Newsbrief: Over-64s outnumber the under-16s in the Canary Islands

More OAPs than young people have been recorded in The Canary Islands for the first time, with an ageing index ratio of 101,7%, which means that for every 100 under 16 year-olds, there are now 101 over 64 year-olds living in the archipelago, according to a press release from the Adecco Foundation .

The Adecco Foundation has warned of the need to hire over 45 year-olds and end employment discrimination against people with disabilities or women with family responsibilities, asserting that this is necessary to compensate for the “lack of generational change.

In recent INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística) data on the rate of ageing, which put Spain at a record ratio high of 116%, Adecco has indicated that “the economy needs the talents of the most underemployed people, to be sustainable over time.” Specifically, this figure shows that for every 100 people under 16 in Spain there are 116 over 64 year-olds.

The CEO of the group, Francisco Mesonero, has warned that if the current ageing trend continues, by 2052 there will be little more than one person working for each unemployed person, “which certainly jeopardises the sustainability of the system.

They also highlight the need to create State agreements and devote a higher percentage of GDP to families, promoting active policies against age discrimination, to incentivise the business community to invest in the senior workforce and provide older aged job seekers tools to compete in the market.

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