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Centre-Right Pact Between Regionalists (CC) And Resident Conservatives (PPAV) Returns Marco Aurelio Perez As Southern Mayor

The conservative Partido Popular-Agrupación de Vecinos (PP-AV) and the right of centre regionalist Coalición Canaria (CC) have this Thursday signed a local government pact that will shape the future of the southern Gran Canaria tourism municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. The alliance, dubbed a “Pact for Stability and Socioeconomic Progress of San Bartolomé Tirajana”, represents 60% of the votes cast in the municipality’s recent local elections, emphasised the  mayor-elect, Marco Aurelio Pérez (PP-AV), who returns for the third time to lead the local council responsible for some of the most important tourism areas on the island, including Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés and San Agustín.



Local Government Coalition Agreement Maspalomas and the South of Gran Canaria

A governing coalition pact has been finalised in San Bartolomé de Tirajana. The Popular Party–Agrupación de Vecinos (PP-AV) conservative residents party is to join forces with regionalist centre-right Coalición Canaria (CC) to govern the main tourist municipality on Gran Canaria for the next four years. Marco Aurelio Pérez will serve as mayor for the entire four-year term, and the Popular Party will take charge of Employment, Sports, Roads and Infrastructure, and Human Resources, among other areas. The regionalists, led by Alejandro Marichal, will oversee Urban Planning, Economy and Finance, and Tourism as their main departments.



Storm Óscar Latest: Government of the Canary Islands Declares Rain Alert for Western Islands and Gran Canaria

A storm system, dubbed Óscar, has formed over the last few days over the mid-north Atlantic, unusual for this time of year, and has led to concern from meteorologists and journalists as it passes south of the Azores, its tail should reach The Canary Islands, before the system heads northeast towards mainland Spain.  Advisory warnings have been issued in expectation of heavy rainfall, primarily in the Western Isles of the Canary Islands Archipelago, though some rainfall is also expected to reach Gran Canaria over the next couple of days.  It seems unlikely that any major consequences will stem from the bad weather, however these things can be unpredictable and so every precaution is taken to ensure people are informed and kept safe.



Foundation Investigated for Alleged Mismanagement of Public Funds Meant for Care of Unaccompanied Migrant Minors

The 7th Investigative Court of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has opened a preliminary investigation into the Social Response Foundation Siglo XXI and four of its directors. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office in Las Palmas filed a complaint against them, alleging crimes that could include forgery of commercial documents, mismanagement, and embezzlement of public funds. The investigation aims to determine whether this nonprofit organisation, and its officials, could have misused public funds intended for the care of unaccompanied migrant minors, during the migration crisis of 2020 that was precipitated by the pandemic confinement on the islands, leading to a build up of arrivals having to be assessed and cared for by the Canary Islands Regional Government, using hotels left empty due to the lack of tourism. The estimated amount involved in the alleged misuse stands at around €12.5 million between 2020 and 2022 on Gran Canaria alone.



Canary Islands Expect Rain and Potential Storm Weather Next Week

The Canary Islands are preparing for a change in the weather next week, as a significant increase in cloud is expected bringing higher probability of rain. The effects of a powerful storm forming in the Atlantic Ocean are likely to extend to the Canary Islands as well as neighbouring Madeira and The Azores.




The Canary Guide “Reyes Magos” Weekend Tips 3-5 January 2020

A lovely long weekend ahead as the holiday season draws to a close here on Gran Canaria. Monday is officially a national bank holiday; Twelfth night is almost upon us, the Epiphany, preceded by the Noche del Reyes Magos, or night of the kings, the spectacular finale of the holiday season, when 3 wise men are expected to visit every home in the kingdom, in celebration of a newly born child.

This is the most magical time of the year for kids in the Canary Islands and throughout all Spain.
The long observed traditions here supersede those of more northern European, christianised, pagan Yuletime legends, many of which tell of a benevolent, sometimes mischievous and goaty, old man secretly delivering gifts and toys to good little children on Christmas eve, or indeed the roman catholic stories of the originally Turkish-born Saint Nicholas, who nowadays morphs into a red robed and chuckling Santa Claus character flying from Lapland on his reindeer drawn sleigh.
By far the more prominently celebrated story of Los Reyes Magos, known in English as the Three Wise Men or Three Kings, tells of strangers arriving from the east, following a star, who bring gifts for a newborn, and as luck would have it magically supply gifts to all good christians, and children too, on the Day of the Epiphany, which is of course the 12th night, or the eve of the 6th day of January.
This is when Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar bring their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. They arrive to Street Parades in every major town as they are celebrated across Gran Canaria on the 5th, the Noche de Los Reyes Magos.

Most towns and cities throughout Spain, and across the island, will be hosting extravagant events and parades on Sunday, aimed mainly at the littlest in the family, to welcome these strangers from far off lands, who will arrive from the east via every imaginable mode of transport, whether on traditional camel, speed boat, parachute, helicopter, horseback or jet ski, they will be presented with a magical key by the local mayor so that they can let themselves into each of the townspeople’s homes to leave them something special.
Two of the biggest and most magical parades on Gran Canaria occur in the capital and up in the beautiful eastern town of Agüimes. Traditional seasonal and artisanal markets can be found in many major towns across the island in the run up to the main seasonal gift-giving day,  between 2-5 January 2020.

The 25th Artisans’ Market in Parque de San Telmo in the capital, Las Palmas by the traditional Canarian crafts federation FEDAC.
Opening hours are every day between 10:00-21:00.

“Feria de Reyes”, The Kings’ Fair in the heart of Telde.  
The Fair is held in the open commercial area ZCA SAN GREGORIO, surrounding the plaza de San Gregorio and Avenida de la Constitución.
An event full of music, acrobatics, jugglers and children’s workshops at which 21 artisans will have stands exhibiting their work for sale from January 2 to 5.
On Thursday 16:00 – 21:30, on Friday and Saturday 10:00-21:30 and on Sunday 10:00-13:00.

The Vecindario Christmas fair has its final weekend at Plaza de San Rafael, in the municipality Santa Lucia. Traditional crafts, cosmetics, jewellery, textiles, accessories and recycled products are all on offer on the main shopping street of this buzzing south-eastern town.
From 10:00 to 21:00 (excluding holidays).
The fair is open on January 5, from 10:00 until the closing of the shops.

This weekend is the last chance to visit one of the main seasonal attractions that has positioned the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, as one of the world’s most charming cities to visit at Christmas time: the Belen de Arena de Las Canteras has become an entire event in its own right, with unique sand sculptures visited every year by thousands of locals … and an growing number of travellers who visit the capital of Gran Canaria at this time of year.
The sand sculptures will be open until January 5 (09:00-20:00) other days from 09:00-22:00 and are free to visit, though charitable donations are encouraged.

As part of the Town hall’s seasonal program there is a lovely weekend of activities happening in the neighbourhoods of the municipality. 
On Friday in Playa de Mogán, a street parade for children at 17:30 leaving from Avenida Los Marreros (shopping centre). At 18:30 at Plaza Pedro Betancor León children’s animation activities where visiting children can hand over their letters and lists to a Royal page, for delivery to the kings. 
On Saturday in Mogán Casco, the old town, children’s animation activities and a visit of the Royal Page to Parque Nicolás Quesada at 18:00.  
On Sunday in Arguineguín, “Fair of Kings” at Plaza Pérez Galdós between 17:00-21:00 with crafts, gastronomy and a market.
At 18:30 a boat carrying their Majesties, The Magi from the East, will arrive at Arguineguín port. They will then tour via Avenida de las Marañuelas to Plaza Pérez Galdós, with a parade and live music and animation.
Upon arrival, the municipality’s magic key will be presented to Their Majesties, and the last of the letters will be collected.

The holiday season program continues in various enclaves of the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana
On Saturday, a night to be enjoyed  in the little coastal neighborhood of El Pajar. From 17:00 there is a market and workshops for children at Plaza Pública de El Pajar and at 22:00 Gran Verbena, evening street party with Paco Guedes.
On Sunday, Maspalomas celebrates the arrival of the Kings with a parade at 18:00. Parade route : Departure from the Centro Socio-Cultural del Mayor via Avenida de Mogán to the roundabout of the municipal pool. Avda de Tunte to the roundabout of Avenida de Gáldar to calle Camellero Hernández García (in front of the Eurospar) and then via Avenida de Tejeda until reaching Parque de San Fernando.

The welcome party begins at 11:00 on the esplanade walkway next to the Poema del Mar Aquarium with the arrival of the three wise men to the Sanapú pier scheduled for 12:00 midday.  The three kings and their entourage will disembark and meet all the children and families who gather to welcome them, as well as the mayor, Augusto Hidalgo, who will deliver the “Magic Key to the City” and there will be entertainment and activities. 
The Three Kings Parade.   starts at 17:00  from Castillo de la Luz heading through the city to Parque de San Telmo. Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar will climb on to moving platforms decorated with striking star-shaped light boxes, which premiered in 2019, to illuminate the route that will take them from the port fortress to San Telmo park and to share messages of solidarity for the conservation of the planet.
Accompanied by a legion of Romans, the royal pages, their entourage and favorites, Melchor will ride on a golden star, Gaspar on one of silver and Baltasar on the star of bronze, all illuminated. The three kings will be followed by their camels, who for the second time, will travel the city without being ridden by people or carrying cargo, as once was the way.  Public opinion has dissuaded any inclusion of animals that could be deemed harmful, so instead they will simply partake in the parade unburdened. 
At 22:30 there will be a concert by “Non  Trubada” at Parque de San Telmo. And a Night of The Kings event all along the main shopping street of Triana.

Since 1956, the “Magna Cabalgata de Reyes”, an outdoor theatrical performance, has been held in Agüimes. The script for this staging emerged from the inkwell of Orlando Hernández Martín, a “whole and serious” figure of Canarian literature, born in this town in 1936.
After almost sixty years, that “Magna Cabalgata”, was renamed Auto de Los Reyes Magos on June 6, 2009, and is performed every year through the streets of this beautiful old, historic town.
The royal procession departs from the gardens of the Colegio Nuestra Señora del Rosario to tour various stages arranged in different parts of the old town.
At 20:00 the Royal Entourage departs from the gardens of the Colegio Nuestra Señora del Rosario, beginning a traditional tour of five stages scattered throughout the town, until they reach the Plaza Nuestra Señora del Rosario by the main church in the old quarter. The act ends around 23:00 following the adoration of the “Child” in the manger. Then the kings, preceded by the entourage, retire to rest for a while, leaving behind a huge trail of goodies to the delight of the children who follow them intently throughout.

The first scene, the annunciation is performed at the Parque los Moros.
The second scene, is a meeting with the sheppards on Calle Juan Alvarado y Saz.
This is followed by a visit to Herod’s Palace, just down the road, at El Ejido
The fourth scene depicts the appearance of the Angel on Carretera Esquina
And the fifth and final scene, is the nativity scene at the Plaza Nuestra Señora del Rosario.

SANTA LUCIA; Kings parade at 18:30 from Cruce de Sardina to theatro Victor Java. Concert at 21:30 by music group ‘Karma’ at 21:30 at Plaza de Los Algodoneros. Animation for children from 17:30-19:30 on the pedestrian area of avenida de Canarias.
TELDE; Activities for children 10:00-12:30 at the municipal stadium Pablo Hérnandez Morales. Arrival of the majesties at 13:00 At 17:30 the parade starts at Casa de la Juventud to Parque Franchy
SANTA BRIGIDA; the arrival of Their Majesties The Magi from the East into Santa Brígida. a parade with Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar starting at 18:00 and through the streets of the town centre to bring the spectacle of the most special day of the year for the little ones. 
GÁLDAR: The Kings parade 17:00-18:30 from Cañada Honda neighborhood and streets of the historic center. The traditional Auto de los Reyes Magos from 19:00 – 20:00 at Plaza de Santiago. 
You can be sure there will be plenty of others going on all around the island


The Canary Guide

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The Canary Guide

The Canary Guide to New Year’s Eve on Gran Canaria 2020

Well it’s New Year’s Eve and perhaps you are still wondering what there is to do tonight on this balmy sub-tropical island with daytime temperatures of 25ºC+ in the shade? There will be celebrations for the start of 2020 across Gran Canaria all across the island in most bars and restaurants, with several fireworks displays, the biggest and most popular of which include the main beach in the capital, Las Canteras, Anfi Beach, The Faro de Maspalomas lighthouse (where many of the hotels have lavish parties and compete for the biggest displays) and Playa del Inglés. What ever you do, don’t forget to bring some traditional Spanish flavor to your party, by eating your 12 grapes at midnight!  Each one at the toll of the midnight bells for luck in the new decade. 
There are likely to be extended transport services provided across the island throughout the night to get everyone to and from the main celebrations.
Here are just some of the events planned by the town halls of some of the island’s larger municipalities
Happy new year to all! See you in 2020!
In Arguineguín at Plaza Pérez Galdós celebrations start at 23:30 and include a TV broadcast of the 12 bells countdown on the big screen, there will be music with DJ’s Aitor Cruz, Promaster and Cholo as well as animation activities and jugglers Alehop. At 01:00 the late night New Year party with Paco Guedes begins. 
In Mogán Casco (Pueblo de Mogán) a New Year party at midnight with the church bells ringing in the new year and a concert from local group Plan B, then DJs Aitor Cruz and Promaster. 
In Playa de Mogán a New Year’s party at midnight in the Plaza Dr. Pedro Betancor León. 

San Fernando de Maspalomas, Castillo del Romeral and El Mirador de Las Dunas will host the most important municipal activities of 31st of December and first of January.  Fun have been guaranteed with the closing of the music and commercial activities to 05:30 and 06:00. 
Plaza pública de San Fernando de Maspalomas will see the concerts of Los Salvapantallas, Djs Jonay and Marrero. Fun starts at 00:15. 
Star Music and AdrianPro Dj, will be the animations planned for this December 31 at the plaza ( front of the school ) in Castillo del Romeral. 
For the first day of January, 1.1.2020 at 18:30, once more, a New Year’s concert by Olga Cerpa and Mestisay, with Luis Morera as a guest artist, at the natural stage setting of the Mirador de las Dunas de Maspalomas (behind the Hotel Riu Maspalomas ).
Las Canteras Beach From 23:00 to 04:00. The biggest New Year Party of all on Gran Canaria is as ever at the La Puntilla end of the capital’s main beach, Las Canteras. The End of Year bells broadcast by the main Spanish television channel RTVE will be shown on the big screen. There will be a huge fireworks display at midnight (by the Plaza Saulo Torón) as well as live concerts on the main stage built on the beach. And of course not forgetting the Las Palmas tradition of a midnight dip in the ocean.  

Earlier during the day Vegueta, the old quarter, celebrates New Year 2020 earlier than anybody else between 15:00-19:00. Visitors will enjoy live music entertainment on the terraces of the various establishments, more precisely on the streets Mendizabal, Pelota, Obispo Codina and Diego de León. Jazz, Pop, Chill Out, Rumba, Latin Rhythms and finally a parade. For those wanting to avoid a late night get down there to enjoy the Vegueta celebrations!                      
There is an annual solidarity running race called the San Silvestre, one of the biggest on the island, which happens between 16:00-19:00 in the capital. The children’s race is first at 16:00 and the adult’s race starts at 17:00. See the routes here. They are expecting over 12000 runners so you can expect a lot of traffic. 

 The traditional markets in the run up to the main seasonal gift-giving day once again run between 2-5 January 2020. 
– The 25th Artisans’ Market Parque de San Telmo in the capital, Las Palmas by FEDAC.
Opening hours are every day between 10:00-21:00.
– “Feria de Reyes”, The Kings’ Fair in the municipality of Telde and in the open commercial area ZSA SAN GREGORIO ( plaza de San Gregorio and Avenida de la Constitución ). Crafts, activities and music.
On Thursday 16:00 – 21:30, on Friday and Sunday 10:00-21:30 and on Sunday 10:00-23:00
– And of course there is the ongoing Christmas fair until 5.1. at Plaza de San Rafael, Vecindario in the municipality Santa Lucia. Traditional Crafts, Cosmetics, jewelry, Textiles and Accessories, Recycled Products
From 10:00 to 21:00 (excluding holidays). The fair is open on January 5, from 10:00 until the closing of the shops.

The Canary Guide Weekend & Yule Tips 20-24 December 2019

From sunny Gran Canaria we wish you all Feliz navidad! Happy holidays! Merry Yuletime!
The last weekend before celebrations on the 24th and 25th and it looks like it is going to be wonderful. This week we extend our normal Weekend Tips to cover events all the way to christmas eve. There are loads of wonderful seasonal goings on all around Gran Canaria. You may also see the island’s now traditional cheery motorcycle gang dressed in seasonal costumes cruising all around and dispensing smiles and joy throughout the weekend.
Welcome to the season of bearded strangers, with gifts, from some far off land, entering your home in the dark… It is the last weekend before most foreign residents celebrate their Yuletime dinners and get togethers. Of course here in Spain, and on the Canary Islands, December 25th is a day of quiet contemplation, though more and more Northern European and American traditions are making their way into the collective consciousness, with Santa becoming an ever larger cultural figure, the main gift giving days are traditionally January 5th & 6th in celebration of the Dia de Los Tres Reyes, Day of the Three Kings, 12th night, the epiphany.
Remember too, December 25th, January 1st and January 6 are all public holidays so government buildings and banks will be closed.

As part of the southern SBT town hall’s festive program there is a christmas market in the Parque de San Fernando next to the main parish church near the Casa Cultura.
Open every day starting at 17:00. Santa’s house, children activities and baked goods. 

As part of the seasonal program of the municipality there is a “christmas night in Gáldar” on Friday. From 18:00 to 02:00 with street parades, musical performances, concerts, local museum visits and much more. And at 19:30 the children’s big parade via the streets of the old town.

Mogán celebrate the season’s festivities this weekend in varied locations around the municipality. These are our highlights for the weekend. See too our main article here.On Friday in Motor Grande, by Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, there are local activities for children at the main plaza. Between 17:00-20:00 bouncy castles, Xmas workshops and plenty of animated activities. On the same day in Arguineguin at 19:00 there will be a family theatre at the Plaza Pérez Galdós, by the main church. On Saturday, there is a family show in Playa de Mogán at 19:00 at Plaza Dr. Pedro Betancor Léon, otherwise known as Plaza del Sol. In Arguineguin church, Christmas carols at 21:00 .On Monday, in Arguineguin at Plaza Pérez Galdós it’s all about children. Between 11:00-14:00 and then again 17:00-20:00. There will be bouncy castles, workshops and entertainment activities. And at 20:00 parrandas (music groups) start touring the town singing, bringing seasonal joy to the various original neighbourhoods.

On December 25, the 34th edition of the wonderful Living Bethlehem of Veneguera will once again take place on christmas morning. A now beloved Mogañero tradition, neighbours of this pretty little village perform a delightful representation of the birth of a boy child in a live action Bethlehem Nativity surrounded by Canarian traditional custom. Veneguera is just 10 minutes from the original Pueblo de Mogán and well worth a visit on christmas day.

The famous port market in the capital is also having a seaspmañ market over the weekend. The first Mercado del Puerto christmas Craft Fair, presents 20 stalls with a variety of artisans, children’s cooking workshops and two concerts on Saturday at the back of the market, to create a yule time atmosphere within the market and its varied gastronomy offer.
On Friday starting at 18:00, all day on Saturday and Sunday until 17:00.


As Part of the south eastern town hall’s seasonal program there is a Craft Fair on Plaza San Rafael (moved from Avenida de Canarias ). Starting on Friday December 20th until the night of the eve of Kings Day (Reyes) you can find craftspeople working with palm and ceramics, wicker, costume jewellery, miniatures, wooden toys, cloth and felt dolls, modelling, glass, tiles and cutlery, among other materials, display just some of the items on offer.Opening hours for the Fair 10:00-21:00, (except on public holidays). The night of the eve of Kings Day Jan 5, the fair will remain open until the closing of the main shops.On Friday 20.12, there is a Children’s parade from El Doctoral to the pedestrian area of Avenida de Canarias from 17:30 to 19:30On Saturday, the 50th anniversary concert performed by traditional folk music group “Los Faycanes” at 21:30Plaza de Los Algodoneros On Sunday, a children’s party with inflatables and workshops from 11:00-13:30 in the pedestrian area of Avenida de CanariasAnd from 18:00 to 20:00 a children’s show. 

21-22 DECEMBER, TERORFERIA FAMILIAR “TEROR EN NAVIDAD”Teror will be full of the season’s festive spirit with their Family Christmas Fair on Saturday. On Saturday, the Artisan fair 10:00-20:00 at Plaza del Pino (surrounding the church). At 12:00 the inauguration of the funfair. Different attractions for children and young. The funfair will remain until January 5, 2020, from 17:00-00:00 and on weekends from 10:00.At 12:00 a christmas parade through the streets of the old town, departing from Plaza de Sintes.At 13:00 ‘Christmas Show’At 14:00 ‘La Chiquipanda at Christmas’, animation with dances and games.15:00 to 18:00 Craft workshops ‘Create your own Christmas’ a Route through the old town with the ‘Train of Desires’, stopping at the Alameda Pío XIIFrom 17:00 to 18:00 ‘Sweet Christmas’: distribution of popcorn and cotton candy18:30 Visit of the Santa Claus and traditional lighting of the Araucaria, the Christmas tree at Plaza de Sintes / AlamedaAlso on Sunday the weekly Craft Fair at Plaza de Sintes 09:00-15:00 with performance of the parranda “Los Alamos” at 13:00.

The Plaza de San Juan in the municipality of Telde hosts this Saturday, at 21.30, one of the main events organized by the Department of Culture on the occasion of these holidays, the Christmas concert of Los Sabandeños and Araguaney.
A lovely opportunity to enjoy the artistic quality of these two musical formations, two references of culture in the Canary Islands, united to celebrate Christmas.  Araguaney and Los Sabandeños have prepared a show in which they will interpret the most representative themes of their repertoires, giving a prominent space to traditional carols and yule-themed songs.
Shortly before this concert, at 20:00, the Municipal Music Band of Telde will offer a recital together with the Soront children’s choir in the Basilica of San Juan.

Santa María de Guía also celebrate the holidays and among the main acts of their program is the “Parade of Dreams” this Saturday. A great parade with floats, giant clowns, papagüevos (big paper mache dolls) , music and animation with some beloved Disney characters that will depart at 18.30 from Avenida Lomo Guillén filling the streets of the historic centre with illusion and fantasy all the way to Plaza Grande where you can enjoy a family show “The Magic of Oz”, which will begin About 20:00.
The festive evening will continue with the concert of the group “Última Llave” y “Línea DJ”


22-23 DECEMBER, LAS PALMASCHRISTMAS PROGRAM LAS PALMASThese two concerts are traditions in the capital and mark for many locals the real start of the festive season. On Sunday, a festive concert by “La Trova” at the Atlantic gardens just next to the Auditorium Alfredo Kraus, starting at 20:00 On Monday, The XXXII traditional concert by “Los Gofiones” starting at 21:00 at Plaza de Santa Ana.

SUNDAY 22 DECEMBER, SANTA LUCÍAROMERÍA DE LOS LABRADORESThe festivities in honour of the municipal capital’s patron, Saint Lucia come to an end this Sunday. There is an Eucharist at 10:00 at the church and at 12:00 the solemn eucharist and is followed by Romería, the pilgrimage offering for the “Romería de Los Labradores” starting at 13:00. Afterwards, there are festive celebrations in the municipal park with music.

Where can I find Santa on Gran Canaria??
Santa is always busy at this time of the year but he still have time to visit many places simultaneously, and here are just few of the places where you can find Santa over the weekend…

Shopping Center El Tablero 20.12-22.12  between 18:00-20:00
Mogán Mall on Saturday 21.12 at 17:30 Santa as well as Mama Noel with her elves. On the next day on Sunday, there is also a Gospel Choir concert at 18:30.
Holiday World Maspalomas on Saturday 21.12 at 18:30 with facepainting and workshop “Create your letter to Santa Claus” and visit of Papá and Mamá Noel!
Shopping Center Atlantico in Vecindario 23.12 between 17:00-19:30
Telde at Plaza San Gregorio on Friday 20.12 between 17:00-19:00
Shopping Center Las Arenas in Las Palmas 19-23 December.  on Thursday and Friday 19-20.12 from 17:00-21:00 and
21-23 December; 11:00-14:00 and again 17:00-21:00
Eurekakids toystores on Avenida de Mesa y Lopez in Las Palmas and on Calle Triana 35, in the shopping district Triana in Las Palmas On Friday 17:30-20:00 and on Saturday 11:30-14:00
La Aldea at Plaza La Alameda on 24 December from 11:00


Christmas songs & carol singing in English
Traditionally the International Evangelical English Church on Gran Canaria goes to various communities to spread the love of singing at this time of year. Here are the locations where you can join in to sing a song or two this festive season
Saturday 21.12 At Scruffy Murphys in shopping centre Puerto Rico at 19:30.
Sunday 22.12 at shopping centre Puerto Rico public plaza at 19:30 *
Monday 23.12 at Old Brogue in the shopping center San Agustin at 19:30
Christmas Day services 25.12 in Playa del Ingles at 10:00 and in Puerto Rico 11:30



The Canary Guide

The Canary Guide

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The Canary Guide Weekend Tips 6-8 December 2019

A lovely, long December weekend ahead with a bank holiday on a Friday making it an option for many locals to enjoy a “puente”, long “bridge” weekend. in the run up to the season’s festivities. With unfavourable weather forecast for many areas, rain and wind are predicted for pretty much the whole island, it is worth remembering that adverse conditions might cause cancellation of some outdoor events.
This Friday is Spanish Constitution Day (Día de la Constitución) and marks the 41st anniversary of the referendum held on December 6, 1978 to enshrine into law the document that officially converted Spain to a Social Democracy. Two days later Sunday, 8 December, is the religious feast of the Immaculate conception. The Canary Islands government have chosen to transfer the holiday for Immaculate Conception (December 8), which falls on a Sunday, to another day of the year. This religious day celebrates the belief that christian belief that a virgin was preserved from “original sin”, even in pregnancy. Both days are national holidays in Spain.
The last of the Patronal festivities for the year 2019 on Gran Canaria is getting started in the lovely mountain town of Santa Lucia. There are many seasonal activities, sporting events and market going on this weekend and much more besides.
Remember that the Belen de Arena, sand nativity art, in the capital is open for visits until 7 January 2020.

TCG 42 6-8 December 2019
The Canary Guide to your winter weekend ahead
Posted by TheCanary.TV on Thursday, December 5, 2019

The festivities in honour of the municipal capital’s patron, Saint Lucia, begins officially on Saturday. There will be a eucharist mass at 18:00 and the proclamation, opening ceremony, in the parish church, at 19:00. Later this year’s newly elected “Lucia” will be presented in her first official appearance of the season.
Later at 22:00 Santa Lucia will enjoy music in the park.
On Sunday, “Día del Niño” a children’s fiesta will include various activities and bouncy castles, starting at 11:00 in the municipal park.
At 17:00 Scala en hi-fi infantil (a practised karaoke/playback style event) . This is followed by snacks for the little ones with a clown show.
The festivities continue until the 22md with the pilgrimage offering for the “Romería de Los Labradores” (a popular pilgrimage celebrating agricultural workers that this year turns 51, as a benchmark in the recovery of Canarian traditions) and includes Thursday 13 Dec as a local holiday in the municipality. (So expect banks and government offices to be closed).

The Belen de Arena in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, on Las Canteras Beach ( at the La Puntilla end), is one of the main Christmas attractions in the capital city and for the island.  Visits are free for the public, although donations are requested each year for charitable causes.
Opening hours : Every day 09:00 – 22:00
Exceptions :  24 & 31 December and 5th of January  when the exhibit will close at 20:00

The ancient neighborhood of Jinámar in Telde are celebrating their traditional festivities in honour of the immaculate conception and sugar cane in the old town where for centuries sugar production was the main economic driver in the area. This weekend will see the main days of these traditional festivities for the people of Jinamar.
On Friday, “día del artesano y el labrador“. An artisans and harvest festival of fruits still grown in the area, varying from oranges to figs; olives to almonds and of course sugar cane. At 10:00 the artisan fair opens. All activities are to be in the Plaza de Jínámar and along the Carretera General, old main road.
10:00-11:30 tastings of gofio with milk.
11:00-14:00 an exhibition of classic and antiques cars.
11:00 exhibition of Canarian wrestling.
12:00 exhibition of “lucha de palos” stick fighting.
At 18:00 Peregrinación, pilgrimage to the church, where the offerings are presented at 20:00.
Later at 21:00 for the second year running, a folkloric festival .
On Saturday, a concert performed by popular local group Ultima Llave at 20:00 at Plaza de Jinamar and at midnight fireworks, followed by an after show presented by the group “Armonia”.
On Sunday, Diana floreada at 7:30.
At 10:00 Cattle Fair behind of Carretera General.
At 13:00 a religious procession in honour of the Immaculate Conception after the mass at the church at 12:00.

The City of Telde is situated in the South East of the Island of Gran Canaria, 14 km from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. With a history stretching back over 650 years, the first christian dioceses of the “Fortunate Islands” was created here in 1351 after the promulgation of the papal bull “Coelestis Rex Regum” and the native population was officially given the title of City. Telde was the power base of the last Faycans, or native high priests, and capital of one of the two “Guanartematos” or kingdoms that the island, Tamarán, was divided into for decades. When the Spanish conquest was finally completed in 1483, the native people were enslaved and a new town was built, devoted entirely to farming and sugar cane production, as part of the El Cortijo farmlands belonging to the aristocratic Manrique de Lara family, and later the Del Castillo family. The flourishing economy and a society of enterprising men made Telde, and its rulers, rich and prosperous with a remarkable social and cultural history.

Moya starts their Christmas festivities on this Saturday with a market and Christmas lights switch on event.
their christmas market will be between 17:00-23:00 on Calle Miguel Hernández.
At 17:00 there is to be an audiovisual puppetry spectacle at Plaza Tomás Morales. Children’s activities 18:30-22:30 on Calle Magistral Marrero.
19:00 the municipality nativity scene opens at the Casa Cultura.
20:00 the winter lighting switch on event with an audiovisual spectacle outside the church, Nuestra Señora de Candelaria.
Between 20:00-23:00 christmas gastronomy will be on offer at Calle Leon y Castillo with eight stands representing the 8 islands (tapas for €2) as well as selling local produce.
21:30 concert of Del Caney at Plaza del árbol retondo.
On Sunday, a christmas market runs from 10:00-15:00 on Calle Miguel Hernández.
A fashion catwalk 12:00 at the municipal amphitheatre in Parque Pico Lomito.
11:00-14:30  children’s workshops and activities at parque Pico Lomito.
13:15 a “Christmas Rock” Spectacle at the entry to the church Nuestra Señora de Candelaria.

The highest altitude mountain village on the island, Artenara, have their agricultural and farmers market on Saturday from 11:00-15:00 in the picturesque little Plaza de San Matias. This gorgeous mountainside market is well worth a visit and also helps the local economy after the devastating fires this year.

As part of the town hall Christmas program, on Saturday, a vintage and christmas market between 09:00-14:00 on Plaza de Santiago.
On Sunday, “Festividad de la Purísima Concepción”, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
11:00 in Templo Arciprestal de Santiago there is a eucharist in honour of the most holy virgin. This is followed by a religious procession through the streets.
The Royal City of Gáldar was the ancient capital of the island, Tamarán, home to the native Canario nobility and to the last king, or guanartemé, of the island, Tenesor Samidán, before the Spanish conquest, completed in 1483. When the castilian forces managed to capture the ruling monarch and his family, they took him to meet the Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella, who served as godparents to his baptism when he was forced to convert, taking the name Fernando Guanarteme, who on his return convinced his nobles to surrender, perhaps as a means to try to ensure his people’s survival in the face of insurmountable odds. The Conquerors dedicated the church there to Santiago de Los Caballeros, their national military patron, Saint James of the Knights. The last king advised the invaders in completing their conquest of the islands, before being mysteriously murdered, his body lost. His daughters were forced to marry, and their children presumably inherited much of the previously designated royal lands. Today it is an interesting and historic market town with regular events and a still thriving agricultural legacy.

La Aldea de San Nicolás, the westernmost municipality on the island start their seasonal festivities this Saturday.
The monthly market, just in the afternoon this week, from 16:00-22:00. There are activities for the little ones; a children’s train, workshops and bouncy castles between 16:00-19:00.
At 19:00 the christmas lighting event, followed by the presentation of the holiday program and a performance from the parish choir. The evening continues with Abian Reyes 22:00-00:00 and then the popular music band “Aseres” playing until small wee hours.

The second most important major annual fiesta in the municipality, a parish fiesta, is held on the 8th of December: Fiestas de la Concepción. The Immaculate Conception (according to church teachings, this celebrates the conception of the blessed virgin, Mary, free from original sin by virtue of the foreseen merits of her son Jesus On Sunday, a Solemn Eucharist  in Parroquia de Ntra. Sra. de La Concepción, followed by the  Procession through the streets of the town.

5-8 December, Las Palmas Open LPA Surf City 2019
Gran Canaria hosts another year of the best national surfers completing in the Open LPA Surf City 2019. This is a scoring test for the national surf circuit La Liga Iberdrola FESurfing.
La Cícer Beach, in the capital of Gran Canaria, will be the setting for the competition from December 5 to 8 and features the best surfers in Spain both male and female categories. The LPA Surf City Open will be the most important test of this year’s national surf circuit and the only one with a three-star rating and 1,400 points at stake. To this is added the incentive that the national surf titles 2019, male and female, which will be decided on Gran Canaria, guaranteeing a show of some of the very best national surfers of the day.

Gran Canaria bike week has been happening since 1st of December. A sporting event, celebrated since 1988, it brings thousands of cycling enthusiastic to the island to explore the best that Gran Canaria has to offer. The program, from 1-8 December, the groups of cyclist enjoy some amazing routes around the islands. This weekend still to come : ( so watch out and be extra patient if you are out and about with a car )
On Friday, Maspalomas lighthouse – Arucas 91km. Travelling via Juan Grande, El Doctoral, Arinaga and climbing to Las Crucitas in Agüimes. Continuing to Ingenio, Cuatro Puertas, Telde, through El Barranco de Las Goteras, La Atalaya, El Pico de Bandama, towards La Calzada, San Lorenzo, Tenoya and finally to Arucas.
On Saturday, Arucas – Maspalomas 123km. On the second day of the Grand Tour, this time on the western side till the Maspalomas Lighthouse. The route goes through Arucas, Guía, Gáldar, Agaete, El Risco, La Aldea de San Nicolás de Tolentino, Pueblo de Mogán, Arguineguín and Pasito Blanco.
On Sunday, Maspalomas lighthouse to Taurito 54km. leaving at 10am.

This is the eighth edition of this ocean swimming competition, and will include the special incentive of being the last test in the Open Water Canaries Cup, as well as the crossings of the Open Water Series circuit, crowning the winners of 2019.
The Plaza Marañuelas and the beach in Arguineguin is to be the nerve centre for the competition scheduled from 07:30 to 14:15.
07:30 Opening of the swimmer’s area. Plaza de las Marañuelas
9:15 Departure of the 10,1 km crossing from Playa de Mogán with Playa de las Marañuelas as the finish area.
11:00 Departure of the 4,6 km crossing from Puerto Rico Beach with Playa de las Marañuelas as finish area
12:00 Departure of the 2,1 km crossing from Anfi del Mar Beach, finishing at the Marañuelas Beach in Arguineguín.
14:15 Presentation of Trophies in Arguineguín.
The trophies for the entire open water series 2019 are to be given at 19:00 in an event hosted by The Market Puerto Rico.


The Canary Guide

The Canary Guide

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Events: Christmas program in Las Palmas 2019-2020

The Santa Ana square will start the capital’s Christmas program on Thursday the 28th of November. From 20:00 the heart of Vegueta, the original old quarter, will me illuminated as well as the decorations installed on numerous streets and squares around Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.The lighting event on Thursday will feature a Christmas concert by the Symphonic Band of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the Plaza de Santa Ana. Also on the same day, the traditional Canarian nativity scene of the Town Hall will be inaugurated.The capital of Gran Canaria will be filled with colourful trees and palms, luminous threads and curtains of low energy consumption on the facade of the Town Hall. The festive program promoted by the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, includes more than seventy events that underline the dynamic and endearing nature of the seasonal festivities such as the classic Christmas concerts of Los Gofiones and La Trova, as well as the expected nativity scenes such as the sand Bethlehem of Las Canteras, the nativity in the Castillo de Mata Museum, inspired by Lanzarote and the figure of César Manrique, and those of the Rodríguez Quegles Mansion and in San Telmo, both orientalists.

The program highlights its marked cultural accent with the fourteenth Gospel Festival Canarias, as well as the six jazz concerts and the nine music meetings scheduled in two cycles in the wonderful Castillo de Mata Museum, based in the old castle that used to defend the original port at San Telmo and the old north wall of the original city.

Other leisure events in the capital of Gran Canaria celebrating Christmas happen in various enclaves such as Mesa and López, with an intense daily program that will energize the Ramblas with musicals, theatrics and children’s performances.

Within the chapter dedicated to the smallest in the family, the one that causes the most excitement is the arrival of the Magi (the 3 Kings) to the capital of Gran Canaria, which will take place on the morning of January 5, at the esplanade located at the Sanapú Pier, next to the Poema del Mar Aquarium, and their subsequent walk along the Cavalcade, which will again depart from the La Luz Castle heading in the direction of San Telmo.


THURSDAY 28 NOVEMBERat Plaza de Santa Ana, Christmas tree and lighting event at 20:00 accompanied by a concert by the Las Palmas Symphonic orchestra. At Plaza de Saulo Torón ( Las Canteras beach ) Christmas tree lighting event at 20:00The Anglican Church ( Rafael Ramírez street 13, Ciudad Jardin) Rainbow Gospel Choir, the first gospel choir of the Canary Islands, will perform at 21:00. Free entry until full capacity is reached. The doors will open at 20:30.SATURDAY 30 NOVEMBER At Plaza de Saulo Torón, inauguration of the famous Sand nativity scene on the beach of Las Canteras at 11:00.At Parque Doramas, the Municipal Symphony Band will repeat its collaboration with this Gospel festival to deepen the nuances of gospel music starting at 21:00 in the José Antonio Ramos Auditorium amphitheater, in a performance that will feature international artist Kenneth ShearmanFRIDAY 13 DECEMBER At Parque San Telmo, inauguration of the nativity scene of San Telmo at 20:00 enlivened by a gospel music concert.SUNDAY 22 DECEMBERAt Jardines del Atlántico, the traditional Christmas concert by the music group La Trova. This 14th concert starts at 20:00 in front the the Auditorium Alfredo Kraus. MONDAY 23 DECEMBER At Plaza de Santa Ana, the 32nd traditional Christmas concert by Los Gofiones at 21:00. Recommended to bring a donation of non perishable item. TUESDAY 31 DECEMBER At Las Canteras beach, The New Year Party with concerts and fireworks. From 23:00 to 04:00. Don’t forget the traditional midnight dip in the ocean or the 12 grapes. 2-5 JANUARY 2020 , The San Telmo Artisan market Between 2-4 January from 10:00 to 21:00 and on 5 Jan 10:00 to 24:00SUNDAY 5 JANUARY, THE THREE KINGS The Pier of Sanapú, the arrival of their majesties next to the esplanade of Poema del Mar between 11:00-12:00 The Three King Parade starts at 17:00 from Castillo de La Lyz to Parque San Telmo Parque San Telmo, the Three King night concerts by Non Trubada at 22:30.

The Canary Guide “Black Friday” Weekend Tips 29 Nov – 1 Dec 2019

Whew! What a ride. Already the Last Weekend of November as we say hello to December and the start of a decade. We have one busy weekend coming up, and that most American celebration of consumerism, the so called Black Friday, arrives once again on the island. Spanish State Meterological Agency, AEMET, are predicting clear skies across much of the island this weekend, though fairly constant cloud cover in the capital and to the nort of the island, warm winds from the east and south-east are expected to bring highs of 28-29ºC, a few degrees cooler to north.

Events to celebrate the switching on of Christmas lights have already started and will continue in various places around the island over the next week or two. The famous Sand Art Nativity on the capital’s Las Canteras beach opens to public this Friday. Well worth a visit if you find your self in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria this holiday season.

TCG 41 November 29 – December 1 2019What’s On This Weekend On Gran Canaria… enjoy some of the The Canary Guide highlights for this weekend’s events as the holiday season gets going on Gran Canaria

#TheCanaryGuide #TheCanaryTV #GranCanaria #WhatsOn #Events #Christmas #NavidadPosted by TheCanary.TV on Thursday, November 28, 2019

The North American unbridled capitalism tradition of Black Friday – (Viernes Negro) has been popularised in recent years in the Canary Islands and marks the starting gun for the seasonal shopping frenzy to begin with many shopaholics madly searching for the opportunity to get great deals, with (supposedly) huge reductions on electronic goods and all sorts of other goodies, primarily made up of old stock and patently obsolete models. Massive discounts are on offer this Friday in many shops, shopping centers and chain stores. The shopping centre Las Arenas, north of the capital, plan to take it to the next level and will be open till midnight both Friday and Saturday. December also means that most shopping centers will be open for business every Sunday too.

Be advised, not everything that looks like a great deal, really is even a good deal. Think before you buy, and if there are specific items you have had your eye on, that now seem to be a much more affordable price, then by all means go get your bargain, but remember it is only stuff. By far much more important is the feelings that you share and help create this season, nobody important in your life really needs you to spend lots of money or money you can’t afford, the most precious gift you can give this holiday season is your time, your attention and your assistance to help those around you appreciate what they have got, and to show how much you really love them too. If you are buying gifts; then please consider buying local, from craftspeople and small businesses, buy small, buy tokens of high esteem, reach out to people who may not be as lucky as you, and help all those around you to remember that this is a season of good will, not greed nor bad debts, not a time to blindly spend money that could be better spent on spending time with the people that count in your life. We hope you will celebrate with a real sense of wonder about how lucky you really are, especially if you get to spend this time of year with us here on Gran Canaria.


Maspalomas starts the season of holiday celebrations with their official Christmas lighting Switch On event at the Open Commercial Area of San Fernando and on Avenida de Gáldar on This Friday. At 17:00 there will be children’s activities and at 19:00 The lights are switched on in an event with plenty to do and see, along with some live music.


The Belen de Arena of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is one of the main tourist attractions at this time of year in the island’s capital city. The nativity scene opens this year to the public starting from this Friday.

This is the 14th edition, created by 8 sculptors from seven countries, USA, Canada, Belgium, Russia, Latvia, Australia and France. The theme for this year is the council of elders. Last year the capital’s sand nativity scene broke records receiving over 243,000 visitors. Just beside the Plaza Saulo Torón (La Puntilla end of Las Canteras).Inauguration: 30 November at around 10:30 to 11:00.Last day / Closes : 7 Januaryopening hours : Every day 09:00 – 22:00Exceptions :  24 & 31 of December and 5th of January  09:00- 20:00


The main open commercial zone in the capital, Triana, one of the oldest districts in the old quarter, starts the holiday season with a traditional Christmas lighting event, including a street parade, music and the switching on the lights.


This is the 11th traditional and popular Weihnachtsmarkt; The German style Christmas market hosted at the hotel Maritim Playa, in Playa del Inglés. The festivities starts at 16:00 on Friday. Christmas spirit and decorations, Canarian and German artisans, Glühwein, baked goods, music performances and much more.

The Christmas market is happening during the following weekends : 29.11-1.2 / 6.12-8-12 / 13.12-15.12 /20.12-22.12


A “Gift Fair” this weekend in Vecindario. Along the pedestrian area of Avenida de Canarias, near Plaza de Los Algodoneros.

On Friday 17:00-21:00, On Saturday 10:00-21:00 and on Sunday 10:00-14:00


The Annual Christmas fair in the garden of the “British” Anglican Church, Holy Trinity, located in the capital in the “Garden City” neighbourhood of Ciudad Jardín; this was the zone between the old city and the main port where many 19th century British import/export merchants created some lavish homes, with the first building to go up in the area dating from at least 1881, soon followed by this beautiful little church and the famous British Club of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Between 11:30 – 15:30 there will be tea and cakes, the famous (Mc)Bramwell BBQ, salads, local dishes, seasonal treats, tombola, second hand books and clothes, a white elephant stall and kid’s activities all in the classic English church fete style, and of course the infamous “Raffle” Bar where everyone is a winner!


Gastronomy and activities for the whole family up in one of the most beautiful mountain towns in the centre of the island, at Plaza del Parking Nuevo, on Saturday in the second edition of Gastro Tejeda.

Local products, wine tastings and concerts. Businesses from the area offer local delicacies at popular prices of €3.50 and a glass of wine at €1 each, including Tejeda potatoes, cheese, almond-based sweets, stews, gofio, pork, baifo or lamb, among others rom 11:00-17:00.


Agricultural and craft market of Tejeda on Sunday morning. There will be activities for children and music by the group La Trova.

30.11-1.12, LAS PALMAS, Mercado Del Puerto, DESCORCHA EL MERCADO

On Saturday and Sunday in the capital, you have a chance to enjoy more than 50 wines starting at one euro a glass and accompanied by the varied cuisines offered by the old Port Market while enjoying good music.A varied group of local distributors and wineries offer references samples from €1 euro to a maximum of €3, with exhibitor tables distributed throughout the Port Market.

There will be two points of sale to get tickets with which you will also collect your samples so that you can move freely throughout the installation tasting the various local wines, as you also enjoy the varied cuisines offered by the establishments of the popular Mercado del Puerto. On Saturday from 13:00 to 17:00 and from 20:00 to midnight and on Sunday from 13:00 to 17:00.

SUNDAY 1 DECEMBER, Arguienguín, MOGÁNFERIA DE AVOCADO The south western municipality of Mogán are celebrating their Winter Avocado Fair. This 5th edition of Avocado fair is held between 10:00-14:00 at the main Plaza Perez Galdós, just by the church in Arguineguín. The Fair will involve local producers who exhibit and make known not only their avocados, but also other produce grown in Mogán, such as mangoes, papayas, guava trees, bananas and of course the oranges. There is also going to be a gastronomic area, where visitors can taste different dishes made from avocado as well as an exhibition of artisans.