TransGranCanaria 2016 this weekend

Transcanaria followingThe seventeenth edition of the Transgrancanaria long distance trail running race will take place this weekend from 4 to 6 March. More than 3,400 registered participants means that this year is a record breaker, among which are 75 of the best runners in the Ultra Trail world.

On the starting line 65 nationalities will be represented, with athletes from the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Luxembourg, Israel, Iceland, Australia, Japan, China, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Pakistan and Guinea Bissau among them.

The estimated economic and media impact of the Transgrancanaria is around 11 million euros, and TransGranCanaria has managed to establish itself as an excellent promotional showcase for the island and indeed the entire archipelago.

The extreme mountain running competition, which has been held on the island since October 2003, has become one of the most important events of its kind, according to the tourist board, and the best proof of this is that in just five months registration for the event was sold out.

TransGranCanaria 125km mapThe main TransGranCanaria trail is 125km, from Puerto de las Nieves in Agaete on the north west coast to Meloneras in the southern resort of Maspalomas and
over 60% of runners are foreigners. The event has been divided into five different distances, with a common finish line.

Friday 4 March @23:00 : Transgrancanaria: 125 km
(Agaete – Meloneras).

Saturday 5 March @07:00 : Advanced: 83 km
(Villa de Moya – Meloneras).

Saturday 5 March @10:30 : Maratón: 44 km
(El Garañón – Meloneras).

Saturday 5 March @08:00 : Starter: 32 km
(Tunte – Meloneras).

Saturday 5 March @08:30 : Promo: 19 km
(Ayagaures – Meloneras).

Saturday 5 March @08:30 Family Trans: 19 km
(Ayagaures – Meloneras).
This race has the same itinerary as the Promo.

The ULTRA TRAIL® WORLD TOUR (#UTWT) is an international Circuit consisting of the twelve most distinguished long distance trail running races in the world. The Transgrancanaria® is the chosen race to represent Spain in this series of courses. The UTWT is organized in partnership with the International Trail Running Association (ITRA)