Newsbrief: Two suspected cyber-criminals detained on Gran Canaria

Police say they have dismantled a group of cyber-criminals accused of selling online tools used to infect thousands of computers worldwide with malicious software, in an operation that has resulted in five detainees: one in Las Palmas, one in El Doctoral, a third in the province of Barcelona and two more in the UK.

All were detained as suspected creators and distributors of remote control “Trojans”, key-loggers and back doors that allow criminals to control the victim’s computers and in such a way that antivirus programs couldn’t detect them.

According to the police, this “complex” investigation, coordinated by Europol, was made possible thanks to the collaboration between the Technological Research Unit of the Spanish National Police, the National Cybercrime Unit of the United Kingdom and threat investigation IT firm Trend Micro.

These tools were promoted and marketed in the most famous hacking forums, both nationally and internationally, and in return for payments, generally in bitcoins, and fees based on the count of infections actually achieved.


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