Moroccan suspect detained in Las Palmas

Terror Suspect Detained, illustrative original image from 2015

Policia Nacional have arrested a 33-year-old Moroccan who it is thought may have been intending to carry out “violent jihad” in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the Spanish Interior Ministry said on Tuesday.

Investigators believe that the suspect “posed a potential threat to national security by expressing his clear intention to carry out a terrorist attack of major magnitude and repercussions.” He had reportedly posed next to his wife and youngest son wearing Daesh terrorist emblems and carrying so-called “armas blancas”, meaning Melee Weapons, like knives and other sharp objects, used primarily in hand-to-hand combat.

The detainee, an irregular resident in Spain, had been under investigation since 2012, when he had been deemed potentially dangerous, and after an increase to his level of radicalisation had been detected over a short period of time.  He was arrested in an operation this morning at Calle Colombia in the capital, Las Palmas.

He had adopted, what the police called, a “fundamentalist aesthetic” both in his physical appearance and his clothing, extending his radicalisation to people closest to him in his immediate environment, including relatives, attempting to impose not only religious conversion on them but also insisting they adopt more “fundamentalist” customs.

 Policia Nacional said in a statement the investigation showed the man engaging in extensive social networking activity through which he published jihadist content in support of DAESH, shared violent videos praising martyrdom, openly approved the commission of terrorist attacks and even posed armed beside his wife and young son wearing clothes with terrorist emblems. This activity was carried out while making use of diverse techniques to try and mask his identity on the internet and avoid police detection.

The Policia Nacional’s General Information Office (La Comisaría General de Información) focuses their efforts on the detection and early neutralisation of elements in society who may pose a risk to national security, counteracting threats disseminated by groups like DAESH and focused on trying to enhance actions within European territory to stop individual cells or terrorists, particularly, those who may have returned from jihadist conflicts elsewhere.

The investigation, which is still in operation, is overseen by the Central Court of Instruction number 2 and coordinated by the Prosecutor’s Office of the National High Court, with the support of Spain’s National Intelligence Centre.

Since 2015, when the Ministry of the Interior raised the Anti-Terrorism Alert Level (NAA) to 4, out of a possible 5 in Spain, the Security Forces have arrested a total of 188 jihadi terrorists.

The Ministry of the Interior has reminded citizens that, the STOP RADICALISMOS initiative, allows citizens to collaborate through a series of channels at their disposal so that, in a confidential and secure manner, they can notify the Security Forces of any possible cases of Radicalization in their area through the website, through the Alertcops mobile security alert application and of course the free telephone number 900 822 066.

Editor’s Note:

One thing that is not helpful in situations like this is sensationalism and the headlines from bile-spitting-flying-monkey-rags like the UK’s daily express who have decided to paint, once again, a bleak and unfair picture, scaring tourists and suggesting imminent danger.  Simple fact is, this guy was on the radar for 5 years, and as soon as he even looked like he might be planning something, he was picked up.

A word to the wise.  We are very glad that this suspect was apprehended, and look forward to a verdict at the trial sure to follow.  We do not support any sentiment that suggests general blame, this man appears to have been a criminal with murderous intent.

99.999% of all muslims everywhere, regardless of their nationality, are normal good people, working hard to raise families, build communities, get by and live their lives in peace.  

We will not, at this publication, tolerate bigotry or discrimination towards anyone on the basis of their faith, so please think twice before writing to us, or commenting, with generalisations based in ignorance.  We welcome readers of all faiths, or none, and care not where people come from or are going to, so long as they express care and understanding for their fellow humans. Nuff said.