Police close net on Rolex Smash & Grab

National Police continue to investigate the circumstances around the armed robbery in Meloneras, Maspalomas, trying to confirm the identity of two gun wielding robbers who, last Tuesday, March 14, calmly entered a jewelry store in the touristed south of Gran Canaria, and in less than four minutes walked out with jewelry and Rolex watches originally estimated to be worth around €1 million.

Police believe that one of the two alleged perpetrators had been staying on the south of the island under a false identity, calling himself Marek Povelow, posing as a 41 year-old Slovak tourist.

White, with light brown hair, a thin face and a height of between 1.80m and 1.85m, “Povelow” is thought to be one of the alleged perpetrators of the armed robbery last Tuesday March 14 at 20.20, though may actually only be around 35 years of age, according to a police file leaked on Tuesday.

Agents in charge of the case have distributed a photo of Povelow to aid in his identification and with his arrest.

The robbers entered the shop dressed in dark jackets, jeans, sneakers and with motorcycle helmets placed to avoid being recognised. They escaped on the same motorcycle on which they arrived, having left it parked in the street outside the high-end Oasis Shopping Center in Meloneras, San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

One of the men pointed a gun at the security guard, while the other broke glass cabinets and shop windows, using a lump hammer, so as to grab high value items with which he filled the bag he was carrying.

The stolen  jewelry and watches, included Rolex brand watches. Their haul was originally valued at around one million euros.

The National Police Corps have intensified their search and say they are closing the net having already identified one of the perpetrators.

The value of jewelry and high-end watches has now been valued at around half a million euros.

Investigators say they are looking for four criminals, two perpetrators of direct theft and two who supported them in another car, according to media reports. The assault has generated great concern within the jewelry industry in general and among merchants of the touristed South.

Agents already have a suspect who they are trying to locate, that may be one of the two alleged perpetrators.

Apparently he was the one who initially gained access to the shop to perpetrate the robbery, with his face uncovered, and due to his confident stance, he was allowed to enter through the security door of the Saphir jewelers at around 20.20 that evening.

The assault lasted only four minutes. The second robber was the one who wore a motorcycle helmet and was in charge of taking the Rolex watches. It was a robbery without injuries.

The motorcycle that they used to escape from the scene was soon after abandoned on Avenida de Turoperador Spies, in the area near Maspalomas Golf Course.

Investigators have been scrutinising footage from security cameras at various different chalets and accommodation complexes near where the motorcycle was abandoned.

So far no arrests have been made in what is now being called the “Golpe de Rolex” or The Rolex Smash & Grab

Source: La Provincia