Spain’s main tourist destination in January

The Canary Islands were Spain’s most visited tourist destination in January, with a whopping 30.6% of the total 3.9 million tourists who arrived in Spain during the first month of 2017. The Islas Canarias continue to beat tourist sector records in terms of absolute numbers, according to the latest data from the Frontur (Frontiers Movements by Tourist) statistical report, published by the Spanish National Statistics Institute, showing continuing positive growth.

The Archipelago recorded 1,193,419 tourists in January 2017, which is 7.7% more than last year. The main countries of residence from which the tourists came were United Kingdom (with 32.3% of the total) and Germany (21.3%).

Catalonia and Andalusia, trailed behind the islands, as the other regions most demanded by foreign tourists, with 21.8% (850.457) and 13.3% (521,116) of the total.

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