President’s challenge:- Authorise water park

Antonio-Morales-2The President of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales, has hit back at Mayor Marco Aurelio Perez after the mayor’s dramatic press conference, at the town hall of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, denouncing a damning eleventh hour Cabildo department-of-heritage report which seemingly advised putting a halt on the Siam Park Maspalomas water theme park project that has so long been mired in bureaucratic uncertainty.

The President has clarified his position and opinion that the appearance of pre-hispanic archaeological elements, in the area of El Veril where the water park is to be built, in “no way” paralyses construction of the new theme park promoted by the Kiessling family and their Loro Parque group in the area.

“Archaeological remains can be an added value to the water park project,” says Morales

Siam Park Gran Canaria Plano-General.-Toboganes-y-PiscinasThe island President has laid down a gauntlet to the mayor of San Bartolomé de Tirajana to grant to the promoters “tomorrow” the last remaining municipal license needed, for channelling the ravine, and pointed out that it has been the Cabildo during his term in office that has resolved the “administrative obstacles [remaining for various] aspects of this project “.

Editor’s Comment>

The whole situation smacks of political theatre, with partisan point scoring driving what otherwise appears to be a forgone conclusion.  The public, the promoters and local businesses are all somewhat exasperated by the constant attempts to derail a project that almost everyone agrees would be to the benefit of the island and the tourism industry.

Many reserve final judgement until they can see a finished construction, but most will be thankful once a clear unequivocal decision has been made as whether Playa del Inglés, and the Maspalomas Costa Canaria, will indeed be the proud hosts of Europe’s largest and newest waterpark… we’ll keep you posted.