There are few places where performances from the world’s most influential school of Russian classical ballet can be seen, you’d probably have to fly to Russia. But this month the St. Petersburg Ballet arrives on Gran Canaria. Their performances outside of Russia are usually limited to a select few of the most exclusive stages around the world, but on Sunday, July 23, 2017, they have chosen our most beautiful capital city – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – for an unprecedented opportunity for you to see some of the most famous pieces ever performed, by bona fide stars and graduates of the world respected Vaganova Academy, which was originally founded as the first Imperial Russian School.

The concert will present the very highest form of ballet-art offering a unique opportunity to enjoy classical choreography, and see fragments from the most well known ballets performed by famous soloists, as part of a tour that has covered Europe, North and South America and many countries around the world. This is an unprecedented chance for you to witness the splendour and refined greatness that typifies Russian Ballet.

The St. Petersburg Classical Ballet has always been considered and still remains the visiting card of Russia, and the Russian ballet school is invariably considered the very best in the world, as indisputably majestic as it is breathtakingly beautiful.

The rigour of the training offered in St. Petersburg is well renowned as one of the most important components of this famous school, reserved for only the most committed and able young dancers and this has produced some of the worlds most outstanding performers. The ballet school of St. Petersburg is the oldest in Russia and considered to be the very best school in the world. Today’s Academy of Russian Ballet is named after the teacher who redefined 20th century classical ballet, Agrippina Vaganova, who ushered in a new era of the art during Soviet times, developing and progressing methods that grew directly from the very core of the original Imperial School founded at the Winter Palace in 1738 by Empress Anna of Russia.

Competition to become one of the 340 students of the school is fierce. St Petersburg has every right to be proud, whose graduates became some of the artform’s most legendary names including Agrippina Vaganova, Matilda Kshesinskaya, Olga Spesivtseva, Natalya Dudinskaya, Vaclav Nezhinsky, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rudolf Nureyev, Yulia Makhalina, Diana Vishneva, Svetlana Zakharova and many others.

    The gala concert “Stars of the White Nights” is to be a unique event that gives a truly rare opportunity for ballet connoisseurs and enchanted newcomers to see the leading soloists of the St. Petersburg Ballet alongside one of the world’s most famous dancers, guest star Julia Makhalina, herself a Vaganova graduate, and a principal star of the Kirov/Mariinsky Ballet whose extraordinary career, spanning the generations from before the collapse of soviet Russia, has seen her dance on the world’s best stages, in more than 60 of the most admired roles in classical ballet. 

For the first time 18 of the very best dance students on Gran Canaria are to take part in the Gala concert. Girls from various ballet schools will perform together with the ballet stars to present fragments from the legendary ballets “Swan Lake” to the music of Tchaikovsky and from “Chopiniana” which premiered at the Mariinsky in 1907 set to the music of Chopin.

The gala performance presents star soloists at the peak of their careers with their best numbers. Only the brightest numbers from the legendary ballets of their world-class repertoire have been collected here, so as to ensure to delight even those with little experience of this high art including “Corsair”, “Don Quixote”, “Scheherazade”, “Legend of Love”, “Talisman”, and the concert number “Dying Swan”, created in 1907 by choreographer Mikhail Fokin to the music of Saint-Saens for the unique and legendary Anna Pavlova.

The program is designed for a broad audience, both connoisseurs of ballet, and lovers of music and dance, and not only classical numbers but also choreographic miniatures, modern and scenic dances, guaranteed to delight little girls and boys from ages 5 to 95!

Even for those who are not sure that ballet is really their cup of tea, you can be sure that there are many a lady who would find this to be a most delightful, enchanting and unusual affair to find themselves invited.  In a modern world that offers so few chances to experience high art, beautiful costumery, athletic ability and utterly engrossing performances, what child could fail to be immersed in its magic, as an utterly unique introduction to world class performance.  And tell me, what gentleman will pass up the opportunity to impress the woman he loves by treating her to an unforgettable evening filled with beautiful muscular men in tights dallying with delightful young debutantes?

Julia Makhalina is world renowned star having received many awards throughout her career including the

People’s Artist of Russia (2008)

• Honored Artist of Russia (1995)

• Laureate of the Benois de la Dance (Moscow, 1998)

• Laureate of the highest theater prize of St. Petersburg “Golden Sofit” (1993)

• Laureate of the International Ballet Competition (Grand Prix and Gold Medal, Paris, 1990)

• The winner of the cinematographic award. The Lumière Brothers (Paris, 1990)


St Petersburg Ballet Gala – Stars of The white Nights – July 2…

St Petersburg Ballet Gala – Stars of The White Nights – July 23 – Auditorio Alfredo Kraus de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria exploring some of the greatest choreographies ever devised, and a unique opportunity to see dancers trained at the most famous Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet dancing alongside local students from Gran Canaria

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