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La Alcaldesa Bueno Secures Incredible Majority in Mogán

Mogán, May 29, 2023 – The often controversial incumbent, O Bueno, La Alcaldesa, has achieved an unprecedented and resounding victory once more in Mogán. The candidate who switched her party’s name, for these elections, to “Juntos por Mogán”, a local ally of the regionalist conservatives “Coalición Canaria” (CC), will once again assume the role of mayor. Her party has clinched a rather noteworthy 17 out of the 21 seats in the Municipal Council of this popular tourism destination located on the sunny southwest of Gran Canaria.

The Canary Guide Día de Canarias #WeekendTips 26-28 May 2023

What an interesting last weekend of May ahead. Weather predictions are showing some rain showers are likely across Gran Canaria. This extended #WeekendTips covers up to Tuesday, when all things Canarian are celebrated on the Día de Canarias. There’ll be some gorgeous Patron Saints’ festivities happening in San Fernando de Maspalomas as well as in Valleseco.

Fun Fact:
Valleseco literally means “dry valley” in Spanish, but is actually one of the wettest municipalities Gran Canaria. Nestling between the famous fresh water sources of Firgas & Teror, half way up the island’s mountainous northern slopes, this area is well known for its apple growers, cider and its weekly market

Six weeks since the unexplained disappearance of Anna-Karin on Gran Canaria

The authorities on Gran Canaria have been engaged in a rigorous search for Swedish tourist Anna-Karin Bengtsson, who went missing in the south of Gran Canaria around April 9. Her unexplained disappearance has caused her family much distress, with no clues to her whereabouts having emerged in the six weeks since they first realised her phone was no longer functioning.

The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 19-21 May 2023


An exciting May weekend ahead with abundant events and festivities taking place all around Gran Canaria. There are Patron Saints’ festivities for Motor Grande, in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, and in El Tablero in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana and up in the mountains of Artenara. There is also a two day lively exhibition event in Meloneras boulevard and the Rally Gran Canaria is held this Friday and Saturday.


Saharan dust continues to blanket The Canary Islands as we wait for heavy rain to potentially arrive by Sunday

The Calima affecting the archipelago for the last day or so continues this Wednesday, but is expected to begin to dissipate visibly from Thursday, which in turn will deactivate the yellow warning for fine North African dust suspended in the air, along with the yellow warning for strong winds, from about 5pm on Wednesday afternoon.
Two days of calm clear weather are expected to act as a prelude to a radical change in the forecast, according to the Spanish State Meteorological Agency AEMET, starting from the early hours of this Sunday morning, with the arrival of rains that could well be accompanied by storms, if the currently expected formation of a low pressure system between the Canary Islands and the Iberian peninsula continues as forecast by AEMET on their longer-range forecasts.

On Tuesday morning, the Calima unexpectedly caused the cancellation of six flights between La Palma and Tenerife, and another two  from Gran Canaria, as well as the cancellation of the first morning flights from the island of El Hierro,  with the suspended dust on  Monday having affected Lanzarote and Fuerteventura as expected during the afternoon and evening, yesterday the dust cloud extended to the two westernmost islands, which had not been forecast, passing across the south of the central islands on its way towards the Atlantic.
Air pollution measurements in some parts of the western province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife rose up to 900 micrograms of PM10 particles per cubic metre of air, and reduced visibility down to just 1,500 meters, although in most places visibility remained higher than the 3,000-4,500 meters.
In the other capital of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a PM10 particle pollution peak at 3am on Tuesday reached 868 micrograms per cubic metre of air, which reduced as the hours passed, so that by five o’clock in the afternoon, a more restrained, but equally harmful, 191 micrograms per cubic metre of air was measured.
The World Health Organization establish a recommended safe environmental limit of just 40 micrograms per cubic metre of air for daily exposure to PM10 particles, which has been in force since 2005, is, and so the Canary Islands Government Ministry of Health have repeated warnings for citizens to avoid going outside during such strong Calima’s so as not to aggravate conditions or symptoms related to any respiratory diseases, among which they cite asthma and COPD or chronic obstructive disease, which can be made more serious by the airborne dust, which in turn risks increasing admissions to emergency services and even hospital admissions in the worst cases.
The Government recommend keeping doors and windows closed; cleaning dusty surfaces using damp cloths; staying in humid environments and keeping hydrated; as well as avoiding physical exercises outside; and, in case of worsening symptoms, a call to the main 112 emergency services helpline will ensure you receive advice or help should you need it.
The Canary Islands Government is recommending that these precautions should continue to be taken throughout Wednesday, at least until this afternoon, at which time the yellow warnings are expected to be officially deactivated for Calima and strong winds.
The forecast points to visibility once again falling below 3,000 metres, and even with occasional peaks of down to about 1,500 meters, with temperatures similar to yesterday or slightly decreasing, and winds also decreasing in intensity as that the day goes on, but for the first half of the day there will still be intervals of strong wind, particularly on the west and north west of Gran Canaria.
On Tuesday gusts of wind reached speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour at the highest part of Tenerife, while sustained winds of about 50 kilometers per hour were recorded on Gran Canaria.
The Gran Canaria municipalities of La Aldea de San Nicolás and in Mogán, temperatures in the shade were around 24ºC and even higher in Puerto de Mogan.
With no other active warnings forecast on  Thursday by the Spanish State Meteorology Agency, the suspended dust is expected to continue blanketing the skies of the islands, but already beginning to lessen by the end of Wednesday.
By Friday, the retreating dust haze should leave clear skies, and light winds, still from the east, but changing to blow from the west by the end of the day.
Saturday, in principle, should be a day of transition while we monitor the potential formation of a low pressure system that by early Sunday morning could reach the Canary Archipelago with heavy rainfall accompanied by storms, on both the north slopes and those facing the west.


The Canary News

Gran Canaria Weather: Temperatures rising from Sunday afternoon with Calima expected on Carnival Monday

The Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) has forecast Calima for this Carnival Monday, February 15, with Saharan winds from the afternoon on the eastern isles of Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Graciosa, and by the end of the day the south and east of Gran Canaria.
The weather phenomenon is not expected to produce significant reductions in visibility, however airborne dust will bring an increase in temperatures from the this Sunday afternoon remaining moderately high on Monday and falling again by Tuesday or Wednesday.

AEMET has reported that there will be a southeasterly wind throughout the day and that it could be more intense on Lanzarote, La Graciosa and the north of Fuerteventura, with gusts of between 65-70 kilometres per hour possible, with similar arriving by the end of the day on Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria.
Saturday:Cloudy skies to the north and east, with possible light rains. Elsewhere, a touch of cloudy or clear. Temperatures staying much as they have been, night time lows of 13ºC and day time highs of 23ºC in the shade. Moderate northeasterly winds, with some strong intervals on the southeast and northwest slopes. Breezes predominantly on the northeast and southwest coasts.
Sunday:A touch of cloud or clear, with some cloudier intervals to the north during the morning. Minimum temperatures remaining around 13ºC  and maximums slightly higher reaching 24ºC gaining moderately at the summits. Moderate northeast winds, more intense on southeastern and northwestern slopes. Inland and at the peaks, during the afternoon winds of around 10km/h from the south becoming predominantly easterly. Breezes along the northeast and southwest coasts.

Monday:The week starts clear this Carnival Monday, with a little cloud. Calima arriving to the islands of the eastern province, Las Palmas, during the second half of the day. Temperatures continuing to rise moderately, lows of 16º and highs of 26º in the shade. Moderate east winds of 35km/h on Gran Canaria, and higher in some places on the north and east of the island, with strong intervals, during the second half of the day inland and in higher altitude areas, increasing on islands to the east, with gusts above 60 km/h possible.  Calima likely to leave a layer of Saharan dust, this Carnival Monday, on the eastern side of the province.
Tuesday:Clear, with some intervals of high cloud. Calima, across the eastern province from the early hours of the morning and spreading during the day from east to west, tending to decrease by the end of the day. Temperatures starting to drop, with lows of 16º and highs of 23ºC in the shade. Moderate easterly winds with strong intervals, except inland, where winds will be strong and from the southeast with occasional strong gusts in the early morning and later in the day.

Wednesday:High cloud. Slight Calima haze is not ruled out, which will tend to subside during the day from east to west. Temperatures in slight to moderate decline, lows of 13ºC and highs of 23ºC in the shade. Moderate southeast winds of 15-20km/h with strong intervals inland during the first half of the day, tending to decrease and turn weaker to blow from the northeast from noon. At the summits moderate to variable southeast winds.
Thursday:It is probable that a new Atlantic front will head towards the mainland as we move towards the end of the week, bringing rain to the peninsula. Temperatures starting to increase once more across the Islands, with lows of 13ºC and highs of 24ºC in the shade. Winds from the east, with the southerly component.
Mogán 6 day forecastPlaya del Inglés beach this weekend


The Canary News

Gran Canaria’s southern apricot harvest has been reduced by 70% due to calima and drought

The south of Gran Canaria is currently in the middle of the Tirajana apricot harvest. The municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana have predicted that the harvest will see a 70% reduction, having gone from 100,000 kilos last year to a forecast of 30,000 kilos of fruit for 2020, beingf of good quality.
The February calima, which caused significant damage to the flowering of the earliest apricot varieties, as well as a severe lack of rain that has been suffered over recent years, has led to a big fall in production this season, according to municipal technicians in the field.
Zones including Hoya Grande, Tunte, Fataga, Cercados de Araña, Manzanilla, among others, make the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana one with the highest production zones for apricots in the Canary Islands, which are mostly delivered to the Zona Alta Agricultural Cooperative in Tirajana, in the Villa de Tunte, with sales made through a public company, Gestión del Medio Rural de Canarias (GMR).
Tirajana apricots have been promoted for several years by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, through financial contributions, as well as by the Government of the Canary Islands and the Town Hall of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. Apricots from the area are mainly marketed in boxes and crates with distinctive labeling.  This year they will be much rarer than usual.


Gran Canaria Weather: Hot desert air meets a humid storm front likely to bring thunder and lightening

Dust Forecast for the coming days
Temperatures on Gran Canaria, this Sunday, have risen suddenly as warm desert air has blown in a thick wash of Saharan dust from the African continent east of us, which has in turn met a storm front coming in off the north Atlantic covering the western canary islands archipelago and likely to bring thunder and lightening over the next couple of days, particularly to Tenerife.  As the two fronts collide so we have dust warnings coming from the east and storm warnings to the west, with air humidity sitting at around 60% it’s likely to feel a little close and sticky over the next couple days and nights.
To the north of Gran Canaria cloudy skies are expected throughout in the second half of Sunday, with intervals of cloud likely elsewhere. There is currently a low probability of isolated, occasional and scattered storm rains, with the heat expected to mainly affect medium and high altitude areas toward the centre of the island. Both minimum and maximum temperatures are seeing a moderate rise, more pronounced inland where it could reach 30-32ºC in the shade. With the warm winds however and high humidity interacting with Calima, you can expect it to feel more like 35º-36ºC even in the shade.  North-northeast winds, with strong intervals on east and west slopes. Breezes are expected on the north and south coasts, however occasional strong gusts should not be discounted.

The early hours of Monday morning are expected to begin the week with cloudy skies, intervals of low cloud, tending to increasing cloudiness as the day wears on. Probable storms have been predicted accompanied by showers, with a potential to be strong in some local areas, tending to die down in the afternoon. The Calima looks set to stay with us throughout the week with temperatures continuing to rise, especially in mid altitude and highland areas, remaining around 30-32ºC in the southeast and southern interior, though again the clash of dry Saharan air and a wet weather front could keep humidity up towards 60% with the potential for temperatures to feel a little warmer. Northeast winds are expected along the coasts, more intense to the southeast and northwest slopes. Breezes should persist along the south coast.

As we head into Tuesday, a low probability of occasional showers persists on the western islands, calima likely to continue, especially in mid altitude and highland areas. In the eastern islands, the warm temperatures will continue without must change perhaps decreasing slightly as we head into mid week. Northeast winds turning northeast on Tuesday afternoon.
Things starting to clear up a little by Wednesday though some cloud still expected to the north of the islands with temperatures beginning to descend towards seasonal norms once more. Winds from the Northeast.

Some weak and scattered rain may return from the north on Thursday, tending toward cloudy intervals. Temperatures in the shade a little lower, stabilising around the upper 20s, with more blue skies and sunshine likely as we move towards Friday. Northeast winds with strong intervals on the southeast and northwest coasts.

Pre-alert declaration for potential storm weather.

The Canary Guide Día de Canarias #WeekendTips 26-28 May 2023

by Timon .:. | May 26, 2023 | Weekend Tips | 0 Comments  What an interesting last weekend of May ahead. Weather predictions are showing some rain showers are likely across Gran Canaria. This extended #WeekendTips covers up to Tuesday, when all things Canarian are celebrated on the Día de Canarias. There'll be some...
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The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 19-21 May 2023

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The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 12-14 May 2023

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The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 5-7 May 2023

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The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 28-30 April & 1 May 2023

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#TheCanaryGuide: Valsequillo Strawberry Fair on Sunday 23 April

by Sanna | April 21, 2023 | Fairs & Markets, Weekend Tips | 0 CommentsValsequillo warms up for one of the most delicious gastronomic events of the year and one of the most crowded fruit fairs on the island of Gran Canaria. After three years without being held due, to the pandemic, the Valsequillo Strawberry Fair returns this Sunday,...
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The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 21-23 April 2023

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The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 14-16 April 2023

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The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 7-9 April 2023

by Sanna | April 7, 2023 | Events & Leisure, Fairs & Markets, Weekend Tips | 0 Comments  It's the Easter holiday and a long bridge weekend with two Spanish bank holidays to end the week. There are many religious processions taking place throughout the weekend around the island with an influx of visitors as well as locals all headed to the seaside to...
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A summary of some of the main Easter processions worth visiting on Gran Canaria (2023)

by Sanna | April 2, 2023 | Events & Leisure, Sunshine | 0 CommentsWhat a summery start to this year's Easter week on Gran Canaria! A very popular time to have a holiday, so the tourist areas will receive an influx of travellers, including locals taking a few days off to enjoy themselves. Two Spanish bank holidays will also mean a...
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Gran Canaria Weather: Yellow heat warnings in effect for at least first part of the week

Some cloud this Monday morning in the north below about 400 meters, skies clear in the south but with Calima dust evident.
Temperatures rising in mid to high altitude areas, mainly during the second half of the day. Temperatures more pronounced on the east and southeast slopes, with in-the-shade temperatures ​​that will exceed 36ºC particularly inland and mid altitude areas facing towards the south, however 38ºC+ has not been ruled out. Yellow advisory heat warnings are in place, warning of some risk. Slopes oriented to the north are likely to reach up to around 30 to 32ºC in the shade.  It will be hot everywhere.
North winds, with strong gusts on east and west slopes, potentially very strong in the second half of the day. In mid altitude and high areas, moderate to strong winds from the northeast. Breezes on southern coasts.
With a UV index of 11 it is worth remembering that all temperatures are given in the shade with increases of 5º -10º likely in direct sunlight. Always wear sunscreen.  Advice is to try and stay in doors where is is cooler, stay hydrated, giving special attention to the young, the old, the isolated and to animals who depend on us for their well being.

Incoming Calima raises temperatures on Gran Canaria

The Spanish State Meteorological Agency has warned that Wednesday will see hot desert winds blowing Saharan Dust, known locally as Calima, over the islands and likely to raise temperatures across Gran Canaria.
The report predicts some cloudy skies to the north of the easternmost islands in the archipelago, clearing in the afternoon, and a trend toward clear skies, if a little reduced in visibility due to particulate dust suspended in the air.
The winds will blow from the northeast with strong intervals, gusts of up to 90km/h could be possible in places.
At sea northeast winds of force 5 to 6 in general are expected, which may reach force 7 in places, and there will be strong swell with some areas of rough sea and waves of up to 1 meter.

Canaries airports busy, serving nearly 13,000 flights over Easter, including emergency landings

by Timon .:. | April 8, 2023 | News, Tourism, Transport | 0 CommentsIt's been a busy week at Gran Canaria airport (LPA), which started last Saturday with the FlightRadar24.com website publishing a picture on twitter of "Europe going on vacation to The Canary Islands" showing multiple inbound flights headed for our subtropical...
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Record tourist arrivals to The Canary Islands, though Gran Canaria lags behind in the recovery

by Sanna | February 21, 2023 | Economy, Tourism | 0 Comments2023 has started positively in terms of foreign tourism numbers. In January, the archipelago welcomed 1.22 million foreign visitors, a 3.2% increase from 2019 (1.18 million). The figure even surpasses the numbers from 2018 (1.21 million) and 2017 (1.20 million) to set...
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Mogán town council assumes direct management of services on Playa de Mogán

by Sanna | January 29, 2023 | Local Council, Mogán, Tourism | 0 CommentsThe Mogán Local Council on Friday installed new sun beds and umbrellas on Playa de Mogán, beginning direct management of seasonal services of this popular beach, along with the other six beaches for which it now holds corresponding authorisations: Las Marañuelas,...
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Cordial director says they will fight “illegal” decision to allow cement factory to continue in Port of Santa Águeda

by Timon .:. | January 6, 2023 | Business, Government, News, Tourism | 0 CommentsThe general director of hoteliers, the Cordial group, a member of the Las Palmas tourist association, Nicolás Villalobos, has described as "illegal" the decision taken by the Canarian Regional Government to extend the usage of the deep water port of Santa Águeda so...
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Ella the danger mouse grabs more than she bargained for on holiday in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria

by Timon .:. | November 17, 2022 | Family, News, Tourism | 0 CommentsElla the danger mouse got more than she bargained for when she tried to win herself one of the gift teddies in a grab-a-prize machine, located in the family amusement zone of the Sunspot bar, in Fase IV of the Shopping Centre Puerto Rico, last Sunday at about 8.30 pm....
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The Canary Guide: Maspalomas Market has moved to Parque Europeo while the new facilities are being built

by Sanna | October 16, 2022 | Community, Fairs & Markets, Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés, Sunshine, Tourism | 0 CommentsAt the start of October the popular Maspalomas Market moved to the Parque Europeo, in the heart of Playa del Inglés. The Town Council provisionally moved the Wednesday and Saturday market due to works due to start on the new municipal market renovation The Councillor...
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San Bartolomé de Tirajana will completely renew sunbeds and umbrellas on its beaches

by Sanna | September 16, 2022 | Local Council, Maspalomas, Sunshine, Tourism | 0 CommentsThe Maspalomas-Gran Canaria Tourism Rehabilitation Consortium has put out to tender, to a value of €600,000, divided into two lots, for the supply of sun-beds (hammocks) and umbrellas for the beaches of Maspalomas Costa Canaria, Spain and The Canary Islands' top...
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The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 2-4 September 2022

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Canary Islands recommend El Pajar Cement Factory continue to have use of Santa Águeda port for several more years

by Timon .:. | August 6, 2022 | Community, Government, Tourism | 0 CommentsThe Government of the Canary Islands set up a commission to examine the future of the port of Santa Águeda, on the south of Gran Canaria across the bay from Arguineguín, because the concession allowing the cement company to use the port is due to expire on October...
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Maspalomas Soul Festival closes its successful sixth edition in Boogie Woogie style, ‘cus the music certainly moved them

by Timon .:. | August 1, 2022 | Events & Leisure, History, Maspalomas, Tourism | 0 CommentsThe sixth edition of the Maspalomas Costa Canaria Soul Festival closed this year having exceeded all initial expectations, both in terms of public attendance during the three days of programming, and artistic performances that have already written a new chapter in the...
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Gran Canaria Weather: A cloudy start, with African dust expected from Tuesday afternoon

More rain is expected this Tuesday, particularly on the north of the island, with cloud to start the first half of the day and the potential for showers, that could persist into the afternoon, when rainfall will become less likely, weaker and more occasional, according to Spanish State Meteorological Agency AEMET.

High altitude Saharan dust blown in from the African mainland, known locally as Calima, is expected to descend across the islands by the end of the day, with temperatures seeing little change, perhaps rising slightly.

Northwest winds with strong intervals are expected on northeast and southwest slopes, as well as inland where strong gusts have not been ruled out. The south coast can expect fairly breezy weather by comparison.

A high altitude depression, known in Spanish as a DANA (Depresión aislada en niveles altos) is moving northeast and is expected to flow towards the islands from the north, moving much of the Calima haze from the mid-altitude atmosphere, sending some of the dust from Africa, that has travelled to us via the Peninsula, to the south after its arrival on the Islands this Tuesday afternoon.
Temperatures in the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, are expected to range between a night time minimum of 15-16ºC and a day time maximum of 21ºC in the shade, according to AEMET, with strong northwesterly winds bringing potentially strong, hot gusts, which could reach up to 80 kilometres per hour in some areas.
In the southern lee of the island, most will be shielded from the worst of the winds, though there is a strong probability of light showers, diminishing as the day wears on, with top temperatures in the shade of between 24º & 25ºC, with a little more sunshine expected to return tomorrow.
At sea, north winds are expected of around force 4 to 5, swell or strong swell with northwest waves of ​​around 2 meters.

Weather: Clear blue skies and light breezes with a touch of Calima

It looks like clear skies across the Canary Islands this Monday, December 25, with maximum temperatures likely to rise slightly and the possibility of Calima returning to the islands, according to AEMET the Spanish State Meteorological Agency .
Maximum temperatures of around 20ºC in the shade are expected in the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with minimums of around 15ºC with light to moderate winds from the southeast in the early hours of the day moving round to blow from the northeast later.
In the waters around the islands east and north east winds are expected at between force 3 and 5, swell with areas of strong swell and 1 meter high waves from the ​​north.




Some intervals of high clouds possible in the morning. A low probability of Calima, more likely in the south. Light to moderate winds, more intense in the northeast and southwest, then turning northeast, intensifying in the northwest and south-southeast. Breezes in the west.