Playa de Mogán closed due to sewage leak

A spill of fecal sewage water has been detected in the area of ​​Playa de Mogán, on the south of the island of Gran Canaria, according to sources within the municipality reported by Spanish language daily La Provincia.  The situation has arisen literally just a day after the popular tourist beach announced it has once again been awarded a blue flag, along with other beaches in the municipality.

On Thursday municipal officials have met with Health Inspectors to see if it is necessary to close the beach to bathers and what decisions have to be adopted.

Police sources have explained that for the time being, and as a precautionary safety measure, the beach is being cordoned off to prohibit swimming in potentially contaminated waters. The fecal waters are thought to have been escaping through a stormwater drain, so, in principle, health teams will close Calle Las Artes to start work on eliminating the discharge.

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