Weather: Mainly blue skies & sunshine

aemetlunesThe Canary Islands have started the week with a little cloud and temperatures ranging between 15˚ & 24˚C in the shade, in line with forecasts from the Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).  Winds from the east continue today, with strong intervals, rotating a little to include northeasterly component towards the end of the afternoon.

Winds from the east or southeast, of force 4 to 5 are expected in the coastal waters around Gran Canaria, and on the northeast and southwest coasts. Tidal surge is forecast with temporarily strong swells along the northeast and southwest coasts. On the west and northwest coast, variable force 1 to 3 and surge. Waves of around 1 meter, are expected along the south, southwest, north and northeast coasts.

Partly cloudy skies. Temperatures seeing few changes, with perhaps a slight maximum rise inland and and highland areas. East winds, with strong intervals, turning northeast by the end of the afternoon.

It’s looking like clear skies and sunshine for the rest of the week ahead, with a small chance of showers towards the end of the week. Enjoy!