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La Alcaldesa Bueno Secures Incredible Majority in Mogán

Mogán, May 29, 2023 – The often controversial incumbent, O Bueno, La Alcaldesa, has achieved an unprecedented and resounding victory once more in Mogán. The candidate who switched her party’s name, for these elections, to “Juntos por Mogán”, a local ally of the regionalist conservatives “Coalición Canaria” (CC), will once again assume the role of mayor. Her party has clinched a rather noteworthy 17 out of the 21 seats in the Municipal Council of this popular tourism destination located on the sunny southwest of Gran Canaria.

The Canary Guide Día de Canarias #WeekendTips 26-28 May 2023

What an interesting last weekend of May ahead. Weather predictions are showing some rain showers are likely across Gran Canaria. This extended #WeekendTips covers up to Tuesday, when all things Canarian are celebrated on the Día de Canarias. There’ll be some gorgeous Patron Saints’ festivities happening in San Fernando de Maspalomas as well as in Valleseco.

Fun Fact:
Valleseco literally means “dry valley” in Spanish, but is actually one of the wettest municipalities Gran Canaria. Nestling between the famous fresh water sources of Firgas & Teror, half way up the island’s mountainous northern slopes, this area is well known for its apple growers, cider and its weekly market

Six weeks since the unexplained disappearance of Anna-Karin on Gran Canaria

The authorities on Gran Canaria have been engaged in a rigorous search for Swedish tourist Anna-Karin Bengtsson, who went missing in the south of Gran Canaria around April 9. Her unexplained disappearance has caused her family much distress, with no clues to her whereabouts having emerged in the six weeks since they first realised her phone was no longer functioning.

The Canary Guide #WeekendTips 19-21 May 2023


An exciting May weekend ahead with abundant events and festivities taking place all around Gran Canaria. There are Patron Saints’ festivities for Motor Grande, in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, and in El Tablero in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana and up in the mountains of Artenara. There is also a two day lively exhibition event in Meloneras boulevard and the Rally Gran Canaria is held this Friday and Saturday.


Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria car crash driver six times over the limit

A 69-year-old Irish woman collided with three vehicles yesterday while she was trying to leave a parking space in the tourist resort town of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria. A breathalyser test revealed she was six times over the alcohol limit allowed, and so she was arrested on road safety charges.
The events occurred, directly outside The Devil’s Pub, just before 10:30am when, it is thought, the driver was trying to leave a parking space located on the main street through the town Avenida Tomás Roca Bosch. As she was reversing her Toyota Rav4, she mistakenly applied the accelerator instead of the brake, colliding with a vehicle  traveling along the road as well as two others that were parked, and managed to roll the vehicle onto its side.
Images: Alejandro Ramirez (LaProvincia)
Firefighters, from the nearby Puerto Rico Park Consortium, Mogán Local Police and two ambulances from the Canary Islands Emergency Service (SUC) attended the scene, securing the vehicle, while the health workers attended to the driver, who suffered a mild neck injury, according to a report from the main 112 Emergencies and Security Coordinating Centre (CECOES).
Mogán Local Police carried out the breathalyser test on the driver, who lives in nearby Tauro, which produced a result of 1.07 milligrams alcohol per litre of exhaled air in the first test, and then 1.57 in the second. This amount is six times over the 0.25 milligrams allowed, the woman was detained and is expected to be charged as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against road safety, having far exceeded the actionable threshold of 0.60 milligrams.
Image Courtesy of: The Devils Pub, Puerto Rico de Gran CanariaImage Courtesy of: The Devils Pub, Puerto Rico de Gran CanariaImage Courtesy of: The Devils Pub, Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria


Man arrested in Maspalomas for posting a sex video of his ex-girlfriend on the internet 

Policia Nacional in Maspalomas have arrested a man alleged to have broken privacy laws by publishing a sex tape on the Internet, of his ex-girlfriend from six years ago.
The investigation began when agents received information, through Interpol, in which Humberside police in the United Kingdom requested collaboration to clarify a complaint filed there. The victim, a woman of British nationality, denounced the suspect after having been reportedly harassed over the last four years by a man she met on her vacation to Ibiza back in 2012.

The recording of them having sex was presumably made without the woman’s consent. When the victim indicated that she did not want to continue with the relationship, the detainee told her of the existence of the recordings reportedly saying that he would not hesitate to publish them if she did not comply with his demands. On this basis she agreed to continue visiting him in Ibiza and Gran Canaria every so often, travelling to both islands from the United Kingdom, although in the end she finally broke off the relationship . She soon discovered the video had been uploaded to several pornographic web sites.

After an investigation, agents managed to identify the man and detained him in  the tourist resort of Maspalomas (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria). He faces charges of infringing on the woman’s right to privacy.

Another fire, thought deliberate, destroys 4 vehicles near Las Palmas. Suspect sought

A fire in the early hours of Monday on the outskirts of Gran Canaria´s capital Las Palmas, has mobilised firemen and municipal police to the scene at about 1430 where a total of four vehicles were burned , three of them ambulances and the fourth, a van. All of them, according to Local Police, were vehicles abandoned on a plot in near Calle Tablero de Gonzalo, in the neighbourhood of Salto del Negro .
The National Police have taken charge of investigating the incident.
The blaze follows a similar one on Saturday morning, when eight ambulances were destroyed in Telde, in a fire that is believed to have been intentional. This latest incident reinforces the hypothesis that it is not a random event, but likely caused maliciously.
According to local residents, a young man of about 26 years old, thin and dressed in jeans, left the scene on a motorcycle, alleging that he must have been the perpetrator of the fire.
Firefighters in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria received a report indicating that a fire had started in Salto del Negro around the same time as man who was at the scene saw the young suspect loitering near where the ambulances began to burn. When asked why he was there, the boy said he was just urinating.
The witness accused the young man of having started the fire, other residents witnessed the confrontation. One lady, identified as Sofia, had to mediate so that the argument would not get out of hand. The young man, in the heat of the moment, allegedly tried to enter the man’s property and threatened to burn him. “I’ll go back and burn you there,” he is reported to have said. The alleged perpetrator of the fire got on a motorcycle that was parked in street, put on his helmet and fled, according to the witnesses.
Four firefighter units from Vegueta and Miller Bajo, eash consisting of a sergeant, a corporal and five firefighters, used about 7,500 liters of water to extinguish the flames, which caused visible smoke throughout the surrounding area. Sources among them did not want to confirm whither the fire had been deliberately started until investigations had been carried out, but they explained that the fire spread very fast from one vehicle to another so the main hypothesis is that some type of fuel was used to accelerate the flames.
The fire fighting team finished around 16.40 hours, according to municipal sources. The three ambulances and the van, which was loaded with rubbish, were reduced to ashes. Agents of the Scientific Forensic Police have begun an investigation and have interviewed the witnesses to try to identify the source of the fire.
On this occasion, the affected emergency vehicles were abandoned. Last Saturday, however, another eight ambulances from the non-urgent transfer service parked at their Telde base were completely destroyed. The National Police are continuing with their investigations and the circumstances surrounding this event.

22 year old detained for property rental scams in Las Palmas

Policia Nacional last week detained a 22-year-old man, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with the initials KJVO, alleged to be perpetrator of four scams related to holiday rental homes. The man apparently has 35 prior records for similar crimes committed on Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote, La Palma and El Hierro.
The individual rented real estate for small periods of time and once in possession of the keys he sub-leased them to third parties for a long term contract, managing to collect up to €3,900 in advance payments.
The investigation began after a complaint from three injured parties, the proprietor and tenants of a vacation rental property located in the capital of Gran Canaria, who had been scammed by an individual who passed himself off as the owner.
The investigators determined that the 22-year-old had rented the aforementioned property from the real owner then taken pictures of the interior and advertised it “for rent” by posing as the person responsible for it, and then subletting to third parties for a prolonged stay, from whom he collected considerable sums of money in advance.
In addition, agents uncovered two more cases similar to this one, perpetrated by the same individual with homes located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Maspalomas, where he managed to collect at least €3,900 from one of his victims.
Investigators were able to verify that the same suspect already has 35 arrests mainly for fraud committed in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Telde, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Tias, Costa Teguise, Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Laguna, Santa Cruz de La Palma and Valverde.
The individual was located and detained in a central street in the capital of Gran Canaria, as the alleged perpetrator of four scams, a theft and a crime against traffic safety, since at the time of his arrest he was driving a vehicle without the corresponding permission. In the security search, €1,250 was recovered.
With a mandatory court order, the police conducted a home search, at a pension in Las Palmas, where a large amount of personal and banking documentation was found, as well as various private lease contracts in which he was listed as a landlord.
The investigation remains open until other criminal acts of a similar nature, in which the detainee is suspected to have been involved, are confirmed.
Finally, when the corresponding police report was issued, the detainee was placed at the disposal of the competent Judicial Authority, who ordered his provisional imprisonment.