Maspalomas Carnival 2018 theme: “FestuM+”

The International Carnival of Maspalomas 2018, is to be held between 2-11 March themed The Middle Ages. Maspalomas will to transport revellers to the medieval historical era that spanned from the fifth to the fifteenth century. V-XV Century

The Town Hall of San Bartolomé de Tirajana chose to use the word game “FestuM+” as a denomination for the medieval Carnival, inviting the public to play at jousting, knights and the chivalry ideal of courtly love.

For ten days, the southern tourist area will be filled with troubadours and minstrels, buildings will  be decorated as imposing Gothic cathedrals filled with hidden manuscripts to reflect a medieval time during which the survival of knowledge was important for the progress of the realm.

Carnival has its roots in the Middle Ages, as the time of year preceding the catholic tradition of Lent, a time of excesses before a time of humble austerity.

Carnival’s expansion as a European festivity took place in the XII century, say the organisers, when the denomination of “carnestolendas” ( Shrovetide ) appeared in Castilla along with the celebration of the so-called medieval carnival as an exaltation of street revelry, costume and parades.

The dunes and the Maspalomas lighthouse will also play a role throughout March 2018 as the medieval stage for the International Carnival of Maspalomas.


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