High court lifts Siam Park suspension

Siam Park Tower of PowerThe Canary Islands High Court of Justice has revoked the ruling which provisionally suspended the granting of public lands to Loro Parque group, in southern Gran Canaria, to build their new Siam Park Gran Canaria, in a decision that reaffirms the water park attraction as being in the public interest.

Six months ago, Administrative Court number 3 in Las Palmas agreed to provisionally suspend a deal, with the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and the Island Water Council, permitting the Loro Parque Group to occupy 121,000 square meters of public land in the El Veril ravine, due to a request from a company named Lebensraum Wassers SL.

The judge, who agreed to suspend the development just as it was about to break ground, understood that were she to allow the project to continue to start building the long awaited leisure park, in which Loro Parque plans to invest €60 million, that “irreparable” harm could have resulted were it later to be decided that Lebensraum Wassers’ other claims were in fact valid, regarding their assertion of a requirement for a public tender being awarded for preparatory works; Lebensraum Wassers claimed that the concession had been awarded irregularly.

The decision to suspend the work therefore rested upon their argument that public interest was not at stake, but, in their view, the only risk was to private interests of the project promoters, Loro Parque.

The TSJC Administrative Chamber have now denied the claim for two reasons; not only were Lebensraum Wassers SL not able to sufficiently explain or demonstrate what “irreparable” damage might occur, should Loro Parque’s occupation of El Veril move forward at the same time as other objections and litigation being resolved; but the High Court also recognised the water park project project construction itself as being very much in the public interest.

In the TSJC ruling it was remarked that in the court’s opinion the damage suffered by the Loro Parque group would be “considerable” should they allow Lebensraum Wassers SL’s request to be upheld.

Source: El Diario