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Partial solar eclipse visible from Amadores and the west of Gran Canaria

On the south of Gran Canaria, Astrotrek telescopes will be set up at the western most end of Amadores just past the beach club, for anyone who would like to get an experts view on the partial solar eclipse, and perhaps take a souvenir photo with their mobile phone.. This Monday…

High Temperatures Forecast: Health Department warns of risks from heat

The Canary Islands Government Ministry of Health have issued warnings of potential risk to health from a heatwave in coming days with high temperatures expected to trigger the regional government’s Plan for Prevention of the Effects of High Temperatures on People’s Health that is in force every year from June 1….

Gran Canaria Weather up to 30˚ in the shade

As the holiday weekend gets going on Gran Canaria temperatures are starting to rise

Warm Saharan winds bring Spring Calima

With temperatures rising and Saharan dust blowing in on a glorious spring Calima

November Calima Heat on Gran Canaria

Warm calima nights and Saharan dust have descended over the Canary Islands

43.8º in the shade for Gran Canaria

The heat wave affecting the entire Canary archipelago saw thermometers yesterday soar

Gran Canaria Orange Advisory 37º+ in shade

If you are on Gran Canaria right now you´ll already know it is as hot as Hades, and it’s about to

GC heat set to soar to 38˚C+ once more

A brief respite this weekend from the very high temperatures in the Canary Islands

Yellow advisory for 38˚+ on Gran Canaria

It’s going to be a scorching weekend ahead, particularly on the southern beaches

37º+ in the shade on Gran Canaria

Yellow advisory warnings for maximum high temperatures will continue 

Clear skies, some dust raising temperatures

As the week draws to a close slight cloud to the north and clear skies to the south prevail

Algerian dust & Weekend Weather

A powerful dust storm that affected Algeria for two days has sent masses of airborne dust to Gran Canaria