance by the group Mariachi Peleón at 20:30

20-22 May, El Tablero de MaspalomasFiestas Patronales en honor a la Santísima Trinidad 2022
This lovely local fiesta, the patronal saint celebrations in honour of the Holy Trinity, in the southern residential neighbourhood of El Tablero, on the other side of the GC-1 from Sonnenland, will come to an end this Sunday.

On Friday 20, the XII senior recreational sports encounter in the Pabellón Municipal de Deportes El Tablero at 09:00. There are Children’s activities in the Plaza at 17:00 and then at 18:00, workshop sessions of dance and sports on Plaza de El Tablero. The VIII Dance and sport meeting by the municipal schools Plaza de El Tablero at 19:30 and in the evening at 23:00 Music and humour at Plaza de El Tablero

On Saturday, the Spanish Women’s Triplets Championship – Copa de S.M. La Reina y Campeonato de España de Clubes de la Masculina – Copa de S.M. El Rey -Parque Urbano del Sur at 10:00

and Trans Gran Canaria Bike Parque Urbano del Sur. Plaza de El Tablero hosts a fun Foam Party at 11:00.
At 12:00 Bajada la Rama, the lowering the branch procession (a quirky pre hispanic tradition still included in many of the main island celebrations). Departure of the street procession will be from the parking lot of I.E.S Tablero school and travel via the main streets to the Plaza.
at 18:30 a birthday bash dedicated to all the children at the Plaza de El Tablero
at 22:30 concert “Los Lolas”  and after Party by Star Music Plaza de El Tablero and later at 00:00 Firework exhibition with low noise firework

On Sunday, there is the second round of Spanish Women’s Triplets Championship in Parque Sur at 10:00 as well as a market in Plaza Pepe El Barbero. Solemn eucharist followed by a religious procession at 11:30. Eating the traditional Paella at 14:00 and then at 15:00 Gran Verbena del Solajero with Paco Guedes at Plaza de El Tablero. Later in the evening, at 21:00 end of festivities -Gala in Plaza de El Tablero


20-22 May, Gran CanariaFred. Olsen Express Transgrancanaria Bike
The Fred. Olsen Express Transgrancanaria Bike will be held this weekend from Friday to Sunday.  The new format of the race is in three stages and each one will have only one timed distance. The racers can participate in as many stages as they wish, since each stage has its own classification. The winner of the event will be chosen between the finishers of the three stages and their accumulated rankings.
Transgrancanaria Bike is one of the events included in the schedule of the Gran Canaria Big Events, promoted by the Sports Board of the Island Cabildo. Therefore, it is a race with an international impact and aims to be included among the World’s most renowned mountain bike races.
The goal is to cross Gran Canaria. This is the queen race, the Three Stages, but participants will also be able to choose between cycling the whole event or select individual stages.
Stage 1. Friday, 20 May (16:00). Artenara – MoriscosStage 2. Saturday, 21 May (10:00). Garañón – ChiraStage 3. Sunday, 22 May (10:00). Maspalomas – Maspalomas (start and finish in Parque Sur)

20-22 May, Las Palmas de Gran CanariaITF Beachtennis Gran Canaria 2022
300 players of 20 different nationalities compete in Las Canteras in the 14th edition of the Sand Series Classic ITF Beachtennis Gran Canaria 2022, a tournament belonging to the ITF Beach Tennis World Tour.
Among them, the number one in the world in doubles, the Brazilian, Rafaella Miiler, the number two, the Italian Giulia Gasparri and the Venezuelan Patricia Díaz, third in the beach tennis doubles ranking. The Italian Michele Cappelletti, the best male beach tennis player in the world, Antonio Ramos, from Gran Canaria, current number three in the world, and Tommaso Giovannini, fourth in the world ranking, will also compete. Up to 300 participants from Italy, Brazil, France, Germany, the United States, Japan, Venezuela, Portugal, Estonia and Latvia, among others.
The Sand Series Classis ITF Beachtennis Gran Canaria 2022 will also have a significant number of Spanish representatives, including an interesting Canarian representation such as Omaira Farías or Grimanesa Santana, who will fight to surprise and get closer to the top positions of this great tournament, in which the players will compete in doubles, singles, sub14, sub18 BT Junior and over 40 years.



Friday is always market day in Playa de Mogán in the morning. This popular market is in one of the prettiest fishing harbour towns on Gran Canaria, very popular with tourists.
On Saturday San Fernando de Maspalomas market offers all kinds of textiles, Objet d‘art and other articles, outside the Municipal Market, located on Avenida Alejandro del Castillo, with bargains for bargain hunters. It is one of the markets most enjoyed among visitors along with Friday’s in Playa de Mogán;El Mercadillo de Maspalomas, the main ‘Maspalomas market’  is on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 08:00 to 14:00.
On Saturday in Arguineguín, a second-hand market on Plaza Negra (the marketplace) in the morning 09:00-14:00 with a wide range preloved treasures to be found and discovered.
On Sunday, the “rastro” second-hand market, is on from 08:00 to 14:00 in the main carpark of the Municipal Market, in San Fernando.
This Sunday, the biweekly Farmers and Handicraft Fair of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria is on again. The market is held in the litle urban park, just in the vicinity of the entrance to the Angry Birds Activity Park, from 08:30 -14:30.


Saturday 21 May, VecindarioMercado Agrícola de Vecindario

The biweekly Saturday Agricultural Market in Vecindario still takes place on the main street at the Plaza de Los Algodoneros (next to the Hotel Avenida de Canarias ) ????????????????????  Get the best seasonal fruit and vegetables, bread, flowers and much more, straight from the local farmers and producers.
From 08:30 – 13:30 Plaza de Los Algodoneros
“It is also the perfect opportunity to explore the kilometres-long main street of this neighbourhood, Avenida de Canarias.”


Jazz Festival in Puerto de Mogán 9-21 May
This is the last chance to enjoy the Jazz Festival this Friday and Saturday.
This exquisite annual event is back this year in the most beautiful little harbour on Gran Canaria, Puerto de Mogán.
The live music Jazz festival has been held this year with the amazing Richard Leach’s Jazz Band entertaining at the Marina Square Bandstand.
Live music from 19.30 until 23:00


The solo shows of the multitalented Simon Champion from The Champions Duo – Recognised this year in The Canary Awards 2022 Winners

On Saturday – The Pub in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria at 21:30 | There os a good chance that Mrs Champions might be joining too

On Sunday – Barbacoa Gran Canaria in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria at 22:00



#Musicando – La Trova

This Saturday, 21 May a new date for the annual Musicando series, and this time La Trova will be performing in the José Antonio Ramos Auditorium, Parque Doramas in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
The formation will share “A journey through music”,  combining rhythmic sensations that provoke feelings of joy, peace, love and heartbreak, blending cultures and songs from various places like Italy, France, Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the United States and the Dominican Republic, among others
Starts at 21:00 and it’s with free admission until full capacity


21-22 May, Las Palmas Traditional music and dance 

This Saturday and Sunday, traditional Canarian music and dancing on Plaza de España and in Pueblo Canario. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria revives folk performances in the open air every weekend. These performances will continue to take place every weekend throughout the year (subject to bank holidays).
On Saturday on Plaza de España at 11:00, Agrupación folclórica y Cultural cuerpo de baile Easmo Hernández/Agrupacion de música popular El Sedal 

On Sunday in Pueblo Canario group ‘Chemida’ at 11:00

Hard Rock Cafe in Playa del Inglés
Every night at 21:00. Reservation recommended
On Friday – Queen Tribute by Miracle BandOn Saturday – Rock Classic night by Crossfire



The Canary Guide

The newly green-lighted Cañadas de Gatos tunnel could reopen Playa de Mogán road within the next two years

The project to reopen the old national road between the resort of Taurito and the tourist-cum-fishing port town of Playa de Mogán has finally emerged almost five years after a landslide that forced the Mogán coastal road to be closed to traffic on the southwest of the island, although it could still take another two years or more before vehicles and cyclists will be able to travel the less than two kilometres between the tiny tourist enclave and the ancient coastal settlement without having to detour via Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria along the GC-1 motorway.


Imagined route of the new Cañadas de Gatos tunnel to Playa de Mogán
The Island Commission for Cultural Heritage, part of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, last Thursday May 5, reported favourably on the plan to construct a tunnel through the Cañada de Los Gatos, an area of significant archaeological importance, finally allowing the project to move forward, with the support of Mogán Town Hall and the tourist industry, to return the link between Taurito and Playa de Mogán along the original southern highway, the GC-500, avoiding the cliffs which even before the collapse in 2017 had been a point of serious concern due to their instability and the constant danger of landslides.
Mogán’s still incumbent mayoress, O Bueno, has grandly announced that she now plans to address the President of the Canary Islands Government, Ángel Víctor Torres, in her words, to ensure he “fulfils his commitment” to build the tunnel using Regional Autonomous Community funds, presumably rather than municipal or State funds, on the basis that this work has not been included in the road construction or maintenance agreements with the State. The construction cost of this 260+ meter tunnel has been calculated at about €12 million.
That stretch of road  has been closed to vehicles since July 2017, when the first of two rockfalls occurred, along a section of about 650 meters. Although an attempt was made to reopen it to traffic with some emergency works, a new landslide in September of that same year meant the indefinite closure of the GC-500, for motor traffic, cyclists and pedestrians, where walls and barriers were erected across the carriageway to prevent access.
The Island government reported yesterday that the Historical Heritage Commission last Thursday, chaired by the insular advisor to the Presidency, Teodoro Sosa, “gave the go-ahead with conditions for this project, which will be carried out at kilometre point 44.7 on the GC-500, the route of which affects the Archaeological Zone of Cañada de Los Gatos, which has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest (BIC), due to its scientific importance within the chrono-cultural framework of historical indigenous populations of the Island and its state of conservation.
The project plan from the Government of the Canary Islands will therefore include “measures that guarantee the conservation and protection of the BIC ensuring that none of the archaeological remains that make up [the site] will have their integrity compromised, neither during the course of the work nor during subsequent use of the new road infrastructure.”
To minimise “the significant visual impact” that the exit of the tunnel will likely cause above the archaeological zone, environmental recovery actions must also be carried out. Specifically, on the 650 meters of road that border the Cañada de Los Gatos, which will not be open for public use, the asphalt will be removed and, as much as possible, the original topography of the enclave will be recovered, guard rails, barriers and signage will be removed, and native vegetation encouraged to return.
The rest of the road not closed will be modified so that the the existing guard rails will blend in better with the surroundings or will be replaced by others more integrated into the landscape, and the same stone from the surroundings will be used in the construction of the tunnel’s mouth. Lastly, those responsible for the project must also remove the large build up of rubble that was dumped there when the GC-500 national road was built, which was deposited inside the BIC zone. All these actions will be overseen with archaeological controls and include archaeological excavations, consolidation and restoration works will also be carried out on some of the structures present within the BIC demarcated area.

Mogán tunnel project to re-establish links with Taurito and Playa de Mogán

A wall is suddenly built to prevent usage along road closed 18 months ago.

Mogán and the Government of the Canary Islands discuss Pueblo de Mogán bypass and the planned Taurito tunnel

Editor’s Comment:
Mogán is broke
Keen observers over Mogán’s municipal finances might well have noticed that funding such a project would be simply impossible from town hall coffers anyway, regardless of whether or not the Regional Government had already agreed to foot the bill.
The local town hall administration, led by O Bueno’s CIUCA party’s much questioned absolute majority, has found itself on the verge of bankruptcy, according to reports and critics, due to serious “financial mismanagement” as well as a series of ill advised administrative and legal decisions that have left this town hall’s once brimming coffers somewhat lacking.
Having started the year 2021 with more than €20 million available to it, it is thought this town council had depleted that to around just €300,000 by October of last year, say their opposition, and have had to request millions of euros worth of loans just to stay operational with its current liabilities, something that voters will surely remember at the ballot boxes next year.  A number of longstanding urban projects also remain unfinished, despite outside assistance, and so it will likely be the next administration that will have to pick up the bill for their final completion, late and overbudget.
The financing of the current administration’s various actions, it is thought, will take many years more of tax payers’ money to address. Though Bueno defends the dire financial situation by claiming it was down extra spending due to the pandemic, the fact is no other town council in the Canary Islands has claimed such a change of fortunes in the time of Covid.  A series of legal misadventures, including ill advised appeals against already existing court judgements, various fines and compensations ordered against the town hall, have apparently cleared out the municipal accounts, which now, according to many observers, hang by a tenuous thread.
Of course, O Bueno will be speaking to the regional president, cap in hand, what else could they do?! The only way this long overdue tunnel gets built, and the road reopened, is with the support of the Regional Government, unless other state funds were to become available.  Mogán is, it seems, broke, although it is not thought that, in itself, is what has held things up for this long. The fact is, this tunnel was put forward by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, and it will be funded by the Canary Islands people. Any suggestion whatsoever that Bueno has any real influence over that is fanciful at best, but more likely simple political point scoring, in an attempt to take credit for what other larger institutions have already taken responsibility. As the 2023 local election season gears up, we can expect plenty more of this posturing, claiming kudos or credit for the ongoing work of more serious actors and institutions.
The good news is that there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel.


The most active house burglar in the south arrested and identified

Guardia Civil from the Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria (Mogán) Main Post have arrested a 54-year-old, with various prior police records, for an alleged ten crimes of robbery with force, committed inside homes located in the south of Gran Canaria, from which he may have obtained a booty of approximately €40,000.


The investigations began last October 2021, after a complaint regarding an alleged robbery with force at a house in the southern resort town of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria. However, following that crime, various criminal acts with the similar characteristics began to come to light, that is, they were committed during the same time periods, using a ladder or similar to access the houses by climbing through windows or on to balconies, and when the perpetrator could not access through those means, he kicked doors with enough force to cause them to open.
The Guardia Civil detected a series of indications that always pointed to the same person, apparently corresponding to a middle-aged man who wore clothing and outfits similar to those commonly used by the tourist population, making it extremely difficult for him to be identified in this area.
The frequency of home robberies increased considerably from mid-April, where the alleged perpetrator committed up to four home robberies in the same week, the very last being on April 28, at two homes in the area of Patalavaca.
During these robberies, the alleged perpetrator managed to gain access to a house from which he stole jewellery and a smartwatch, also attempting to access a second home, before he was surprised by a neighbour, a fact that motivated his escape by jumping the fences of a nearby apartment complex, to later flee down a steep slope towards the town of Arguineguín, the witness observed that he had a fairly pronounced limp when getting away.
As a result of the investigations carried out to date and the evidence collected by the Guardia Civil, a suspect was later located at the Emergency Department of a hospital located in Meloneras, where he was receiving medical attention for a broken bone in his foot. The suspect was arrested, as the alleged perpetrator of the earlier theft, and was found to be carrying among his belongings the watch and rings previously stolen, as well as a mobile phone that could be directly related, there and then, to a criminal act. The detainee’s involvement in various other criminal acts has not been ruled out, all of which are still in the investigation phase.
The Guardia Civil made a corresponding police report that was delivered together with the detainee to the Duty Courts of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, which decreed his immediate admission to prison to await trial.


Suspected thief arrested in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria with fake id and possible counterfeit money

Agents of the Citizen Security Unit (USECI) of the General Corps of the Canarian Police  on the afternoon of Friday, April 15, arrested an individual for an alleged crime of robbery with force at a house in the south western tourist resort town of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria. The man had been seen trying force several locks on doors of an apartment complex in the municipality of Mogán.


Agents discovered, among the belongings this individual was carrying, a Spanish DNI identity card that did not belong to him, that he apparently used to impersonate someone else.
They located banknotes of various denominations, which, it is believed, may be counterfeits, which they seized for the purpose of making them available to the Forensic Documentation Experts and Documentary Experts of the General Corps of the Canarian Police for their assessment.


La Alcaldesa, hoping to rise again, wants to wipe away the alleged “black cloud” for which she is still under investigation

La Alcaldesa, the still-serving Mogán mayor, currently presiding over Gran Canaria’s southwestern town hall, has been under investigation for years, for one thing or another, and arrested at least twice while working for the good people of Mogán, though currently she and her alleged co-conspirators do appear rather bullish, having once more escaped prosecution, this time on a technicality, following multiple allegations of electoral fraud, and other crimes, stemming from the Mogán local elections of 2015 and 2019. The events that took place both before and during the 2015 ballot were “prescribed”, meaning that too much time (more than 5 years) had passed to allow for prosecution under Spanish law (a time limit based on half the maximum penalty for the crime), while the investigation into the events surrounding the 2019 local elections, was provisionally dismissed, shelved for the moment, due to insufficient evidence of a crime.  By no means a win, but enough to motivate a desire to try to wipe away the damage caused, as she lines herself up to stand again in 2023, this time perhaps under an alternative political banner.
Based on the continuing investigative work of Ivan Suarez, writing for CanariasAhoraImage courtesy of Mogán Town Hall, Supplemental reporting, Timon .:.


Several judicial investigations into the mayor’s activities, and other members of her team, however, continue. At a press conference, a couple of weeks back, on March 25, just one week after the case was provisionally dismissed, La Alcaldesa, Onalia Bueno, (whose party call themselves Citizens for Change – CIUCA) expressed her desire to dissipate the “black cloud” that, she said, has settled over her since she has been a politician. However, the incumbent Mogán mayoress continues, at least for the time being, to be under scrutiny. Court of Instruction 3, in San Bartolomé de Tirajana, last week presented four different lines of enquiry to the court administration offices. Each had been separated, from this wide-ranging electoral fraud investigation, to be studied independently, based on evidence gathered by the Guardia Civil, following on from their scrutiny of the suspected plot, having presented the facts uncovered after CIUCA had gained control of the town hall administration.
These four lines of inquiry respond to the four reports, issued by judicial police, which appear to implicate La Alcaldesa and which, in the opinion of investigators, may constitute various crimes (prevarication, embezzlement, bribery, illegal appointments, influence peddling, disobedience to judicial authority and infidelity in the custody of documents).
The investigating judge, Francisco Javier Ramírez de Verger, decided to break down the legal case, so as to speed up proceedings and avoid delays. “These are not related crimes, although they may be tangentially related to the investigation,” he stated in a judgement dated July 28, last year. That resolution was appealed by one of the defendants, businessman Luis Oller (Aguas de Arguineguín), whom the judicial police point to as the likely financier of the alleged vote-buying plot, and beneficiary of a mediation process that was allegedly rigged by the town council led by Bueno and her crew.
The appeal was, however, dismissed, and division of the procedures was confirmed. Last week, a Justice Administration lawyer issued official documents which have now been submitted to the offices of the San Bartolomé de Tirajana courts, which must now distribute the four cases among the various investigating courts of the judicial district, according to established norms.
One important line of investigation focuses specifically on Luis Oller, president of one of the companies that operate the main water supply service for the Mogán area (a company noted for its repeated failure to supply water safe enough for human or animal consumption, or even for cooking or brushing one’s teeth with, over recent months and years). The Guardia Civil identified Oller as the presumed financier of the alleged conspiracy which swept Bueno to power, after several cheques, drawn in his name, were discovered to have been cashed in the days running up to the 2015 Mogán Town Council elections, namely by CIUCA official Salvador Álvarez, one of Bueno’s closest collaborators in that campaign. The investigators expose, in one of their reports, Álvarez’s repeated “obstinacy” in favouring Oller “in all municipal areas” and focus their suspicions on a mediation process, ostensibly to resolve a dispute that the businessman had had with the municipal corporation for several years. That process appeared to the investigators to have been rigged, leading to two of the lawyers advising, who’d expressed their reluctance to accept the proposed agreement, even having been removed from the procedure to pay Oller public money, thought to be in return for alleged favours to and by CIUCA during the 2015 election campaign.
Another of the investigations focuses on the appointments of eight public employees to the Mogán Town Council, and then increases in their specific remunerations. According to the Guardia Civil, the mayoress allegedly granted jobs and bonuses to these public servants, some of whom are directly related to the mayor, and who likely collaborated in that same campaign for Ciuca as “vote catchers”. Some bonuses were subsequently judged in court to be “arbitrary and lacking in legitimacy” and were ordered annulled. Among the testimonies sent by Court of Instruction number 3, in San Bartolomé de Tirajana, to the offices of the court, is a statement made before the judge by one Francisco Javier Bueno, the mayor’s own cousin and a beneficiary of these improper salary increases on two occasions, as he himself acknowledged in that appearance. In a letter, explaining her abstention from the vote to allow the pay increases, due to the presence of her relative, the mayor took the opportunity to also state that this bonus was “more than deserved”.
Mencey & Bueno in Mogan just before their arrests
Judicial police have also detected signs of embezzlement and prevarication in several contracts awarded to the mayor’s current Urban Planning advisor, Raico Guerra, and his family’s company, Arpiplan, between 2015 and 2020 worth a total of €276,000 in public funds. In one of the monographic reports that have led to the opening of this case, investigators detected a “manifest intention” by the Ciuca government, to financially benefit Guerra and his entourage, who then became the sole contractors to the Town Council overseeing veterinary services during that time. The Guardia Civil has also emphasised that he was appointed urban advisor to the Council despite his “limited” technical knowledge (having only a Basic General Education) and that, two days before his appointment, the Consistory had signed a contract for External advice on urban matters with one Jesús Romera Espeja, an architect and urban planner who has held various positions under the Canarian Coalition (CC), to whom Bueno has been allying herself, among them that of Deputy Minister of Territorial Policy under Fernando Clavijo when the CC was in power, as part of the Canary Islands Regional Government.
The last line of investigation concerns events that took place in the period immediately following the arrest of Mayor Onalia Bueno, alongside her councillors Mencey Navarro (Urban Planning and First Deputy Mayor) and Tania del Pino Alonso (Councillor for Social Services), on September 17, 2020. One day earlier, the judge had authorised Guardia Civil to enter, the Mogán municipal town hall offices, in Arguineguín and Pueblo de Mogán, for the search and seizure of documents and computer files, as a result of the investigations being carried out by judicial police, on suspicion of the existence of “objective, accessible and verifiable” evidence that could corroborate the participation of members of the local corporation in actions presumed to constitute an electoral crime against the public administration, a crime against the people of Mogán.
After investigators gained access, to monitor the town hall computer systems, the mayor and the first deputy mayor subsequently ordered their head of the IT service to disconnect the investigators from the systems.  This was contrary to the legal permits and court orders that had been given to the Guardia Civil during the operation, which allowed them to access, search and monitor the digital files stored there. That instruction from La Alcaldesa, is evidenced in WhastApp messages and would later be reversed by Navarro, and is the focus of a separate investigation into the administration for an alleged crime against the justice department.
Appeal against the order to provisionally dismiss the 2019 electoral fraud investigation
The order to dismiss the 2019 electoral crimes case has been appealed by one of the ten or so defendants charged and under investigation, José Monzón. He is known locally in the municipality as Pepe ‘el japonés’, and was charged, along with various others, as a result of a recording in which he can be heard telling the conservative Partido Popular (PP) ex-mayor of Mogán, Paco González, that during the 2015 electoral campaign he, El Japonés, had collaborated with CIUCA to gather 383 votes, in exchange of money and favours. “We have to play dirty,” he said in that conversation with Bueno’s predecessor, after explaining in detail the mechanics used to buy the votes that helped swing the election in her favour.  González too has faced accusations of vote-buying in the past, but never on this scale.
Monzón’s defence lawyers appealed the judicial decision to dismiss the alleged 2019 electoral crimes, because, in their opinion, the dismissal should have been definitive and not just provisional. In other words, they insist that there should no longer be any possibility of reopening the 2019 case, considering it the same as the alleged 2015 crimes, which are now prescribed and can no longer be pursued. The Prosecutor’s Office continues to oppose the appeal.  A shadow remains over Mogán.


Market stall holders protest 46% hike in town hall fees in Arguineguín and Mogán

Market stall-holders in the municipality of Mogán, are up in arms, after their town hall took the opportunity of re-establishing stall subs to raise their monthly fees to the council by 46% per pitch. Mayor Bueno’s governing group, who also raised their own salaries last year, as well as business rates, while consistently failing to meet the needs of a sharp increase in social care provision, say they had planned to apply this increase back in 2020, however, due to the health crisis and the stoppage of the tourism sector, it was postponed, until now, when they have decided to apply it definitively.


The Tamaragua Association of South Gran Canaria Markets, which represents 300 street market vendors that come to the towns of Arguineguín and Playa de Mogán to work, plan to gather this Monday, April 11, at the doors of the Municipal Offices in Arguineguín to show their outright rejection of this large increase in their expenses, which they consider utterly unaffordable.
The mayor of Mogán, Onalia Bueno, in typically charismatic style, was blunt in her statements made to Radio Sol Maspalomas, as reported by El Sur Digital GC, inviting the stall holders and merchants to leave the markets if they are not satisfied “this is very simple, whoever does not want to be there, should not be there”.
The mayor concluded by saying that, in her opinion, we have already reached the economic recovery and we must all contribute. She did not mention that fact that she charges her own parking tickets, taxis and lawyers’ expenses to the public administration of Mogán.

Bueno, who has been under a series of lengthy investigations over the last decade, and whose electoral fraud case, for which she and others were arrested and brought to trial, was dismissed on a technicality having failed to find sufficient evidence within the 5 year period allowed, and despite facing several other ongoing cases, under scrutiny for possible prevarication and the obstruction of an ongoing investigation, appears to feel pretty bullet-proof right now, as she prepares for a hoped selection to stand, not with her own CIUCA party, currently in power, but, for the more established regionalist Coalition Canarias, in next year’s local elections.
Opposition parties are currently trying to position themselves in time to take on the serving mayores, la alcaldesa, whose surprise win in 2015 was compounded in an apparent landslide in 2019, following the fastest and largest growing number of postal votes of any local council in the Canary Islands, in Spain, and potentially in Europe.  Apparently there are a lot of Mogán residents who fervently support her candidacy despite their own absence from the ballot boxes.
Either Mogán residents want to work to find better representatives, or they are happy to continue with the ones sat on the pot for the last 8 years.  Luckily there has been a lot of urban development in that time, and with luck some of it will be finished in time for the next round of elections in Mogán 2023