High temperatures 40º+ on Gran Canaria: Orange Advisory Warning

The latest heatwave to hit the Canary Islands, since last August 17, has led to the Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) having raised their heat advisory level to orange – important risk – warning of high temperatures in all areas of the island except to the north , where a yellow advisory has been maintained.

The AEMET advisory confirms warnings declared yesterday by the Government of the Canary Islands . The Ministry of Health extended their warnings of risk due to high temperatures and the regional department of Territorial Policy also declared a maximum alert for forest fire risks on Gran Canaria and the western islands. The City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria also decided on Monday to expressly prohibit the burning of scrub and bonfires throughout the municipality.

Throughout Monday temperatures remained high across the island while in the capital, Las Palmas, dense calima blocked out the sun over the city, with a thick cloud of Saharan dust, and in the interior of the island four of the five hottest points in the Archipelago were located in the mountains of Gran Canaria.

AEMETs orange advisory will remain active throughout the central hours of the day, between 10.00 and 20.00. The areas most affected will be inland, where temperatures of 38ºC-40ºC or higher are expected. The coasts will generally be cooler though certain points could reach beyond 34ºC in the shade.

Winds from the north east, travelling at above the 600 meters, have pulled hot air down from the Mediterranean basin, and the summer heatwaves originating in North Africa, adding to easterly components bringing Saharan dust from the interior of the African continent, and so Aemet plans to reactivate the advisory warnings throughout Wednesday also: yellow advisory in the northern areas of Gran Canaria and orange elsewhere. It is expected that the high temperatures will be maintained throughout the day.

On Thursday the southern and southeastern slopes are again expected reach toward 38ºC with strong gusts of wind expected inland. By Friday AEMET are predicting probable decline in temperatures that, it is hoped, will allow thermometers to return to annual averages for this time of year.

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